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SA Gaming Live Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

SA Gaming by SA Gaming

SA Gaming Live Roulette is a live casino roulette table from SA Gaming available at top online casino sites in Asia. Released in 2023, it boasts an RTP of 97.30% with a $1 minimum bet and a $5,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile as this provider’s take on a classic European roulette wheel.

SA Gaming Live Roulette
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Roulette Review

Game Specifications
Game nameSA Gaming Live Roulette
Game providerSA Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Philippines (TL)
Bet range€1 - €5000
Max win35x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages English English Indonesian Indonesian Malay Malay Mandarin Mandarin Spanish Spanish Thai Thai +1
All supported languages
  • English English
  • Indonesian Indonesian
  • Malay Malay
  • Mandarin Mandarin
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Thai Thai
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

SA Gaming is known as a high-quality software developer that primarily focuses on the Asian market. Roulette is not a traditional Asian game, but it’s still an all-time classic that has grown too big to be restricted by continents and country borders. Online players from all over the world have embraced roulette as one of the best casino games ever invented. Asian players are not an exception. While they love card games and dice games, they also enjoy the spinning wheel and the excitement it brings to their homes in its live dealer version.

SA Gaming Live Roulette is a roulette game hosted by a human dealer which makes use of a European-style wheel. For those who are unfamiliar with this particular configuration, the European wheel has 36 numbers and one zero, as opposed to the American wheel which contains two zero pockets. This is generally a good thing because it means we’re slightly more likely to win and can enjoy slightly better profits in the long run.

The most noticeable feature of any SA Gaming live casino game is undoubtedly the interface. It covers most of the screen in all of their products, and it holds a lot of useful information. If you’re the kind of player who likes chasing trends or hot/cold numbers, you’ll certainly enjoy the details. However, it still looks a bit cluttered and dated, so we can take it or leave it.

Key Highlights

Classic European-style roulette wheel from an Asia-facing software provider
Players can switch between racetrack and classic layout for an extended range of wagering options
All standard roulette bets available, including sector bets, neighbors, etc.
Detailed overview of previous results, hot/cold numbers, and game statistics
Multiple language options with mostly Asian languages, including voiceover support
Industry-standard payouts and 97.30% RTP

How to Play SA Gaming Live Roulette Online

The rules of the game are quite simple. A new round starts as soon as the countdown begins. Participants have 18 seconds to place selected bet chips on various betting positions, depending on the bet they’ve chosen. When the countdown ends, the bets are accepted and no additional wagers can be placed.

The croupier then launches the ball and spins the wheel. The wheel will stop turning and the ball will settle in one of the pockets, revealing the winning number. If one or more of the bets you’ve placed include the winning number, you win a payout based on the game’s paytable.

The SA Gaming Live Roulette comes complete with 10 different types of bets. Basically, all standard options are avaiable, ranging from Straight Up to Even Money wagers. If you’re not sure how roulette bets work and which ones exist, check out this guide.

You can reveal additional options by switching the layout of the betting table. When viewing the racetrack mode, you can place wagers on Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, The Third, Neighbor bets and Jeu Zero. To read more about these complex wagers and how they work, make sure to read our guide to Sector bets in roulette.


    Strategy Tips
    • 1
      The game of roulette is completely based on chance. Remember to manage your bankroll properly for the best results.
    • 2
      If you're new to online roulette, consider sticking with less risky bets that offer smaller payouts. They don't win as much, but they win quite often.
    • 3
      Alternatively, combine Even Money bets with riskier options such as Straight Up numbers. This will give you a decent chance of winning big while still having regular returns from the safer wagers.

    Watch Video Preview of Live Roulette from SA Gaming

    Check out the short video below to see what the game looks like in action. Note the detailed interface to the side, which includes hot/cold number tracking and other information.

    Remember that you can also play SA Gaming live roulette for free on the provider’s official website. Click here to access the game in demo mode and check it out without risking any real money.

    Payouts & RTP

    Live Roulette by SA Gaming pays industry-standard odds across the board – no surprises there. As always, the reward for any bet is proportional to how risky it is. You can check out the paytable below for more complete details. Alternatively, you can read our guide to roulette odds for more information about the maths behind the numbers.

    BetNumbers CoveredPayout
    Inside Bets
    Straight Up1 number35:1
    Split2 numbers17:1
    Street3 numbers11:1
    Corner4 numbers8:1
    Line6 numbers5:1
    Outside Bets
    Dozen/Column12 numbers2:1
    Red/Black/Even/Odd/Low/High18 numbers1:1

    SA Gaming Live Roulette RTP is 97.3% across the board. Again, this figure is fairly standard and applies to all bets regardless of which version you’re playing.


    New to Live Roulette?

    Special Features

    Gamblers who like to keep track of the statistics can make use of the Hot/Cold Points report, round history and road map presentation of the success of specific types of bets. All of this information can be found on the side, along with results from the previous 200 rounds or so. Combined, this data gives you a solid understanding of the statistics of roulette.

    A wide range of settings and options are available at the lower part of the screen. These include audio levels, video quality, and language settings. Moreover, the menu provides access to the rules screen, offering comprehensive information about the game.

    The SA Gaming interface enables users to engage in gameplay across multiple tables simultaneously. You can explore other games within the provider’s lineup and enjoy them concurrently by using the side panel on the far right.


    • Currently, SA Gaming live roulette tables are presented in English, which is the only language the dealers use.
    • However, you can change the language of in-game text using the settings menu. Your options include English, Tagalog, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Indonesian, Malay, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
    • You can also use the settings to set a custom voice over in a non-English language. This will replace live sounds from the studio with pre-recorded voiceovers in your chosen language.

    Our Verdict of Live Roulette by SA Gaming

    Computer-generated roulette games have their conveniences, but if you want an authentic casino floor experience, live dealer is the only way to go. SA Gaming brings its own brand of games onto the table and joins the category of recommendable providers when it comes to Asian-facing games. With Live Roulette, the Philippine company has expanded its portfolio in the right direction, towards an international audience.

    Overall, there aren’t too many surprises for anyone familiar with roulette. It plays fast and well with industry-standard payouts and solid, consistent RTP. The most unique aspect of SA Gaming roulette is the interface which provides a number of interesting features. For starters, it keeps records and result histories much better than most competing titles. Moreover, it allows players to enjoy several games at the same time from the SA Gaming portfolio, as well as switch tables on the fly.

    All things considered, it’s a very good live casino roulette wheel, and one of the best ways to play live roulette in Asia.

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