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Best Live Casino Cashback Bonuses 2024

Online casinos are known to offer various bonuses and promotions in order to attract new users and keep existing users active and engaged. In fact, bonuses are one of the biggest perks of playing at an online casino as opposed to a land-based casino. If used strategically, players can not only earn real money profits from bonuses but also minimize their losses. The cashback casino bonus is particularly effective for the latter. However, bonuses come with strings attached and there is usually a lot more involved to successfully claiming a live cashback bonus than what the marketing posters will have you believe.

In this tell-all cashback bonus guide, we give you the bigger picture about exactly how a cashback bonus works, the common catch 22’s involved, how you can make best use of your cashback bonus and we also list some of the best bang-for-buck cashback bonuses currently available in the market for 2024.

Insights you will Gain through this Cashback Bonus Guide

Top Live Casino Cashback Bonuses List!

Cashback bonuses are unique in the sense that they can reduce your losses rather than help you win bonus money. They benefit the casino operator by encouraging players to wager more, but they also offer some distinctive benefits for the players as well. The cashback bonus is particularly well-suited for playing live casino games. Here are three key features that make cashback offers worth your time and money.

  • The first and foremost advantage of a cashback bonus is that the cashback amount received is added to your real money balance and not your bonus balance (in the vast majority of cases). We will tell you more about why this is a game-changer later in this article (basically – zero wagering requirements).
  • Secondly, live casino games usually aren’t available in demo mode or ‘play for fun’ mode, and the risk of losing real money is omnipotent when learning how to play live games. Thanks to cashback bonuses, the magnitude of losses can be significantly reduced.
  • Knowing that you will receive a part of your losses back is extremely helpful in overcoming the fear of trying new games, new strategies and getting out of your comfort zone. The reassurance of a cashback can help a player push through and find his or her footing and gaming style when playing casino games for real money.

Aside from the value offerings listed above, cashback bonuses can contribute to a better gaming experience in several other ways. Irrespective of whether you are new to online casino gaming or you are a veteran with plenty of gaming experience under your belt, our cashback bonus guide will reveal some practical tips and tricks that we are sure you didn’t know before.

We urge you to read this guide till the end. We are sure you may learn something new so that you can level up your online casino winnings.

Top Cashback Offers for Live Casino Games

You will likely come across hundreds if not thousands of online casinos that offer cashback bonuses. The question is – how do you assess these cashback bonuses and get a sense of which ones are the best and most profitable? The answer to this question is that there are a lot of variables to factor in when understanding the precise monetary value offered by a cashback bonus.

Each cashback bonus will have its own intricacies and differences that may either add to or subtract from its value. An objective and accurate measurement can be taken only by understanding all the terms and conditions of the bonus. But that’s not all – the online casino in its entirety must also be judged and assessed for its quality, promotions, game library, fairness, payment options, etc. After all, claiming a cashback bonus at a subpar online casino defeats the purpose entirely.

If you’re reading this, it may seem like it is an insurmountable task to accurately identify the best cashback bonuses because of the amount of research and poking around involved. We have good news for you! We’ve done all the research, quality checks, and even tested hundreds of cashback bonuses first-hand to bring you this list of the top cashback offers for live casino games in 2024.

What’s more? We frequently revisit this list and update it so that it is a true reflection of current market conditions. Please note that online casino bonuses have validity periods and will expire sooner or later. Don’t be late to the party! Click on any of our recommended cashback bonuses below and cut down on your casino gaming losses today!

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Types of Cashback Bonus Offers for Live Casinos

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of cashback bonuses that we currently see in the online casino webspace. Below, we touch upon some of the primary types of cashback bonuses and explain them briefly in layman terms so you understand exactly what each type entails.

  • Weekly cashback bonus: These are the most typical form of cashback bonuses you will come across. Here, the cashback amount is calculated on all net losses incurred over the period of a week and the cashback is credited to your account usually at the start of the following week provided that you meet all the eligibility criteria and qualify for the cashback.
  • Weekend cashback bonus: A few cashback bonuses are designed to encourage players to play more over the weekend. In such offers, the cashback amount is calculated on net losses incurred over the prior weekend, sometimes Fridays are also added into the calculation.
  • Game specific cashback bonus: A modern online casino has a diverse game library with plenty of different categories of games such as slots, table games, live dealer games, etc. Some cashback bonuses are limited to certain types of games. For example, you may only receive a cashback on losses incurred when playing slots. Likewise, it could also be applicable only to live casino games, etc. In some cases, the cashback bonus is limited to losses incurred on games from a specific game provider only. Some cashback bonuses may also be applicable only on crypto friendly games where the in-game currency is a crypto coin.
  • VIP cashback bonus: The VIP club is also referred to as a loyalty club in some online casinos. These are exclusive clubs meant to reward and celebrate the most loyal and frequent players at a casino platform. VIP club members get exclusive benefits such as a dedicated account manager, exclusive invites to tournaments and events, etc. It is also common to find that VIP players belonging to certain VIP tiers are privy to exclusive cashback bonuses that regular members (non – VIP players)can’t claim.

Please note: Even though cashback bonuses are largely calculated on net losses incurred when playing with real money, there are rare exceptions where the percentage of cashback may be calculated on net wins rather than net losses.


How to Find and Claim a Cashback Bonus on Live Casino


Choose from our recommended reload bonuses list

Choose from our recommended reload bonuses list

Sign up for an account and login

Sign up for an account and login

Make a deposit

Make a deposit

Read the cashback bonus terms and conditions and play games

Read the cashback bonus terms and conditions and play games

Receive your cashback bonus

Receive your cashback bonus

livecasinosNet Losses vs Net Wins!

Even though cashback bonuses are largely calculated on net losses incurred when playing with real money, there are rare exceptions where the percentage of cashback may be calculated on net wins rather than net losses.

Terms and Conditions for Live Casino Cashback Bonuses

Minimum net loss

While deposit bonuses usually have a minimum deposit criterion, cashback bonuses have what is known as a minimum net loss stipulation. However, this is not always applicable and some cashback bonuses don’t have any such requirements. Basically, this cashback bonus condition can state that only players who have incurred net losses of at least a certain amount over the course of a week or any other time frame are eligible to receive the cashback bonus.

A typical example for demonstration purposes could be something along the lines of – 10% cashback up to $100 on for a minimum net loss of at least $20. Therefore, if you have only faced losses of $15 then you will not be eligible to receive the cashback bonus.

Maximum cashback amount limit

Let’s consider our previous example again – 10% cashback up to $100. In this scenario, the “up to $100” is of significance. This is the maximum cashback limit. No matter how much the amount of your net losses incurred, the maximum cashback amount you can receive is limited to $100 max. For clarification, let’s consider a hypothetical situation where a player has lost $2000. 10% cashback on net losses would mean 10% of $2000 = $200. However, the player will still only receive $100 cashback and not $200 since the maximum cashback amount is capped at $100. Sometimes, the maximum cashback amount can be a percentage of the total deposits made by a player and not a fixed amount like $100.

Deposit and activity requirement

This is a cashback bonus condition which may or may not be applicable depending on which casino you are playing with. Some casinos have certain deposit requirements which must be satisfied for players to be eligible to receive their cashback. For example, the casino may dictate that in order to receive the cashback bonus for a certain week, not only must you have incurred losses, but you must have made at least 1 deposit over the course of the prior week and must have been active on the site during the relevant calendar week in order to qualify for the cashback bonus.

Validity of cashback

In some instances, cashback bonuses are credited to your account as a real money balance. However, this is not always the case and it can also be credited as a bonus balance depending on which casino you are playing. If the cashback amount is credited in the form of a bonus balance, there may also be a validity period applicable to the cashback bonus. If the cashback bonus amount is not used up within the validity period, it will expire and no longer be usable. For example – any cashback bonus not used within 14 days from when it was credited will be removed from your account balance.

Wagering requirements

The best cashback bonuses are where the cashback balance is added to your real money balance and you can withdraw this amount without any further requirements to satisfy. At some casinos, depending on the cashback terms and conditions, the cashback amount may be credited as a bonus balance and not real money balance.

The difference between bonus balance and real money balance is that you cannot withdraw or cash out bonus balance. If you wish to cash out, you will first need to complete the wagering requirements associated with the bonus and it will then be converted from bonus balance to real balance.

Here is an example of how wagering requirements can be applied to a cashback bonus – the wagering requirement to withdraw cashback bonus is 3x the bonus amount. Therefore, in this example, if you received a cashback of $20, then you need to wager and playthrough at least 3 times $20 = $60 before you can withdraw the $20. Furthermore, the wagering requirement must be completed within the given time limit.


At some live casinos where cashback bonuses are subject to wagering requirements, the contribution of your wagers towards the wagering requirements will depend on the type of game you wager on. Games with low house edge such as blackjack may have low game contributions where only a certain fraction of your wager is contributed towards the completion of the wagering requirement.

Cashback Bonus Dos and Don’ts for Live Casino Players


  • Prior to playing games, read the bonus terms and conditions to understand all the eligibility criteria for the cashback bonus and play accordingly
  • Check the bonus terms and conditions to confirm that the cashback offer is available to players based in your country/state .
  • Do some research on the casino and verify that it is a legitimate online casino with a valid license from a recognized gambling authority/commission.
  • Check with customer support if there is any bonus coupon code that you need to use to claim the bonus
  • For the best cashback bonuses from some of the leading online casinos in the world, choose from our list of recommendations
  • Make sure you use the cashback bonus within the given validity period


  • Do not sign up at an online casino and invest money just because of the cashback bonus. You need to also consider the overall quality of the casino when it comes to banking options, game library, other bonuses, etc.
  • Do not go for cashback bonuses with high wagering requirements, try to select cashback bonuses with zero or low wagering requirements.

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Cashback Casino Bonus FAQs

There are some telltale signs of high value cashback bonuses. Here is what you need to look for – a high maximum cashback bonus limit, a cashback bonus where the bonus money is added to your real money balance and not bonus balance, a cashback bonus which is issued frequently (either on a daily basis or a weekly basis).
There are different types of cashback bonuses. In general, any bonus where you get a certain amount of money back can be referred to as a cashback bonus. The most common type of cashback bonus at an online casino is where you receive a percentage (usually between 10-20%) of your weekly net losses for back the following week in the form of a cashback credit. These bonuses help you reduce your losses and can help sustain your gaming for longer without having to make another deposit.
The best cashback bonuses are where the bonus amount is added to your real money balance and there are no wagering requirements at all. Having said that, the most commonly found cashback bonuses will have some wagering requirements. We recommend checking the ‘game contributions’ table in the terms and conditions of the bonus to get a full picture of which games to play for the purpose of completing wagering requirements quickly. Usually, slot games are the best bet since 100% of wagers made on slots are contributed towards the completion of wagering requirements.
VIP clubs have become common place at online casinos. These are basically tiered reward programs for frequent players. Players who play a lot and play often can benefit hugely from such loyalty programs. VIP clubs have different levels and with each advancing level, the player gets bigger and better benefits which are exclusive. Usually, the benefits even include a cashback bonus every week. These VIP cashback bonuses are only available to players who have attained the required VIP status.
Yes, the cashback bonus is reserved for registered players only and not meant for guest visitors. In order to receive a cashback, you first need to deposit real money, play games and incur losses. Naturally, the first step to do any of this would be to sign up for an account with the casino. Registration is usually easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.


100% up to €300
T&C apply. The minimum deposit required to get the bonus is €1. The wagering requirement is 50x the bonus amount. When wagering a casino bonus, the stake must not exceed €5. Expiry 7 days.