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Probably one of the rarest live casino games to be found online, Live Fish Prawn Crab is a unique variant of Sic Bo, using the same betting pattern and odds, but replacing the numbers and pips on the betting table with a much more exotic options: Fish, Prawn, Crab, Rooster, Coin and a Gourd.

Being relatively obscure and unknown to the western players (at least under this name) could likely be one of the reasons why a lot of online casinos are not including the game in their offer. The similarity with Sic Bo could be another explanation, as well as the fact that the western market has its own version called Chuck a Luck.

How to Play Opus Gaming Live Fish Prawn Crab Online

The dice used for Fish Prawn Crab do not have the pips – instead, each side has one of the animals painted on. The players submit the wagers on the selected symbols by using the chips available on their gaming screen to the right.

The dealer will then roll the dice and bets are settled in accordance to how many dice landed on the selected symbol. For example, if the bet symbol you have selected landed only on one of the dice, the bet will be settled with even money. Two dices with the selected icon will have 2:1 payout rate and all three dice with the same icon will pay 3:1. Opus version also includes the side bets according to the colours and two more wagering options located on the far left and right side of the screen, Big and Small.

One will also notice a range of numbers among available bets, which means that the players can also bet on the dice totals, since each of the symbols has a numeric value attached to it.

Opus Gaming Live Fish Prawn Crab at M88 Casino

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Vast betting potential with bets of different risk levels and payout rates
  • Different viewing modes allowing real and animated table play options
  • In-game rulebook with everything you need to know about bets and payouts
  • Access to the cashier from the main game screen without breaking the session
  • Betting history and access to the live chat help through the main game screen

Our Verdict

An interesting addition to Opus catalogue and definitely a game that you will not find on every corner. Considering the simple structure of Fish Prawn Crab (aka Hoo Hey How), it remains a mystery why only a handful of providers include it in the offer. As far as the functionality and aesthetics go, Opus Gaming definitely does justice to Fish Prawn Crab, even though this is not a challenging game to recreate.

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