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Live Lux Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Fazi by Fazi
Live Lux Roulette
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Live Lux Roulette Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Lux Roulette
Game providerFazi
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Serbia
Bet range€1 - €5000
Max win
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English

Lux Roulette was added to the Fazi live roulette portfolio in 2019. It compliments their VIP roulette table nicely and adheres to the same pattern. Fazi combines video feed with virtual technology and delivers a unique game format that relies on automated roulette wheels, yet features a video feed of a presenter spinning the wheel, to provoke the effect of a more authentic live casino experience.

While VIP Roulette features a brunette dealer, Lux Roulette is hosted by a blonde, in the same setting, at the same roulette table. She will announce when the time for placing bets is open and when it is completed, so you will have no doubts about the timing of your decisions.

Bets are placed by dragging chips of different values onto the virtual betting board or by clicking on the buttons for certain special bets you can make. The game uses the European single-zero wheel and comes with a house edge of 2.7%.

Key Highlights

Classy European roulette game with a wide betting range
Beautiful presenter to look at (even if you can’t interact with her)
Easy to use interface with straightforward tools and controls
The winning number is shown both in close-up view and digitally
Fast-paced rounds and multiple interesting bets (Big Series, Red Snake, Black Splits etc.)

How to Play Fazi Live Lux Roulette Online

  • The lovely lady will announce that the bets are open and you can see at the bottom of the screen how much time you have left. Green bar means you have plenty of time, whereas red means the betting time is almost over.
  • Luckily, the interface is quite intuitive and easy to use, so you can place certain bets fairly quickly by using corresponding buttons. Just like VIP Roulette, Lux Roulette also allows you to bet on Crown, Voisins, Finale, Black Splits and Red Splits, as well as Zero, Big Series, Orphanelli, Series 5/8 and Red Snake.
  • If you’re a vanilla player, you can still place all the standard roulette bets from Straight to Dozen, from Split to Column. Straight bets pay at 35:1 odds which means your wager will receive a 36x multiplier if you predict the winning number. Game stats include Hot and Cold Numbers as well as the frequency of specific bets, presented in the form of a bar and a pie chart. Since the dealer isn’t at the table in real time, you wouldn’t be able to communicate with her even if there were a live chat functionality included. The video feed takes up a small window, whereas the virtual betting layout is enhanced for better visibility which is particularly useful on mobile devices.

Our Verdict of Live Lux Roulette

Fazi is a boutique gaming content provider that tries to find its place in the industry. So far, the company has made several good business decisions and launched several exciting products that showcase creativity and provide a fun time for players. Lux Roulette is for online gamblers looking for something different, not quite auto roulette and not completely void of a live dealer. There is plenty of room for improvement, for sure, but it is an easy game to play and you have access to a Fazi online casino make sure you give it a try.

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