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Live Roulette (LuckyStreak): Our Review, How and Where to Play

LuckyStreak by LuckyStreak

Live Roulette by Luskystreak is a live dealer roulette game released in 2017. It boasts an RTP of 97.30% with a minimum bet of $0.50 and a $12,500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and offers a classic live roulette casino experience.

Luckystreak can’t boast a particularly broad portfolio, but the games they do offer are up to the highest standards of the industry. As this Luckystreak Live Roulette review will show, this game is suitable for both casual players and high-rollers.

Live Roulette (LuckyStreak)
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Roulette (LuckyStreak) Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Roulette (LuckyStreak)
Game providerLuckyStreak
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Europe
Bet range€0.5 - €12500
Max win35:1
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages English English French French German German Hindi Hindi Italian Italian Mandarin Mandarin +3
All supported languages
  • English English
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Italian Italian
  • Mandarin Mandarin
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish

Apart from excellent offers in the forms of Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat, LuckyStreak’s Live Roulette completes the trio of the biggest live casino classis. And it sure does know how to make an impression. LuckyStreak is a young game developer, so it suits the company to demonstrate some innovations through their products. The young touch is omnipresent in their take on live roulette, boasting a 16:9 HD quality streaming and mesmerizing gameplay.

LuckyStreak Live Roulette is a French-wheel, one-zero, European-style game. Professional and engaging dealers host the roulette sessions witch feature enhanced statistics and betting opportunities. The interface benefits from crisp graphics and the deep blue color of the table stands out above else. All traditional inside/outside bets, call bets and neighbors are acceptable, as well as a few special bets.

The Live Roulette casino game by Luckystreak has plenty to offer to the detail-oriented player. Everything is well-polished and crisp, and we especially appreciate the fun, engaging hosts and dealers

LuckyStreak Live Roulette is European roulette, therefore a single-zero game.
Superb graphics, 16:9 HD-quality live feed.
Game History shows statistics of past 100 rounds, focusing on hot and cold numbers.
You can live chat with gorgeous dealers via the chat window.
A variety of Call bets available (Voisins du zéro, Le tiers du cylindre, Orphelins).
Very high maximum wager with most top online casinos.

How to Play Live Roulette

If you’ve played any European roulette game, you should have no problem adapting to the LuckyStreak Live Roulette. As soon as you load the game, you’ll be prompted to place your desired bets. Bet Limits start at €1 and go as high as €12,500. This may vary depending on the casino, but the maximum wager in Luckystreak Live Roulette is generally very high.

The special Call bets can only be placed in a special area called the racetrack. It won’t be visible on the screen until you click on the racetrack icon. Here you can place wagers like Voisins du zéro, Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), and neighbors bets. All of these allow you to cover a section of the wheel rather than a section of the betting table.

Once you’ve placed your bets, the kind hostess will introduce the ball and set the wheel in motion. At that moment, a smaller close-up screen will appear at the corner of the main video feed screen. This offers you a piece of the action from as close as technically possible.

You’ll notice the gaming screen is uncluttered and neatly organized. It features a chat box for players who like their online casino to be highly interactive. LuckyStreak Live Roulette features exclusive options like game history graphs and statistics of the last 10 spins, making the gameplay a subject of interesting analysis. Chasing hot numbers is common among roulette lovers, and it’s made even easier by the roulette wheel-shaped graph.

Live Casino Best Tips for Live Roulette

  • Keeping up with hot numbers in this game is easier than ever thanks to the multiple stats screens.
  • Though it’s a game of luck rather than skill, you’re much more likely to win in the long run with a consistent Live Roulette strategy.
  • If you’re a beginner and have no idea how to win live roulette, try starting with roulette betting systems.

Watch Video Preview of Live Roulette from LuckyStreak

The best way to understand our praise of the game’s interface is to see it in action. Below, you’ll find a short video depicting a typical round of Lucky Streak Live Roulette. The dealer will also point out the multi-view mode so you can see the difference. The trademark LuckyStreak stats window is also in the upper right corner.

While you can’t play Live Roulette by Luckystreak for free, the video does a great job at showcasing this title’s advantages. The charming dealers, the impeccable UI, and the customizable views and stats are all great features.

Live Roulette Payouts

We already mentioned this is a European Roulette view, which means you won’t have to worry about the returns. This version is decidedly better than the American wheel – and that applies to all players in all circumstances. Whether you’re playing Inside or Outside bets, this title is up to the industry’s standards.

Inside Bets
Straight Up1 number35:1
Split2 numbers17:1
Street3 numbers11:1
Corner4 numbers8:1
Line6 numbers5:1
Outside Bets
Dozen/Column12 numbers2:1
Red/Black18 numbers1:1
Even/Odd18 numbers1:1
Low/High18 numbers1:1

The various Call bets are essentially just combinations of the above, so the payouts are the same. All of this contributes to a strong 97.30% RTP rate, just like any other European Roulette wheel. As all long-time roulette players know by now, deciding which live casino roulette is the best comes down to the features and not the potential returns.


New to Live Roulette?

Special Features

While solid features are all important for the best roulette live games, it’s more a question of quality rather than quantity. While specialized, innovative variants of the game such as Lightning Roulette exist, most just try to appeal to fans of the classics. In other words, it’s all about the quality-of-life improvements, and LuckyStreak Live Roulette tables have that in spades.

The muli-view camera mode will put a stop to anyone questioning whether Live Roulette is rigged. Some players simply like to keep close tabs on the ball – and this game allows them to. Some players like to follow hot and cold numbers to make a decision. This game’s interface makes that practice easier than ever. Others, on the other hand, rely on statistics and past turns to guide their betting. With its array of stats windows and screens, LuckyStreak Live Roulette shines in that area as well.

Additionally, you’ll have access to all the amenities of a top-notch live casino game. Language settings, audio levels, and various other options are available in the settings menu. You can also tip the current dealer at any time by using the button above the betting table.


  • Though there are several LuckyStreak Roulette tables available 24/7, all of the games are conducted in English. If you’re looking for a different language, your options are limited to adjusting the interface. This option will change the language of the menus, betting tables, and other UI elements. The LuckyStreak betting platform supports English, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Korean, French, Spanish, Norwegian, and Mandarin.

Our Verdict of Live Roulette (LuckyStreak)

Roulette lovers should definitely check out LuckyStreak Live Roulette.

It comes complete with excellent video quality and interface clarity, friendly and professional dealers, and unconventional gameplay appendices.

For example, players can look at statistical information of previous rounds so as to know what to expect from their future sessions. Roulette is purely a game of chance and the statistics won’t let you predict ball landings.

Instead, you’ll get an insight into how to handle your bets more favorably.

All in all, this game is a very competitive product with a lot to offer. LiveCasinos.com can safely recommend it to all fans of classic live roulette, be they beginners or veteran gamblers.

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LuckyStreak live roulette tables are open 24/7, 365 days a year.
There is no hard cap on how much you can win with a single bet in the game itself. Mostly, the maximum win you can make is the maximum bet times 35, which is the biggest return for Straight-up wagers. However, keep in mind that a lot of top online casinos do have maximum payouts on the platform itself. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino you play at.
Unfortunately, no. There is no Luckystreak Live Roulette demo available online, so you'll have to play at a casino for real money.
No. LuckyStreak is fully licensed to offer online gaming solutions in all jurisdictions you can find their games. This means that their products are tested and vetted by independent authorities. As long as you’re playing at a safe, legit online live casino, you have nothing to worry about.
No. This game is a classic online live roulette wheel with no such extra features.

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