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Live Music Wheel: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Atmosfera Gaming by Atmosfera Gaming

Music Wheel by ATMOSFERA is a live dealer casino game released in 2021. It boasts an RTP of 95.5% with a minimum bet of $0.5 and a $1,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is an interesting, thematic money wheel game.

Playing Music Wheel at online casinos is a familiar experience in the new Wheel of Fortune-like genre. However, ATMOSFERA introduces new twists here and there that can be very impactful in how the whole thing works. Throw in a musical theme, and you just know our live casino Music Wheel review is going to be an interesting one.

Live Music Wheel
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Music Wheel Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Music Wheel
Game providerAtmosfera Gaming
Game typeGame Shows
Streaming from Russia
Bet range€0.5 - €1,000
Max win74:1
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English Russian Russian Turkish Turkish

Almost all major live casino software providers have their stake in the Money Wheel game show genre at this point. This style of entertainment-first product is becoming as widespread as something like roulette. To answer the clear demand, ATMOSFERA came forward with a new release dubbed the Music Wheel.

The Music Wheel live casino game features gameplay similar to most money wheel game shows. You pick a number, you win if you get it right. The twit lies in a special feature with lucky number bonus multipliers, which we’ll get into below.

ATMOSFERA has certainly shown a knack for making their titles look good, and the Music Wheel is no different. The game is streamed live from a stylish, cafe-like studio decorated with neon colors. The wheel itself looks especially impressive, especially compared to competing games. With nicely backlit sections and a rainbow-colored palette, the game displays most important information right there on the physical wheel. It all looks a lot more natural than if it was all done in the UI.

The whole musical theme simply adds some variation to the soundtrack, though. The music genres displayed on the wheel simply determine a small jingle played after the result. The music in Music Wheel doesn’t directly impact gameplay, strangely enough. Still, distinct visuals are sometimes more than enough to set a game apart from others like it. And we certainly enjoy the way ATMOSFERA Music Wheel looks.

Key Highlights

Money Wheel with 54 cells divided into 7 sections.
7 types of bets available with different payouts and probabilities.
Bonus payout special feature with less volatility than most competing titles.
RTP ranges from 88.88% to 96.03%, with an average of 95.5%. ATMOSFERA Music Wheel RTP depends on the wager and bonus feature.
Bets between $0.5 and $1,000 make the game able to fit any budget.
Gorgeous studio staffed by trained presenters with a focus on entertainment.

How to Play Live Music Wheel

The Music Wheel casino game is easy enough to grasp. Every round starts with a 15-second betting period. During that time, your job is to select one of 7 possible sections of the wheel. To bet, simply select the size of your stake using the chips at the center of the screen. Then, click on one or more of the numbers at the bottom of the screen.

If the pointer at the top of the wheel lands on a number you selected, you win. You can mix and match any number of bets per round. In fact, doing so is a key part of the strategy for the Music Wheel casino game.

Each possible bet is associated with a color and a number. The colors are there merely to make the game easier to understand. The numbers, however, refer to the payout. If you win a certain bet, the number displayed serves as the multiplier applied to your stake. For example, winning a 12 bet means you get 12x your stake.

Live Music Wheel bets are balanced in as far as risk vs. reward is concerned. The bigger the payout, the riskier the bet. In practice, this means that the larger numbers appear fewer times on the wheel. Check out the table below to see the list of available bets in Music Wheel by ATMOSFERA.

NumberColorSections Win Probability


You may notice that the wheel spins two times per round. This relates to the bonus feature ATMOSFERA implemented. Read the special features section of this ATMOSFERA Music Wheel review to find out more.

Live Casinos Best Tips for Live Music Wheel

  • The bonus is arguably most impactful for smaller prizes. For example, the 2 bet is essentially tripled. 48, on the other hand, is increased by about 60%.
  • However, not all the cells in a section are affected by the bonus. Only the ones glowing white are.
  • Combine several bets per round to get the best results. All available Music Wheel bets have roughly the same RTP, so there’s no need to worry about making a mistake.

Live Music Wheel Payouts

As previously noted, every type of bet corresponds to the payout it offers. However, it’s worth noting that the displayed multiplier do not return your stake on a win. For example, the 2x bet doubles your money, so the payout is actually 1:1.

Refer to the ATMOSFERA Music Wheel paytable below for the complete list of possible winnings. Also, we’ve included the boosted returns from the bonus round.

BetPayoutBonus Payout
Live Music Wheel Payouts

The average Live Music Wheel RTP is 95.5%. However, that’s not strictly true for all bets at all times. Before taking into account the bonus round, the RTP for all bets is 88.88% across the board. With the bonus increase to the payouts, the RTP can be 95.24% (2, 4, 6, 16), 95.77% (12, 24), or 96.03% (48).

The live casino Music Wheel house edge is the lowest for the 48 sector, interestingly enough. Still, the difference is small enough to not be all that important. Especially for a game like this that focuses on entertainment above all else.


New to Live Music Wheel?

Special Features

The main extra feature in live casino Music Wheel is the bonus round. It’s quite simple, really – after the betting period is over, a random wheel sector is chosen to receive a bonus payout. If you made a bet on the correct number and the pointer lands on a boosted cell, you’ll win a bigger payout.

Importantly, not all the cells of a certain bet type are multiplied if that number is chosen for the bonus. Only some are – about half, from what we can tell. The cells that offer increased returns are highlighted by a flashing white light. The only exception is the 48 bet, obviously. It only covers one cell, which is always multiplied if 48 is selected for the bonus.

Again, only the cells flashing white offer increased returns. However, the bonus payout is always the same, as indicated on the paytable above.

You can see the results of the previous 36 rounds at the bottom right corner.

Beyond that, the UI in this game comes with some quality-of-life features. You can find audio, video, and language settings in the upper right corner. There’s also a help section explaining how Live Music Wheel works.


  • For now, only one Music Wheel stream is available in the ATMOSFERA lobby. It’s conducted in English, with trained presenters whose main job is to engage with the audience. Curiously, though, there is no live chat feature available.
  • The UI can be set up in one of three languages – English, Russian, or Turkish. Hopefully, we’ll see some more options in the future.

Our Verdict of Live Music Wheel

The Music Wheel live casino game hits a very specific niche. On one hand, the bonus system is just enough to spice things up compared to most other Wheel of Fortune casino games. On the other, the features are nowhere near as crazy or volatile as something like Crazy Time or Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

If that concept sounds interesting to you, this ATMOSFERA release is definitely worth your time. Whether you like the idea or not is a matter of personal preference. The execution, however, is undeniably excellent. The game looks great, plays well, and is ultimately an engaging experience.

You can play Music Wheel at online casinos that are partnered with ATMOSFERA. You’ll find some great suggestions just below.

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Music Wheel is a live casino money wheel game made by ATMOSFERA. It features 7 available betting options corresponding to 7 sections on the wheel. This game also introduces a system of bonus payouts determined by a special spin of the wheel.
Unfortunately, no. As far as we know ATMOSFERA does not yet have a UKGC license, which means their games are not available at legal UK casinos.
Absolutely! According to ATMOSFERA, 92% of this game’s players actually use mobile devices. That’s why the UI can be scaled to fit mobile screens and control schemes.
Money wheel games are completely based on chance, and Live Music Wheel is no different. As such, the best strategy is to properly manage your bankroll. However, due to how the RTP in this game works, the game may be more worthwhile if you play as many rounds as possible. In short, rounds without a bonus on your bet will bring down the average RTP. That’s why you have to hit the bonus if you want to get the most out of it.
The genres are their jingles are there to add flavor to the game. They have no direct impact on how it works or the payouts.

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