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Twain Sport T-Basket: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Betgames by Betgames

T-Basket is a unique live casino betting game based around wagering on a mini-sport similar to basketball. Released in 2023, Betgames created a live betting platform that allows players from across the globe to instantly bet on short rounds of T-Basket. It boasts an RTP rate of around 95% with bets ranging from $1 to $50 per stake and is available on both desktop and mobile.

Twain Sports and Betgames put their heads together to create a product that could potentially revolutionize live casino gaming, online sports betting, and the grey area between the two. It’s completely different from anything else we’ve ever seen before, so strap in for an interesting review.

Twain Sport T-Basket
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Twain Sport T-Basket Review

Game Specifications
Game nameTwain Sport T-Basket
Game providerBetgames
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming from
Bet range€1 - €5,000
Max winDynamic Odds
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Arabic Arabic Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Croatian Croatian Danish Danish Dutch Dutch +15
All supported languages
  • Arabic Arabic
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Croatian Croatian
  • Danish Danish
  • Dutch Dutch
  • English English
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Italian Italian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Ukrainian Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

The overlap between fans of casino games and sports betting is undeniable, and casino operators and software providers have been attempting to capitalize on this connection for years. One notable example is Evolution’s Football Studio series, which aimed to appeal to sports fans by incorporating a football theme into traditional casino games.

However, Betgames took this concept to a whole new level through a recent collaboration with a sports organization called Twain Sports. In 2023, they introduced a revolutionary casino game that offers a live stream of a sports league, with matches taking place every 3 minutes across the globe. These matches are then streamed, accompanied by a Betgames betting overlay that allows players to place instant wagers in real time.

Currently, there are two Twain Sports leagues. The first is T-Kick, which was inspired by football or soccer, and which we already reviewed. On this page, we’ll be looking into T-Basket, which was inspired by basketball.

The betting system in these games functions similarly to live sports betting, with various types of bets and dynamically changing odds based on past player performances. The T-Basket league also tracks results and ranks players according to their success, providing valuable statistics for making informed betting decisions.

While this game may initially seem complex due to its unique nature, our Betgames T-Basket review will thoroughly explain the game rules and betting mechanics.

Key Highlights

Live sports betting on T-Basket, available 24/7 in 3-minute intervals
720 matches played every day across the globe
Bets on the results of 1v1 matches of a unique hybrid sport
20+ betting markets and varied types of wagers with dynamic betting odds
5% house advantage across the board, which translates into 95% RTP
Detailed league results and histories are used to calculate the odds

How to Play Twain Sport T-Basket by Betgames

To understand how Twain Sports betting works, we have to understand two facets of this unique betting product.

First of all, we’ll cover the rules of T-Basket by Twain Sport – the sport that the players are competing in. It’s a relatively simple game based on basketball, so no worries.

Then, we’ll head back to the Betgames interface and explain how the betting itself works.

How T-Basket Works

Twain Sports introduces a unique blend of traditional sports and e-sports with its two innovative games, T-Kick and T-Basket.

T-Basket draws inspiration from basketball, where two skilled basketball professionals engage in a fast-paced 60-second match. Their objective is to shoot balls into their respective baskets. The player who scores more points by the end of the round wins.

However, you’ll also notice that the basketballs are located in four separate containers. One of these containers lights up every time the player is supposed to take their shot. They can only shoot a ball from the indicated container, after which another one lights up. This aspect of the game is what sets it apart from a simple basketball shootout.

Each player has their own side of the pitch, and their own balls, baskets, and ball containers. A different ball basket and a different goal are selected every time the player takes a shot, regardless of whether they hit or miss.

How Twain Sport T-Basket Betting Works

Now that you understand the gist of the game, you are ready to start betting on T-Basket. If you’re at all familiar with how online sports betting works, you’ll immediately feel at home. If not, we’ll cover the basics.

Your job is to predict the outcome of the upcoming round of T-Basket. You can bet on a variety of outcomes – from the winner of the match to the exact number of goals scored, handicap betting, and more

Bets are open during the downtime between matches. Once the round of T-Basket starts, you can’t bet anymore.

The number you see on every betting position represents the odds. These are always adjusted to fit the currently active players.

For example, better players are more likely to win, so the odds are smaller. In practice, this means you’ll win less by betting on them, but the risks are also smaller.

Simply click on the bet you wish to make to add it to your betting slip, which you can find on the right. You can add multiple bets this way and place them at the same time. It’s even possible to combine multiple bets into one big whole with longer odds.

All of the available betting markets are fairly self-explanatory. For instance, Match Result simply predicts the final outcome. Correct Score wagers are all about guessing the exact, specific scores in the upcoming showdown. There’s around 15 different types of bets in T-Basket, so feel free to experiment and find ones that suit you best.

    Strategy Tips
    • 1
      The odds are generally an accurate representation of how likely the relevant outcome is at the moment. However, they change dynamically with each new match
    • 2
      Strategy for T-Basket betting is all about keeping track of the performances and noticing undervalued players. However, you'll need time and effort to familiarize yourself with the league and everything it entails.
    • 3
      If you're just starting to play T-Basket, stick with the simpler bets such as Match Result.
    • 4
      Beginners should also stick to bets with short odds because they're more likely to win.

    Twain Sport T-Basket Video Preview

    If you want to know more about what T-Basket looks like in practice, check out the short video below. It showcases a full match so you can get an a clearer idea of what it’s all about.

    Also, remember that you can bet on Twain Sports T-Basket for free on the official Betgames website. Click here to check out the game in demo mode.

    Payouts & RTP

    Each wager placed in T-Basket by Betgames results in a distinct payout determined by the odds. In essence, the less probable an event is, the higher the odds associated with it.

    The odds are dynamically computed for each position in every game, taking into account the player’s past performance, previous encounters between the players, and various other variables. Just like regular sports betting, it’s all a balancing act of risk vs reward.

    Betgames T-Basket by Twain Sport boasts an approximate Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95%. Once more, the odds and payouts are calculated akin to a sportsbook rather than a traditional casino game. The game assesses the likelihood of a specific outcome, assigns corresponding betting odds, and then applies a 5% house advantage, thereby reducing the overall payout.


    New to Betgames T-Basket?

    Special Features

    The Betgames platform boasts a versatile and practical interface, and it truly excels with a game like T-Basket. The primary stream is conveniently positioned at the top, requiring a scroll down to access the actual bets. While the video and audio settings can be adjusted, the options are somewhat limited.

    As we noted in our T-Kick review, the most interesting and useful feature is the Results tab. Not only does it provide comprehensive details of previous clashes, but it also saves the video feeds of the games themselves. If you’re curious about the outcome of a past match, you can watch the whole thing even days after it ends. This feature is particularly beneficial for dedicated players – understanding good bets and good players is the heart of all sports betting, including Twain Sports.

    Nevertheless, we believe that a live chat feature would have been a perfect addition to enhance the overall experience of this game. Engaging in discussions about ongoing leagues and matches with fellow players would have been great.

    • The main Twain Sport T-Basket stream is covered in English with pre-recorded announcements.
    • However, the interface itself can be changed to Arabic, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, Estonian, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Vietnamese.

    Our Verdict

    This collaboration between Betgames and Twain Sports produced some of the most innovative casino experiences we’ve seen in years. We’re not throwing that claim around lightly – the casino industry is filled with innovation. However, we’re yet to see a combination of sports betting and casino gaming on a scale such as this.

    First of all, pulling it off is quite impressive from a logistical standpoint. Live matches are basically happening 24/7, so you can jump right in and start betting whenever you want. That’s a distinct advantage over traditional sports, and it’s not the only one.

    The biggest issue with rating T-Basket by Betgames is the fact that it’s so vastly different from anything else in the industry. Sure, the RTP is not amazing, but there’s not much of a baseline to work with. Additionally, the actual experience of playing it is closer to sports betting than casino gaming in any classic sense. As such, sports punters are the target audience, and they enjoy the sports side of things as much as the betting. It’s hard to predict whether T-Basket can stand on its own without the gambling context.

    Still, as a live casino game, this title is a trailblazer and a uniquely fun experience. Try it out if you want something new and exciting.

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    Twain Sports is a sports organization that promotes hybrid sports, which are inspired by traditional sports like football and basketball. The Betgames platforms allows you to bet live on the results of these sports.
    The highest payouts are associated with the hardest bets. However, they change dynamically. For example, you can expect payouts of 50x or more for Correct Score wagers, but the exact winnings depend on the match and the player.
    The RTP is determined by a small margin applied to every betting offer, similarly to how bookmakers work. According to Betgames, the RTP of this title ranges from 85-95%.
    Technically, no, Twain Sport is the organization behind these unique hybrid events. However, Betgames managed to turn it into a sort of live casino betting game that combines elements of casino betting and sports betting.

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