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How to Play: Live Dragon Tiger Tutorial

Live Dragon Tiger Tutorial

The game of Dragon Tiger attracts mostly Asian players in land-based casinos, but when playing online, any player can enjoy the fast action of the game and can also enjoy a live dealer presentation in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Simplicity is one of the key factors for the game's popularity, and today we're going to learn how to play Dragon Tiger.

The rules of Dragon Tiger are incredibly straightforward and can be mastered in seconds. It is similar to Baccarat and players will choose which hand will be likely to receive the highest card. If you're new to casino gambling or just haven't come across Dragon Tiger before, we'll walk you through the basics.


Some players will compare this game to Casino War, since a single card is dealt to the Dragon as well as to the Tiger and no additional cards are drawn.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Basic Rules and How to Play



    Player Moves - Bets in Dragon Tiger

    Dragon Tiger Side Bets

    Dragon Tiger bets are quite limited, which is why most live Dragon Tiger games offer side betting options as well. Since these are not part of the main ruleset, software providers are generally free to make up their own side bets. This means that there is a huge variety out there, and we can’t account for every possibility. However, a few side bet features can be described as relatively common in top Dragon Tiger online games. Let’s go through some of them.

    • The Big and Small side bets predict whether the next card drawn will be bigger or smaller than 7. You can place this wager on either Dragon or Tiger. For example, betting on Small Dragon wins if the next Dragon card is anywhere between 1 and 6. Both Big and Small bets always lose if the card drawn is a 7, and the payout is 1:1
    • Odd and Even bets work similarly to Big and Small, except they predict whether the next Dragon or Tiger card will have an odd or even value. Odd and Even also lose if the card in question is a 7 and pay 1:1 if successful.
    • The Suits bet allows you to guess which suit the next card will be. You can also place this bet on either Dragon or Tiger with a payout of 3:1 if you get it right.
    • Suited Tie predicts that the next round will be a tie in which both cards are of the same suit. It pays a lot at 50:1, but wins rarely and only offers 86.02% RTP.

    Big, Small, Odd, and Even side bets all have a theoretical RTP of 92.31%. This makes them markedly worse than the main bet, which is usually the case with most casino games. Side bets are there as an optional wager that adds to the experience – they are rarely the optimal choice.

    Best Casinos to Play Dragon Tiger Live

    Not many software providers have Dragon Tiger as part of their portfolio. It’s simply not that popular yet, with most players favoring good old Baccarat instead.

    However, it can be a fun and relaxing experience if you want to try something a bit different. Besides, the extremely simple rules are friendly to beginners and allow you to not worry too much about rules, cards, and strategies.

    All you really need is to know how to play Dragon Tiger (which this tutorial should help with) and a solid casino that hosts Dragon Tiger tables. Here are some great examples.



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    • What is Dragon Tiger?

    Dragon Tiger is a simple, fast-paced casino game popular in Asia. The gameplay boils down to drawing two cards and predicting which one is going to be higher. It’s a very stripped-down version of baccarat that is attractive to beginners and casual players.

    • What are the odds for Dragon Tiger?

    The main two bets of Dragon Tiger pay 1:1 odds (even money) with a theoretical payout rate of 96.27%. Tie bets pay between 8:1 and 11:1 depending on the table rules, with RTP rates varying from 70-85%.

    A suited tie in Dragon Tiger is an optional side bet that wins if the next round results in a Tie and both of the cards are of the same suit. It pays 50:1 on a win but only offers 86.02% RTP.

    • What do the dragon and tiger symbolize?

    It’s hard to say they symbolize anything – it’s just a gambling game, after all. However, in Chinese tradition, the opposites of Dragon and Tiger represent Yin and Yang.

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