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How to Play: Live Three Card Poker Tips

Live Three Card Poker Tips

Poker is one of the most played casino games in the USA. The versions of poker played at live dealer casinos is somewhat different than what you might be used to, though. Usually played as 3-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker, it was adapted to the casino format. Let's take look at some Three Card Poker tips and tricks for rookies.

Its 3-card version was invented in 1994, so it’s safe to say that it is a relatively new casino game, considering how some casino games have ancient roots. Regardless, 3-Card Poker is fast becoming a popular live game across live casinos. Just like some other new poker-derived games, both 3-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud poker are games where the pressure from playing against other players is relieved because all you do is compete against the house. On one hand, this limits how useful being skilled can be. On the other, you can play 3-Card Poker or other variants anywhere, any time. It's also more forgiving to newbies.

With that in mind, let's dive into our top tips for playing poker at casinos online.


Don’t get distracted by the fact that Casino Poker is relatively a simple and easy game to play. A little effort goes a long way in making your bankroll last longer.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Live Casinos Best Tips for Live Casino Poker



    5. Avoid Playing the Side Bets

    Side bets are fine to play only if you have a large bankroll and luck on your side. Apart from that, side bets are there to make a profit to the live casino. These are the ones that make the money because they have a higher house edge. The payouts for side bets are huge, for example, if you hit Mini Royal with the Pairs Plus side bet, you are paid 100 to 1. However, if you are serious in surviving the game and maintaining a healthy bankroll, don’t play them.

    This is largely true for any side bet in any casino game out there. We have never seen a casino poker side bet better than the main bet. Most of them have a house edge of over 5%.

    Find the Best Casinos to Play 3 Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker

    No matter which game you’re playing, one trick is always important – find the best casino for your needs. Not many casinos these days focus all that much on 3 Card Poker or Caribbean Stud, though. These games are a niche compared to the big classics like roulette.

    This doesn’t mean there aren’t any top-notch casinos with the best live poker offers out there. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

    888 Casino


    June 2024

    The 888 brand did not become an online gambling empire for no reason. The live casino section offers tables from some of the best and brightest in the business, and all of it is wrapped up in a nice, convenient, and accessible package. Couple that with award-winning customer support and a solid reputation for fairness, and you can’t go wrong with 888casino.



    June 2024

    Bovada stands out as one of a very few US-centric online casino sites. However, its narrow selection of games and withdrawal fees fail to impress – especially considering what else is out there. A decent overall casino, though it seems like a relic of times past.



    • Is 3 Card Poker profitable?

    It compares quite well to most casino table games out there. It has a relatively narrow house edge and a proper strategy can be quite profitable. However, you can never truly, reliable overcome a casino house advantage in most games, 3-Card Poker included.

    • Is 3 Card Poker fair?

    Every casino game ever made favors the casino over the players. In a sense, no form of gambling is “fair.” However, Three Card Poker has a house edge of around 3.40%, which is not the worst in the world. It’s an alright game compared to other live dealer casino games and is excellent compared to slots and other forms of gambling.

    • What is straight flush 3 Card Poker?

    A hand containing three consecutive cards of the same suit is called a Straight Flush in Three Card Poker. For example, if you have a Jack, 10, and 9 of Clubs, you have a Jack-high Straight Flush. The strongest possible hand in 3 Card Poker is an Ace-high Straight Flush.

    • Do casinos still have Caribbean Stud Poker?

    The popularity of Caribbean Stud Poker has dropped significantly in the past decade or so. Many big live dealer software providers, such as Evolution, seemingly do not host tables anymore. However, you can still find it in plenty of top live online casino sites.

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