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Casino Hold'em

Live Casino Hold'em (Evolution): Our Review, How and Where to Play

Evolution by Evolution

Live Casino Holdem by Evolution is a live dealer poker game released in 2015. It boasts an RTP of 97.84% with a minimum bet of $0.5 and a $500 maximum wager. Available on desktop and mobile, It’s a special variant of online poker developed for a live dealer casino environment.

Those looking to play poker online run into several issues, such as organizing participants. Casino Hold’em by Evolution is one way of avoiding all that by playing against the casino dealer. If that sounds like something you’d try, keep reading this Evolution Casino Hold‘em review.

Live Casino Hold'em (Evolution)
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Casino Hold'em (Evolution) Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Casino Hold'em (Evolution)
Game providerEvolution
Game typeCasino Hold'em
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€0.5 - €500
Max win500:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages Albanian Albanian Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Croatian Croatian English English Finnish Finnish +14
All supported languages
  • Albanian Albanian
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Croatian Croatian
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Russian Russian
  • Serbian Serbian
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish

Evolution Gaming designed Live Casino Hold’em as a way of attracting poker enthusiasts to their live casinos. The game has since drawn huge crowds on desktop and tablet, so there’s interest in something like that. Played with a single deck of cards that are shuffled after each hand and featuring an enticing game play that differs from the one in regular Texas Hold’em poker, Casino Hold’em impresses on so many levels.

The action takes place at branded tables in a studio in Riga and is then streamed to your computer. The action is in real-time and in stunning video quality, with an intuitive user interface and predominantly female croupiers making for a perfect gaming experience.

If you’d like to try something different from the standard live casino offers, Casino Hold’em can be a refreshing experience. Those looking to play Texas Hold ‘em online will find a convenient way to do so any time they want.

Key Highlights

Player-favorite poker game offered in a stunning live casino environment.
Casino Hold'em tables can accept an unlimited number of gamers.
Bonus side bets supported and featuring payouts of 7 to 1 and higher.
Impressive live stream quality and multiple camera views.
Players win each time the dealer fails to qualify.
Two view modes with full mobile support.

How to Play Live Casino Holdem

Casino Hold’em tables can accommodate an unlimited number of gamers, where one hand is used by all players. The player is required to place an Ante bet if he wants to take part. After the Ante, players are dealt two cards face up while three community cards are drawn face up as well. The dealer also has their hand, consisting of two face-down cards. The player then has the option to Fold or Play, and the Play bet is usually double the Ante bet. Note that if you do not confirm a Play bet in time, your hand automatically folds. The Play wager in Casino Holdem is also sometimes called the Call bet. Also, the Bonus side bet is not affected by this decision – it remains in play even if you fold.

The dealer needs to have a pair of 4s or higher to qualify for the Call bet. If the dealer does not qualify, the Ante bet wins while the Play bet pushes, returning your Play stake. Depending on whether the dealer qualifies or not, there are several possible outcomes to Casino Hold’em by Evolution, as per the table below.

Dealer does not qualify and you winWinPush
Dealer qualifies and you winWin1:1
Dealer qualifies and you loseLoseLose
Dealer qualifies and you tiePushPush
Player foldsLoseLose

The standard poker hands are used to determine the winner. Here they are, from strongest to weakest:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pairs
  • Pair
  • High Card

When placing an Ante bet, you can also make a Bonus wager. This is a Casino Hold’em side bet, and we’ll describe it in detail further down.

Live Casino Best Tips for Casino Hold’em

  • Knowing when to fold and when to call is the most important skill in this game. There are charts and stats to help you, but it’s ultimately a matter of experience.
  • Always call if you have a pair or higher with the first 3 community cards. This is not a fool-proof method, but it’s a solid Casino Holdem tip for beginners.
  • Make sure you understand all the poker hands and which hand is stronger than which.

Watch Video Preview of Casino Hold’em from Evolution

Evolution offers a fairly extensive range of live casino Texas Hold’em games. Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker come to mind, and they can be easily mixed up with this title. Check out the video below to see the various tables, what they look like, and the subtle but important differences.

This short video preview should help you decide which of these is the right table for you. All were made by Evolution, and are thus some of the best casino poker games online. All you have to do is figure out which features you prefer and start playing.

Live Casino Hold’em Payouts

There are three casino holdem payouts you’ll need to keep track of. The Ante Bet’s pay depends on the hand you win with. The Play bet always pays at odds of 1:1, while the side bet has its separate table. It can be a lot to take in, but all of this information is available in-game.

Ante Bet Payouts
Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush20:1
Four of a Kind10:1
Full House3:1
Straight or Less1:1
Bonus Bet Payouts
Royal Flush100:1
Straight Flush50:1
Four of a Kind40:1
Full House30:1
Pair of Aces to Straight7:1

The main RTP rate of this game only applies to Ante bets – 97.84%. Play bets don’t change anything in this context, since they always have the same odds no matter what. The Bonus side bet, however, trails significantly behind at 93.74%.


New to Live Casino Hold’em?

Special Features

The base Evolution Live Casino Hold‘em game is fairly exciting in its own right. Besides, this specific title was intended as a straightforward, simple live dealer Casino Holdem. Other tables in this genre offer myriad different side bets and extra features. Still, there’s one major side bet, and it warrants a detailed explanation.

The Bonus bet is completely optional, but can only be placed after you’ve already put down an Ante. However, if you happen to fold afterwards, the Bonus bet is still in play. That way, you can win a nice payout even if you decided to fold. Essentially, the Bonus bet only looks at the first 5 cards, as in 5-card poker. This includes your hand and the first 3 community cards. If you happen to form a poker hand with these, you’ll win some extra cash. The weakest hand required to win Casino Hold’em Evolution Bonus bet is a pair of Aces. The payouts are as described in the table above.

While the RTP is considerably weaker than the main game, some players love the bonus bet. Since it does not rely on having a stronger hand than the dealer, playing the side bet exclusively can be a viable Evolution Casino Hold’em strategy to win. We wouldn’t recommend it to beginners, though.

Jumbo 7 Jackpot Progressive Side Bet

Depending on the live casino site you’re using, you may also have access to the Evolution Casino Hold’em progressive jackpot. It comes in the form of a second side bet which you can optionally wager on. Each time you do so, you’ll contribute to the jackpot. If you ever win with a 7-card Straight Flush, all players on the table share the pool, which can grow to hundreds of thousands. Otherwise, you can still win some excellent prizes for weaker hands, as per the table below.

7-Card Straight FlushProgressive Jackpot
6-Card Straight Flush5,000:1
5-Card Straight Flush250:1
Four of a Kind50:1
Full House5:1

Due to the progressive features, however, this Casino Hold’em jackpot only offers an RTP of 81.64%. This doesn’t take into account that the pot constantly grows, but it’s still pretty bad.


  • You can only play Live Casino Hold’em by Evolution in English and Italian. By that, we mean that the only available tables are with English and Italian-speaking dealers. The interface can be set to one of several world languages, including Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, or Turkish.

Our Verdict of Live Casino Hold'em (Evolution)

Casino Hold’em has proved to be an excellent addition to Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games portfolio.

Most poker enthusiasts will appreciate the new gameplay and rules that seem to play to their advantage.

Supporting high wagering limits and additional betting opportunities due to the Bonus side bets, Live Casino Hold’em adds the extra thrill to what is already a highly rewarding gaming experience.

Moreover, Evolution delivered one of the best live table casino hold‘em experiences available today.

The production value, high payouts, and solid RTP of the game all contribute to an all-around excellent product.

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Casino Hold’em takes the principles of the popular Texas Hold’em variant of poker and adapts them for casinos. Instead of playing against each other, the players face casino dealers. A lot of the rules restrict the player to achieve this, but it’s still a great way to play Texas Hold’em in a casino.
First of all, you’ll need a good online casino with Evolution games. You can find several of the best Evolution live casinos on our website. Register at the casino and open the live casino section. Once there, search for the Evolution Casino Holdem game and click on it.
Not really. Evolution does not offer demo versions of this game, which means you can only play Evolution Casino Hold’em for real money.
The house edge in this game is a fairly low 2.16%. Note that this only applies to the main Ante bet – the side bet has a considerably bigger house edge at 6.26%.
Yes. The game is fully optimized for several different platforms, including mobile devices. You can play Evolution Casino Hold’em on Android as well as iOS.

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