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Live Bet on Poker (Betconstruct): Our Review, How and Where to Play

Betconstruct by Betconstruct

Bet on Poker by Betconstruct is a live dealer casino game released in 2019. It boasts an RTP of 97.00% with a minimum bet of $1 and a $500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is a fresh, innovative take for those who want to play poker at live casinos.

Live casino poker games can be an interesting yet familiar alternative to blackjack or roulette. However, the game’s competitive nature doesn’t lend itself well to the casino format. Variant’s such as 3-Card Casino Poker or Casino Hold’em exist, of course, but Bet on Poker takes a different approach.

Live Bet on Poker (Betconstruct)
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Live Bet on Poker (Betconstruct) Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Bet on Poker (Betconstruct)
Game providerBetconstruct
Game typePoker
Streaming from Worldwide
Bet range€1 - €500
Max winVaries
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Android Apple Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages Arabic Arabic English English Russian Russian Turkish Turkish

Live Bet on Poker is one of the games that Betconstruct is recognized for. It represents an alternative to numerous live blackjack and live roulette games on offer. This is a card game that you only have the chance to experience at selected top online live casinos. We all know that poker is not as common at live dealer gambling platforms, and Betconstruct is making its contribution with an alluring version of the popular single-deck Texas Hold’em format.

The key characteristic of the Live Bet on Poker game is the fact that the players are facing the casino and not each other. The dealer is the opponent of all the participants, and the objective is to compose the highest 5-card poker combination which beats the dealer’s hand. Specifically, you need to guess which of the 5 hands available will end up winning the pot. Unlike brick and mortar poker games where a pot is provided, prizes are paid out according to specific odds which need to be continuously recalculated as the game unfolds.

All in all, BetConstruct Bet on Poker is quite unique in today’s market. It’s a breath of fresh air – and a fairly fun live casino game to play as well. You can find out more in this Betconstruct Bet on Poker review.

Key Highlights

Delivers unique features not usually found in other Live Casino Hold'em variants.
Accepts an unlimited number of players.
Includes several additional wagering options and exciting payouts according to continuously changing odds.
Users can use Live Chat, review history, as well as read detailed game rules.
The dealer delivers useful commentaries during gameplay.
Detailed trackers on the interface can help with understanding how Bet on Poker works.

How to Play Bet on Poker

First, find the game at your favorite live casino and open it. Each box, or seat, or playing position, can have an unlimited number of players wagering on it. Essentially, the 6 positions you’re seeing are not actual poker players. These are essentially your betting options in Bet on Poker.

The objective of Bet on Poker by Betconstruct is to predict which of these six positions will win the round. As always in poker, the winner is decided by the rank of their poker hand. Since this is a variant of online Texas Hold’em, poker hands are assembled by combining two initial cards dealt to each position and five community cards in the middle. A single standard 52-card deck is used, and the hands rank as usual from High Card to Royal Flush.

At the very beginning of the round, each player needs to pick up a chip from the chip tray and place it on the position they wish to wager on. The interesting part about the Bet on Poker casino game is that it doesn’t offer fixed payouts. The betting odds change as the game progresses.

How Bet on Poker Works

For example, you can place a wager before any cards are dealt. At this point, the odds are identical because all the positions are equal. However, after the initial cards are dealt, the odds will change to reflect the probability of success. For instance, if a position gets a pair at the start, it will offer a severely reduced payout. However, other positions will have an increased pay.

After that, the game progresses as a usual Texas Holde’m round. You’ll have several opportunities to bet. At first, that’s before any cards are dealt, after the initial deal, and after the Flop (the reveal of the first 3 community cards.) You can place a different bet with each of these phases. Also, you can bet on the same position in multiple stages of the game. However, each bet will offer different odds because they change in each phase.

You can also wager before the Turn and before the River as well. Once all 5 community cards are revealed, the game ends and one position is declared the winner. If you had wagered on said position, you’ll receive a payout based on the betting odds at the time you placed the bet.

Live Casino Best Tips for Bet on Poker

  • Avoid placing blind bets before the first two cards are dealt. The odds seem attractive, but it’s just a random guess at that point.
  • If you see a pair among these first two cards, that’s likely the safest bet you can make.
  • Pre-flop bets offer the best betting value. However, if you see two positions with equal chances of winning, the value goes down significantly.

Live Bet on Poker Payouts

According to Bet on Poker rules, there are no fixed payouts for the main game. As previously mentioned, the odds change as the game progresses. The more likely a position is to win at that point in the game, the lower the odds will be. The initial ‘blind’ betting odds are set at 5.4, but this quickly changes.

However, the optional side bets also have a ‘starting point.’ These are the payouts before any cards are dealt. Bet on Poker payouts below also change as the game progresses.

Combinations Side BetBetting Odds at StartOdds for for Under 2.5 with Board Cards
Bet on Poker Betconstruct Payouts
Royal Flush199:1
Straight Flush199:1
Four of a Kind79:1
Full House7.7:1
Three of a Kind5.8:1
Two Pairs2.1:1
One Pair4.8:1
High Card199:1
Added Bets
Reds1.85 for Over 2.5 with Board Cards1.85

You’re not very likely to see the same situation on the table twice. As such, the Bet on Poker RTP value changes with each game, round, and even phase. However, the house edge or margin on these bets generally ranges from 3-5%. This would make the RTP of this game somewhere in the 95-97% range.


New to Live Casino Poker?

Special Features

The UI elements feature exactly what you’d expect them to. Audio levels, the help screen, detailed rules, and so on. You can also use the chat feature or tip the dealers at any time.

The interface also features handy Re-Bet, Double, Undo, and Clear commands. Since you’ll likely be placing several bets per round, these can make your life a lot easier.

Bet on Poker Live also features two additional bets – side bets, if you will. These are completely optional and can lose or win regardless of what the outcome of the main wagers is. You have two additional betting options.

Combination is a wager that predicts what the winning hand will be. Essentially, it doesn’t matter which position ends up winning – merely the hand that was assembled. The odds also change depending on which cards are already on the table. The less likely a certain outcome, the better the payout, and vice versa.

There are also two Board Cards bets. With these, you’re predicting how many of a certain type of card will appear among the Community cards. For instance, you can wager whether more or fewer than 3 Red cards will be among the 5 board cards. You can do the same for any card suit as well, except you’re betting if it’s more or less than 2.


  • Though Betconstruct has been known to offer tables in several different languages, this isn’t the case here. The only exception is the Russian Bet on Poker Speed table. These are native-speaking Russian live dealer casino tables, though the game rules are also slightly altered.There doesn’t seem to be an option to change the UI language in the options. Instead, it’s tied to your casino’s settings, like in some Evolution titles. As such, different live casinos may offer different languages in Betconstruct Bet on Poker.

Our Verdict of Live Bet on Poker (Betconstruct)

Partly based on luck, and partly on the player’s skill and understanding of the cards on the table, Live Bet on Poker is an excellent alternative for poker fans.

If you don’t mind slower rounds and appreciate additional betting options, it’s also quite innovative

As always, the Betconstruct gaming interface and menus are easy to understand and navigate. However, the game is perhaps more suited for experienced card game players due to its complexity and different gameplay stages.

Bet on Poker strategy is quite important since there’s quite a degree of skill involved.

If you want to play poker at an online casino but the usual options are too luck-based for you, this is the perfect title for you.

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Sadly, there’s no straight answer to this. A single hand is not enough to make a judgment – you need to consider all the cards at the table. For instance, a Pair in the Pre-Flop phase is considered a safe option. However, if multiple positions have pants, it’s suddenly not that safe. Conversely, going for a strong High Card can occasionally be worth it if other positions simply have worse cards.
Definitely not. However, it does require a different approach than most live dealer casino games. Before each bet, you have to take into consideration the betting odds vs. the likelihood of success. Some bets are simply better than others at times, and it takes practice to notice that.
Bet on Poker is a kind of live casino game offered by some casino software providers, such as BetConstruct. It’s based on the popular Texas Hold 'em ruleset. However, instead of wagering on their own hands, players choose between 6 different hands and try to predict which one will win in the end.
The High Hand Bet simply predicts the appearance of the hand that eventually wins the round. For example, you can wager on a Three of a Kind, and win if the winning hand presents a Three of a Kind. In Bet on Poker by Betconstruct, it’s called the Combinations bet.
Considering how betting odds work in Bet on Poker, there is no constant biggest payout. However, the odds before any cards are dealt are 5.4 (4.4:1) for all positions. You’re not very likely to get more than that in the main bet. Similarly, odds of 199:1 are offered for Royal Flush and Straight Flush combination side bets.
The biggest live casino with Bet on Poker available is 1xBet. However, it can also be played in any online casino with BetConstruct games. Open any of their titles, click on the Lobby in the upper left corner, and navigate to Bet on Poker.

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