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Live Absolute White Roulette: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Absolute Live Gaming by Absolute Live Gaming

Absolute White is a newly launched Automatic Roulette game by Absolute Live Gaming. The game runs non-stop 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Absolute White has table limits ranging from US$0.01 to US$1000. This is an automated live table game without a live dealer and it offers a higher number of rounds per hour than traditional Croupier Roulette games. Absolute White Live Roulette has a RTP of 97.3% and can be played on both PC and mobile.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the various aspects of Absolute White. We go over how to play the game, the payout table, special features, key highlights, and also give you our expert verdict on whether Absolute White is a hit or a miss.

Live Absolute White Roulette
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Live Absolute White Roulette Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Absolute White Roulette
Game providerAbsolute Live Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Worldwide
Bet range€0.01 - €1000
Max win35x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Apple Windows

Absolute White is one of the live roulette games offered by the new live game provider Absolute Live Gaming. The game studio was launched in 2019 and offers seven different live roulette tables at this time. The ALG roulette collection includes 4 automatic roulette games and 3 croupier roulette games. Absolute White along with Absolute Brown, Absolute Black and Portomaso Lumia make up the Auto Roulette collection.

Unlike Croupier Roulette, Absolute White does not require a dealer since it is an automatic, computer generated, digital roulette table. Being a digital table, this live game is not actually streamed from a physical location or studio. Players who wish to see and interact with a human croupier via video streaming may want to choose a Croupier Roulette game instead. ALG’s Croupier Roulette games are streamed from land-based casinos located in Malta and Romania such as Oracle Casino, Portomaso Casino and Princess Casino.

The roulette wheel in the Absolute White game has a distinct ivory white appearance that exudes class and sophistication. Absolute White is a mobile responsive game that can be played on smartphones, tablets, or PCs from any modern web browser application such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Absolute White is available across several regulated international markets.

Key Highlights

Absolute White is categorized as an auto roulette game which is not manned by a human dealer. The table is computer generated and offers around 60-80 rounds every hour. There is chat window where you can socialize communicate with others playing on the same table. Being an unmanned digital table, Absolute White is available to casino operators at a much lower price point.
Absolute White is always live and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can join the table or leave it at any time. The Round ID is displayed on the lower panel of the game window.
The table layout is available in the lower panel of the game interface along with the racecourse layout, and options such as double bets, repeat bet, cancel bet, and more are available with a single click or tap. The interactive table layout helps a player easily understand which numbers are covered within any bet they are considering.
An accessibility menu on the top right allows you to check game stats and history at any time. The menu also houses the chat option, video quality configuration, and an informative help section with details on how to play and different bet types.
Absolute White is an in-browser game which has been developed using mobile friendly front-end technologies. Therefore, the game window has the ability to resize automatically in order to fit varying screen sizes. Therefore, you can play on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones seamlessly.
Since Absolute White is not a live table game that’s live streamed in high definition from a physical location featuring a tangible table and a human dealer, it does not demand high internet speed of network bandwidth and can be played without interruptions even on mobile data.

How to Play Live Absolute White Roulette

Absolute White is a Roulette game and anyone who understands the basic game play and rules of Roulette will be able to cope just fine.

To place your bet and begin playing, wait until you see the message ‘place your bets’. When you see this message, choose your chip value and then use the table or race course layout to place your bet. Your total bet is displayed in the ‘total bet’ area. Once you place the bet/s, the value of the bet/s is deducted from your balance. Once you see the message ‘No more bets’, you may no longer place a bet or modify your bet/s. Bets cannot be placed during active rounds.

The roulette ball will land on a particular numbered slot. This is displayed at the center of the screen and also in text right above the user interface panel. All winning bets are determined by the winning number. If you have any winning bet/s, your balance will increase by your winnings in accordance with the published payout table.

Another round starts afresh.

Live Casino Best Tips for Live Absolute White Roulette

  • Only use the ‘Complete Bet’ bet type if you are an experienced roulette player with a good comprehension of basic roulette strategies.
  • Check the ‘Game Stats’ for an idea of which numbers are hot and which bet types have been fetching wins.
  • Use the mute option to turn off game sounds when playing for long sessions to decrease distractions.
  • If you are inactive, step out of the table or lock your PC in order to avoid inadvertent bets being placed (for example – cat walks across your keyboard).
  • To understand the various bet types available – click on the help/info section in the accessibility menu.

Live Absolute White Roulette Payouts

The Absolute White payout table is published below for your reference. The payout table is also accessible within the game under the help/info option in the accessibility menu. Under the help content, the payout table is published under the heading ‘Payouts’.

Absolute Live Gaming White Roulette
Straight Up135:1
Red or Black181:1
Even or Black181:1
1 -18 or 19 - 36181:1

The table describes the different bet types available, how many number selections each bet type entails, and also the payout ratio for every 1 unit of currency if the bet happens to be a winning bet. The total RTP of Absolute White is 97.3%. The highest payout of 35:1 is offered on straight-up bets (where you bet on a single number out of 37 numbers). Bets that cover 18 numbers (nearly half the field) have the lowest payout of 1:1.


New to Live Absolute White Roulette?

Special Features

Absolute White does offer some special features, predominantly in terms of betting features and betting automation. Below, we discuss some of the special features incorporated into this live roulette game.

  • Complete Bets mode: You can turn on complete bets with a single click of the coin stacks icon in the user control panel. When ‘complete bets’ is enabled, you can select one number and all inside bets that include that selection will automatically be taken. We recommend using this feature only if you are a seasoned roulette player with knowledge of roulette strategies.
  • Autobet: The Autobet feature facilitates easy playing. When you enable Autobet, you can adjust your coin value, make your selections and the same bet will be taken for every round unless you manually change the selections or turn off Autobet. Essentially, you can simply sit back and watch the action unfold.
  • Favorite Bets: If there are certain bet types, lucky selections, and coin values that you like to place regularly, you can save these bets under the Favorite Bets tab and simply click on one of your favorite bets to take the bet instead of choosing everything from scratch manually.
  • Neighbor: When you take a neighbor bet on a particular number, the bet will also cover 2 numbers to the left of the selected number and 2 numbers to the right of the selected number as well.
  • Languages and Currencies: The supported languages are English and Russian. Major currencies are USD, EUR, AUD, RUB, and CAD.

Our Verdict of Live Absolute White Roulette

Absolute Live Gaming is a new live gaming provider and they have an impressive catalog of games.

Their roulette collection is especially good and Absolute White is one of the best in this collection. If you enjoy playing live roulette while watching a real human dealer on your screen, then Absolute White is not your cup of tea.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in a roulette game with a consistently high – tempo that is available 24/7, this game is right down your alley. The game is intuitively designed and the input controls are practical and easy to use.

Even if you are new to roulette, a few rounds of Absolute White are all it takes to get a hang of the gameplay and start coming up with winning strategies.

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Very Good


Absolute White is a live casino game and cannot be played in fun mode. You will need to make a minimum bet of at least $0.01 in order to play a round. Even if you enter the table in fun play mode, if you try to place a bet, you will receive a message saying you have insufficient funds.
All casino games, including various versions of roulette, give the house a certain edge. In this context, a game is determined to be fair if the results of the games are in accordance with the published RTP of the game and the results are in no way manipulated by the operator to give the house an even higher advantage on top of the house edge. Absolute White comes from a regulated and licensed game provider and is completely fair and safe. The game engine produces results by using a random number generator. This RNG algorithm has been tested and certified by independent game testing labs.
There are basically 5 number selections for hot bets and 5 number selections for cold bets in Absolute White, at any given time. These selections are automatically calculated based on the results of the last 1000 rounds of the game. The hot numbers or bets are those which have come up as winning numbers the greatest number of times in the last 1000 rounds and the cold bets or numbers or those which have been winning numbers the least number of times.
Even though Absolute White is a live casino game, it is not a video stream coming from any physical location or roulette table. This is an automatic roulette table which is fully computer generated. There is no human live dealer manning the table either, everything is automated.
The safest bet is going to be the bet which has the highest odds of being a winning bet. However, the bet with the best odds will also offer the lowest payouts. Theoretically speaking, the safest bets you can take in Absolute White are bets which cover nearly half the selections available (18 numbers covered) and offer a payout of 1:1. You have almost a 50% chance of winning these bets. These bets are, namely, Red/Black, Even/Odd and 1-18/19-36.
The highest paying bet in Absolute White is a Straight Up. In this bet, you simply choose 1 number from 0-36 and hope that the ball lands on your selection. The odds of this happening are 1 in 37. However, the payout offered of 35:1 is the highest compared to any other bet types.

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