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Live Oracle Blackjack: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Portomaso Gaming by Portomaso Gaming

Live Oracle Blackjack by Portomaso Gaming is a live dealer blackjack game released in 2016. It boasts an RTP of up to 99.70% with a minimum bet of $5 and a $500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and streamed live from the Oracle Casino in Malta.

Live streaming blackjack games from an actual casino floor offers a wholly new level of authenticity. Portomaso has mastered this approach to making live dealer casino games. Most of their games are named from the real-life establishment it’s being streamed from. So far, the Oracle live blackjack game has proven to be one of the most popular.

Live Oracle Blackjack
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Oracle Blackjack Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Oracle Blackjack
Game providerPortomaso Gaming
Game typeBlackjack
Streaming from Malta
Bet range€5 - €500
Max win100:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Windows Apple
Languages English English

Portomaso’s Oracle series of live casino games was finally expanded to include live blackjack. If you’re not familiar with this developer’s work, our Live Oracle Blackjack review will serve as an overview. The main idea of Oracle games is to offer players a little slice of Malta’s famed Oracle casinos. Instead of a dedicated studio, Portomaso games stream directly from traditional casino tables in Malta.

The result is an interesting hybrid product in which you can share the table with actual casino-goers. In practice, this doesn’t disrupt the usual flow of an online blackjack game. Portomaso Live Blackjack is a fairly versatile title, though. If you wanted to shut off the hustle and bustle of a brick-and-mortar casino, it can be done.

The setting has other benefits as well. For instance, the dealers stand out among online blackjack games as real-life professional croupiers. This seems like a detail, but it all adds to the experience of what would otherwise be bog-standard live blackjack.

Key Highlights

Player-friendly rules can be great for winning.
Allows you to split your hand up to 4 times, which is rarely seen in online blackjack.
The next best thing to going to a real-life casino.
Industry-standard odds on side bets.
Two different viewing modes.
Pre-decision boxes for faster gameplay.

How to Play Live Oracle Blackjack

If you’re wondering how to play Portomaso Oracle Live Blackjack, you needn’t be worried. As we’ve already mentioned, it works out like it would with any similar title. You log onto one of the many Portomaso casinos, pick a table, and play.  The only major difference is that you might notice that some of the other players are actual people. Others, as you might expect, are other online players. The number of seats per table is limited to 7. It’s also worth noting that the minimum bet is $5, while the max is set at $500.

At its core, the Oracle live blackjack is an 8-deck European blackjack. This means that the dealer initially draws only 1 card. In other words, they don’t peak for blackjack. Besides that, the dealer must stand on a soft 17 and must draw to 16. hose who are interested in a Live Oracle Blackjack strategy should know that the shoe is shuffled after 4 decks. This is one of the reasons experienced blackjack players rate this title so highly.

Interestingly, you can also Split up to 4 times per hand. You can also split Aces, but each split hand only receives one additional card after that. Doubling is allowed on any card total, and so is doubling after splitting. This ruleset is responsible for the relatively high RTP in Oracle Blackjack.

Live Casino Best Tips for Live Oracle Blackjack

  • Take advantage of European blackjack rules. Split as much as you can, and try to double as per optimal blackjack strategy.
  • Conversely, bet insurance is even worse than usual. And it’s usually a very bad bet.
  • Standard 8-deck blackjack strategy charts are still perfectly applicable to Live Oracle Blackjack.

Live Oracle Blackjack Payouts

The payouts in Oracle Blackjack by Portomaso Gaming are pretty much industry standard. For a game like good old 21, this is very good news. Baseline payouts offer some of the best returns you’ll find on a casino floor. Combined with some exceptional rules, this game is very much worthwhile. The one exception is the Three of a Kind outcome in 21+3, which pays 25:1 compared to the standard 30:1.

Portomaso Gaming Live Oracle Blackjack Payouts
Blackjack Insurance2:1
Perfect Pairs Side Bet
Mixed Pair6:1
Colored Pair12:1
Suited Pair25:1
21+3 Side Bet
Suited Trips100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind25:1

The main bet sits at an incredible 99.70% assuming optimal strategy. That’s high even by blackjack standards, which makes Portomaso Oracle Blackjack great for serious, profit-oriented players. Perfect Pairs is considerably weaker at 95.90%, but we’re used to that by now. 21+3 is at 96%, give or take, due to the reduced payouts for Three of a Kind.


New to Live Blackjack?

Special Features

The Portomaso Oracle Lounge stands out with sheer excellence, ranging from professional croupiers to a very narrow house edge. However, there are still some features that can make your experience a bit richer.

First of all, there’s the option to bet behind, allowing you to wager on the outcome of other players’ hands. Betting behind can function as either a side bet or something to do if there are no free seats available.

Moreover, Besides that, there are 2 options for side-bets.

  • Perfect Pairs – predicts that your initial draw will contain a pair. If the pair in question contains two cards of the same color or the cards are identical, you’ll win more.
  • 21+3 – a common blackjack which attempts to make 3-card poker hands using your initial 2 cards and the dealer’s card. Pays out based on the strength of the poker hand.

You can also pick between two available view modes. The ‘Mixed-screen mode’ allows you to have an extended computer-generated overlay that displays the cards and bets. This can make the game much easier to follow, especially on small screens or with poor connections. Streaming quality is set automatically, though you can change it manually in the settings menu. Additionally, audio level sliders can be found in the lower right corner.


  • As far as we can tell, there are no language options in the Oracle Blackjack game. The streams are conducted in English, and the UI is in English as well.
  • The game might potentially respond to Casino-wide language adjustments, though. If you find yourself in need to adjust the UI language, try your chosen casino’s settings menu.

Our Verdict of Live Oracle Blackjack

If you’re a serious blackjack player, one of your best online options is to play Portomaso Live Oracle Blackjack.

The mix of real-life and live online blackjack still has some kinks to iron out, but it works out in the end. In fact, that was one of our first concerns while writing this review. On paper, the idea just sounds like a gimmick that doesn’t truly affect the gameplay.

Thankfully, when you strip away all of it, you’re still left with a top live dealer blackjack game.

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Very Good


Yes. Portomaso Gaming’s oracle blackjack is streamed live straight from the Oracle Casino in Malta. The game allows both online and regular players on the premises to sit at various tables.
Unfortunately, no. Portomaso Gaming is based in Malta and operates under an MGA license. US gambling laws do not allow operators under foreign licenses. The only exception is if you opt for Cryptocurrency betting, which can allow you to play at casinos from around the world.
Sadly, no. Portomaso Gaming is yet to acquire a UKGC remote gambling license. This means that their products and solutions are not currently available at UK live casinos. We’ll make sure to update this page in the future if anything changes.
Currently no, neither early nor late surrender are available as options in this game. Make sure to account for that before figuring out your blackjack strategy.
The maximum return in this game is 100:1, which can be won by getting Suited Trips in the 21+3 side bet. Moreover, the maximum betting limit is set at $500 per wager. This means that the upper limit to how much you can win is $50,000 per round.
Some online casinos list Oracle Live Blackjack as Oracle Lounge Blackjack. However, it’s the same game. Despite the slight naming discrepancies, these live blackjack tables are completely identical.

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