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How to Play: Live Roulette Tips

Live Roulette Tips

Very few people know how to win at roulette when playing at live online casinos. That has something to do with the huge number of myths and misconceptions about the game. If you're looking for expert tips for roulette, you've come to the right place.

In truth, there is no surefire solution how to win roulette, but there is certainly a way in which you can try to be a successful roulette player. The difference between an educated gambler and someone wasting their money is noticeable even in a completely luck-based game.

Before we dive in, we will first point out that these roulette tips are intended for players who already know the basics. To that end, we suggest you first catch up on these two articles:

Reading up on these will give you a basic understanding of rules, principles, and strategies for roulette. You'll also understand the probabilities and statistics involved with the game. All of that is useful information if you want to process winning roulette tips.


Live casinos don’t have many different live roulette variations, and in most cases you will find the standard ones: French, American and European. However, it's important to understand that playing games like Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette, or XL Roulette can vastly impact any strategy.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Best Casinos and Tips to Play Roulette


    Pure Luck?

    3. Don’t Count on Unbalanced Wheels in Live Dealer Roulette

    Roulette wheels sometimes suffer the same issues as any other product. They can be imperfect, and wear-and-tear happens with use. Some roulette strategy tips consider this a well-kept secret to winning roulette. The idea is that these irregularities can cause some wheels to hit some numbers more often than others. That’s just not applicable in live dealer casinos, and we’ll explain why.

    In a traditional land-based casino, roulette tables can serve just a handful of players. A dozen or two at the max before the place gets too crowded. This can allow faulty wheels to “fly under the radar” for a while before someone at the casino notices.

    However, live roulette games can house thousands of players at a time. If it was faulty and someone figured it out, the casino would stand to lose hundreds of thousands. If there’s one thing you can count on with casino sites, it’s that they won’t compromise their profits. Moreover, the digital nature of the game means that all results and rounds are closely tracked and monitored. If something was irregular about the table, they would know immediately.

    Roulette strategy tips that rely on faulty equipment aren’t exactly reliable. Try to find more consistent advice instead.

    4. Hedge Your Bets

    The question of which roulette bet is the best pops up all the time. However, as we’ve pointed out in our roulette tutorial guide, all betting options are equal in terms of RTP. The payouts are always proportional to the risk (except maybe for Top Line/Basket bets in American roulette, which you shouldn’t be playing anyway.)

    This leaves you with another option – multiple bets per round. Let’s explain.

    Most roulette tips in casino guides stress the usefulness of even money bets. In short, they’re the least risky wagers, which makes them good for newbies. However, this approach goes against the very reason we gamble in the first place. Limiting returns to 1:1 is just boring, no matter how reasonable it can be. Besides, we want to try and snag the 999:1 payout in Lightning Roulette.

    A simple solution is to just make several bets. A good example would be making one Even Money bet and one Straight-Up bet each round. The Straight-Up bet is there to chase big profits/multipliers. The Even Money bets, on the other hand, are there to keep your bankroll topped up and moving forward.

    You can get very creative with this bit of roulette advice. One of our favorite combinations is called Romanosky bet, and it has over 80% chance to win every round. You can find details about the Romanosky in our article on roulette betting systems.

    5. Play Roulette for Free Before Risking Your Money

    Practice makes perfect, which (surprisingly enough) also applies to roulette. This tip to play roulette free is fairly self-explanatory. Before risking your hard-earned cash, try an online game where you don’t need a real-money stake. This will give you some time to familiarize yourself with how roulette works and how you want to play it.

    To be clear, you can’t play roulette live for free. At least not at most tables – live casino gambling requires a stake. Instead, try finding an RNG-based game. They’re not the best or the most engaging way to play roulette online, but they’re perfect for practice. Try out betting systems, strategies, and bets. See which ones work and which ones don’t. Practice managing your bankroll as well – that’s a skill that will always be useful to a gambler.

    6. Use Casino Bonuses

    When it comes down to it, a 2.70% house edge is really not that big. Sure, blackjack and baccarat are better, but roulette still outshines most casino games (especially slots). That’s the kind of disadvantage that you can overcome in some ways. For example, you can get free roulette funds for live casino bonuses!

    This might sound a bit obvious as far as tips for roulette in casinos goes, but it’s based on math. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – winning casino games is about being profitable, not necessarily about winning as many bets as possible. If you end up with more money than you started – congratulations, you’re winning roulette! That’s why a roulette bonus can turn things in your favor. By giving you free money to bet with, you’re already in the green. You just need to play it through enough times to meet the wagering requirements. If your bonus money survives this process, you’re good to go.

    Check out our live roulette bonus page for a selection of the best offers the industry has to offer. If you’re in a hurry, here are some amazing exclusive offers:


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    Further Reading

    Want to know more about winning roulette? We have more – a lot more! Here are some additional helpful links:


    The trick to winning roulette is to carefully control your stakes to ensure you win more money than you lose. This can be achieved through betting systems and careful bankroll management. Just remember that you won’t win more rounds than if you weren’t using strategy. You’ll just lose less money in the long run.

    You don’t – not really. It comes down to pure chance, and there is no way to impact the outcome of roulette. Every number has a 2.70% chance to win in every single round.

    There is no reliable way to predict the outcome of a roulette wheel spin. The only exceptions would be unbalanced wheels or dominant diamonds. These are not intended features of the game, however, so they cannot be used to make a reliable strategy.

    • What is the most successful roulette strategy?

    The Romanosky system gets reliable, consistent results due to its high win percentage. Some would say that the Martingale or other progression systems are also good. However, even the best roulette betting systems have a problem – you can lose a lot if you get a streak of bad luck.


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