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Jet Set Racing Roulette Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Playtech by Playtech

Jet Set Racing Roulette is a unique live casino game that combines two roulette wheels with virtual race betting. It allows you to predict the outcome of a set of simulated races to potentially increase your winnings. The game has 97.29% RTP with a minimum bet of $0.20 and a $1,000 maximum wager and is available on both desktop and mobile.

The latest in a series of “roulette with a twist” games from Playtech, Jet Set Racing Roulette certainly boasts some creative ideas. All of the game’s features – the two wheels, the race predictions – combine into one big whole. The resulting game is unlike anything else we’ve seen before, filling out a fascinating niche in the live casino roulette space. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but if you need help figuring out how Jet Set Racing Roulette works, this review can help you.

Jet Set Racing Roulette Live
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Jet Set Racing Roulette Review

Game Specifications
Game nameJet Set Racing Roulette Live
Game providerPlaytech
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€0.20 - €1000
Max win2,499:1
Side betsN/A
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Desktop
Languages Chinese Chinese Czech Czech Dutch Dutch French French German German Greek Greek +8
All supported languages
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Czech Czech
  • Dutch Dutch
  • French French
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Hungarian Hungarian
  • Italian Italian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Spanish Spanish

Live casino games that combine the love of sports with the excitement of online gaming are becoming a noticeable trend. Evolution just recently expanded its Football Studio offer, and Playtech introduced the Football Card Showdown. However, such games often just pay lip service to the sports and play like any other casino table game. Now it’s time for something completely different.

Jet Set Racing Roulette Live actively involves making betting predictions on virtual races. The results of these bets then combine with roulette inside bets from two European wheels. The game reminds us of Playtech’s previous Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette. However, the betting feature will be much more appealing to fans of sports racing. Especially if you’re into horse or greyhound racing.

Jet Set Roulette is also one of the better-looking Playtech games. It’s streamed from a studio designed to look like a sort of sportscast. The simulated races we mentioned earlier are projected onto a big screen behind the presenters – and they look quite good despite not really being the “real thing.” Just under the screen is a newsreel that keeps up with real horse racing results and posting.

Fans of horse racing are obviously the primary target audience. However, the way Jet Set Racing Roulette works makes it interesting to fans of roulette, too. Especially if you’re a fan of spiced-up variants of the game with multipliers and special features.

Key Highlights

Two simultaneously working roulette wheels - Orange and Teal. Your bets are split evenly between them.
Predicting the outcomes of two virtual races can win you multipliers.
Stackable multipliers that can be applied to any Inside bet and go up to 2,500x.
Streamed 24/7 Racing-themed studio with high-quality production and a horse racing newsreel.
Fully animated simulated races accompany every round, with horses, greyhounds, trotters, or speedway.
High probability of winning multipliers and a strong 97.29% RTP.

How to Play Jet Set Racing Roulette

Jet Set Racing Roulette features two main roulette wheels and two sets of race predictions, indicated as being Orange and Teal. Every bet in this game uses both halves, resulting in relatively complex rules. Every wager you place is effectively split between these two wheels. The orange wheel uses half of your total stake while the teal one uses the other half.

The best way to understand the rules is through a Jet Set Racing Roulette step-by-step guide. Let’s go through a single round together.

    Jet Set Racing Roulette - Steps and Game Stages


    Placing Roulette Bets

    The first step is to place bets as you would on any other roulette table. Adjust the stake to your liking and then click on the betting table to place your wagers.

    Importantly, every bet you place is essentially active on both wheels. For example, betting on a 6/9 Split will result in one bet placed on the Orange 6/9 Split and one placed on the Teal 6/9 Split. The staked amount is split in half and divided equally between these two bets.

    The bets you place on one wheel are identical to the ones on the other. In practice, this means that you get two chances to win every time. However, it also means your payouts will be halved relative to the total stake. This means the double-wheel Jet Set Racing roulette is fundamentally different from most of its competitors. Ultimately, it also means you should see twice as many multipliers as you would in games like Lightning Roulette.


    Predicting the Races

    The next big feature of Jet Set Racing Roulette is racing predictions. Once the roulette bets are locked in place, the type of race is randomly determined between horses, greyhounds, trotters, and speedway motorcycle races. This has no practical effect and only affects what the simulated races will look like.

    Just to be absolutely clear, these are virtual races. Computer-based random number generation determines the winners based on the betting odds provided at the start.

    Again, two races take place which match the two wheels – an Orange and a Teal one.

    You now have the chance to predict which participant will win each race. You do so using provided betting odds. Basically, the higher the displayed multiplier, the less likely that horse/greyhound/rider is to win. However, if your predictions are correct, the multiplier is used instead of the regular payout if you also happen to win an Inside bet.

    You get to pick predictions for 1st and 2nd place in both the Orange and Teal races. If you have an active bet and don’t pick a racer, you’ll automatically predict the favorites (the participants with the lowest betting odds but the highest chance to win.)

    If you get the winner right, the 1st place multiplier is applied to any applicable roulette payouts. If you accurately predict the 2nd place winner, the 2nd place multiplier is applied instead. If you get both right, you get a special combo multiplier which is higher than the sum of these two. If you get both predictions right on both the Orange and Teal races, you get a special Jet Set Multiplier with any wins in that round.

    Note that if you make a 2nd place prediction and your selection wins the race, you still get the 2nd place multiplier. The opposite is not true, though.


    Multipliers and Payouts

    Just to be clear, you can win Jet Set Racing Roulette without guessing the race results correctly. The multipliers only work on Inside bets.

    If you make one of these bets and don’t win a multiplier, you get a standard payout as described on the paytable below. Note that these standard base payouts are noticeably lower than with classic roulette games. This was done intentionally – the house has to compensate for the multipliers somehow.

    If you win an Inside bet and a race prediction, the multiplier you secured is paid out instead of the base payout. All standard roulette bets are available in Jet Set Racing Roulette. However, only Inside bets can receive multipliers, and the amount you get depends on the type of bet you made. Here’s how winnings are calculated:

    • Straight Up – Stake x Total Multiplier (for the relevant table.)
    • Split – (Stake x Total Multiplier)/2
    • Street – (Stake x Total Multiplier)/3
    • Corner – (Stake x Total Multiplier)/4
    • Line – (Stake x Total Multiplier)/6

    Once both wheels stop spinning, the round is over and any winnings are paid to the players. Orange race multipliers are applied to Orange wheel wins, and Teal multipliers are applied to Teal wins. Jet Set Multipliers are applied to both.

    Jet Set Racing Roulette Strategy Tips
    • 1
      We suggest sticking to Inside bets to get the most out of Jet Set Racing Roulette. However, outside bets still use both wheels like any other bet, which may be interesting to some players.
    • 2
      One of the more impressive parts about this game is the strong, consistent RTP. It’s better than most other roulette games with multipliers, being only very slightly worse than standard European roulette.
    • 3
      Generally, backing the favourites in your racing predictions is the best option. If we’re being honest, the differences in multiplier sizes are not as substantial as you would think. You should instead focus on maximizing your chances of winning a multiplier, no matter how big it should be.
    • 4
      Besides, basic sports betting strategy tells us that favorites are favorites for a reason.


    Our Jet Set Racing Roulette guide explained the different payouts in this game. Basically, inside bets get sub-standard base payouts, but have a chance to win massive multipliers through the racing mechanic. In the table below, the base payout is listed as the minimum.

    The multipliers can vary based on the offered odds and any Combos you might have. 1st place predictions are generally around 60x-70x, while 2nd place is typically in the 30x-45x range. Combo multipliers can substantially increase this prize. You’ll need to get all four predictions right if you want to go for the maximum payouts listed below.

    BetNumbers CoveredPayout
    Inside Bets (can be replaced with a multiplier)
    Outside Bets (cannot be replaced with a multiplier)

    Jet Set Racing Roulette RTP sits at a comfortable 97.29% for the Inside bets. Outside bets offer 97.30%, as usual.


    New to Live Roulette?

    Special Features

    The double-table structure and two simulated races make for a fairly feature-heavy game. However, the Playtech UI comes equipped with a few additional options.

    For starters, you can access sector bets through the racetrack view. It’s available at all times to the left of the general betting table and contains:

    • Full Complete bets
    • Half Complete bets
    • Voisins du Zero
    • Tiers du Cylindre
    • Orphelins
    • Jeu 7/9
    • Finales en Plain

    Moreover, Playtech offers Bet Creator and Lucky Dip features. The bet creator allows you to make custom-made bet combinations and easily access them at a moment’s notice. The Lucky Dip places several random Straight Up bets.

    A complete Help screen is available in the drop-down menu to the left. This is where you’ll also find video/audio settings, game menu options, and language options.


    • The single Jet Set Racing Roulette table currently available is presented strictly in English.
    • However, you can change the text language of the interface to English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, or Slovak.

    Our Verdict

    We were almost ready to dismiss Jet Set Racing Roulette as another variant of the sports-themed studio. However, we were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed once we tried out the game. The design and underlying ideas show a lot of creativity from the Playtech team.

    This is hardly this provider’s first roulette with multipliers – Quantum Roulette is probably the most famous one so far. However, this variant is fundamentally different from every other game in this genre. Simply put, it’s not just another ripoff of Lightning Roulette. It’s so much more.

    The important part is that Playtech isn’t just being original for the sake of being original. The ideas themselves are good, too. The way the race predictions work is much more involved than the usual way of determining multipliers in roulette. It adds a whole new layer of fun to be had with the game.

    The two wheels also seemed superfluous at first glance. After some time with the game, though, you realize they have a profound effect on the player experience. If nothing else, the multipliers happen a lot more often than with this game’s main competitors. You have double the chance of hitting that magic moment where the stars align and you get a multiplier and a winning bet. Besides, the multipliers apply to all inside bets and not just Straight-Up wagers, which is another big advantage.

    In our book, Playtech Jet Set Racing Roulette is one of the highlight live casino releases of 2023. Play it – you won’t be disappointed.

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    Jet Set Racing Roulette is a live casino roulette game released by Playtech in 2023. It combines double-wheel roulette with virtual race betting for a unique, innovative experience.
    The maximum amount you can win on a single wheel is 2,500:1. Such a massive prize is only possible if you accurately predict the 1st and 2nd positions in the virtual races.
    In Jet Set Racing Roulette, the Jet Set Multiplier is triggered if the player predicts the 1st and 2nd place in both the Orange and Teal races. It’s much bigger than the sum of its parts and stacks multiplicatively up to 2,500x.
    Check out the review above for a list of recommended casinos to play Jet Set Racing Roulette.

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