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Live Casinos is dedicated to one thing above all else – live casino games. It’s a fast-changing industry, with hundreds of highly competitive live casinos and even more games. It’s our job to keep up with all of them and other industry news to help players find the best live gaming offers online. With an experienced team of gamers, reviewers, and content creators, we can help you take your live casino gaming to the next level. Casino ratings, game reviews, live casino strategies, the latest relevant news – these are just some of the things we do to ensure LiveCasinos.com is all our readers need to become smarter, more knowledgeable players.

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LiveCasinos.com has been online since 2014, making it one of the most consistent websites specifically dedicated to live casinos. However, we never stopped growing and evolving. The team’s experience with live dealer games goes back far more than that. Our job is not just to keep up with the industry, but to promote fair business practices and online gambling safety. Remember that even though we’re helping you pick one casino over another, the player is always our priority. By allowing good casinos and live table games to flourish through honest and unbiased reviews, the industry can grow and improve as a whole. It’s a win-win situation, and we, the customers, will only benefit from being educated about our interests.

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Fair & Honest

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Independent Website

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Best Bonus

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We can safely say that online gambling is a very saturated market. Fierce competition breeds challenges, which is always a good thing. As you can see from the numbers below, fans of top live dealer games are hardly strapped for choices. Thankfully, we can help you navigate it all. We’ve seen everything through our extensive research – from the best live casinos online and the peak of what the industry can offer to its very worst. How does this help you? Well, you can rest assured that all our opinions keep in mind what else is out there. We’re always on top of the best casino promotions and bonuses – not to mention new casinos and games that pop up.

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How We Make Money

How We Make Money

Collecting all this information takes time and effort, so you may be wondering – what’s in it for us? Well, besides the fact that we all play live casino games ourselves, LiveCasinos.com is an affiliate site. Effectively, this means that we are paid a commission whenever someone is directed to a casino through our site. However, this fact never impacts our objectivity or our impartiality. The trust of our readers is more valuable to us than what a casino thinks of our review. We’ll never restrain ourselves from giving a negative review, nor will we write a dishonest one.

It’s also important to understand that Live Casinos is not a gambling site. We do not offer any such services, nor are we licensed to. We simply direct people to the best live dealer casinos.

How We Make Money

Industry People We Had the Pleasure to Interview

The world of live casinos is always changing, and it’s extremely important to stay up to date. To help with that, we sometimes get in touch with big names from the industry. Opinions and news from the other side of the screen can offer valuable insight. One way or another, the inner workings of live casinos and software providers impact what we experience as players. You can find these exclusive LiveCasinos interviews in the blog section of our site if you’re interested in being one step closer to the glamorous world of live casinos.

The Story of Live Casinos

Live Casinos first launched back in 2014 with a small team of live casino game fans. Back then, the live gaming industry was much smaller, and the whole concept was a rather novel idea. Among the many sites dedicated to top online casinos and gambling, almost none were solely focused on live games. That is how we found our niche in the industry and have continued to expand ever since. By 2018, the site expanded considerably, complete with a UI redesign in 2019.

As the industry and our readership grew, more people came on board. Researches, freelancers, fact-checkers – the project needed only true professionals to keep on-track. With more people on board, we also broadened our country-specific content to include over 20 countries. At this point, however, the site was somewhat outdated and needed a more modern and fresh design and structure. In 2021, Live Casinos went through a full-blown makeover in an effort to bring you the best live games, casinos, and bonuses on the internet.


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Expanding with 20+ countries. Editorial team upgraded


A full relaunch of Live Casinos

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Our beginner's guide to live casinos is the perfect resource for anyone new to live dealer casino games. It’s the perfect resource to get started as it gives basic foundations about most important topics related to live casinos.