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Vegas Ball Bonanza: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Pragmatic Play by Pragmatic Play

Vegas Ball Bonanza is a bingo-style live casino game show created and released by Pragmatic Play in 2023. The gameplay combines elements of a ball-drawing lottery and random multipliers which can increase payouts to up to 20,000x per ticket. The game boasts an RTP of 96.30% with a minimum bet of $0.1 and a $200 maximum wager per ticket, with up to 9 tickets per round. The game is available on both desktop and mobile.

This release appears to be Pragmatic Play’s first attempt at a bingo-style game. Naturally, they’ve also upgraded it with excellent game show-like visuals and volatile but exciting multipliers. It’s a great addition to the somewhat limited range of online bingo games, and our Vegas Ball Bonanza game review is here to explain how it works and whether its worth your time.

Vegas Ball Bonanza
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Vegas Ball Bonanza Review

Game Specifications
Game nameVegas Ball Bonanza
Game providerPragmatic Play
Game typeLottery & Keno
Streaming from Romania
Bet range€0.1 - €200
Max win$500,000
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Czech Czech Danish Danish English English Finnish Finnish +19
All supported languages
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Czech Czech
  • Danish Danish
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Indonesian Indonesian
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Korean Korean
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

Pragmatic Play really turned up the heat when it comes to expanding its live casino game portfolio. The software provider released multiple high-production game shows throughout 2023, bringing another challenger to Evolution’s established dominance of the genre.

Vegas Ball Bonanza is the first Pragmatic Play game that draws numbered balls to determine its outcome. Some would call this style of game similar to bingo while others would refer to it as lottery or keno, but the gist remains the same. You buy tickets with numbers while the game draws balls with numbers. If the two sets of numbers match in the right way, you win.

Of course, in the modern era of meticulously crafted game shows on live casinos, there’s a lot more to Vegas Ball Bonanza than that. It’s streamed from a high-quality studio that can rival even the finest of TV productions. Crucially, it also introduces a number of gameplay-enhancing features that can potentially increase payouts to massive amounts.

In short, it’s a classic concept with some modern innovations. If you’re interested and want to know how Vegas Ball Bonanza works, let’s start with a basic gameplay guide.

Key Highlights

Bingo-style gameplay that draws 9 out of 30 balls in each round, with a possible 1-4 extra balls
Players purchase 3x3 tickets with up to 6 potential winning lines per ticket
Up to 5 numbers are randomly selected per round and assigned multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x
'Wild' balls sometimes appear and trigger a bonus game which can result in up to 4 additional balls
The Star special ball can spread the multiplier across all all tickets
Win up to 20,000x per ticket with an optimal RTP rate of 95.97%

How to Play Vegas Ball Bonanza

Overall, Vegas Ball Bonanza plays on a fairly quick loop. Every round begins with a 12-second waiting period. During that time, you can purchase up to 9 tickets by clicking on them. The numbers on your ticket are revealed as soon as you purchase one, and you can press the “refresh” button to change them. Of course, this doesn’t offer any strategic advantage, but it’s still a nice option.

The next step kicks off as soon as the betting window ends.

A slot-like screen behind the presenter spins to reveal Lucky Number multipliers. Up to five numbers that can appear on the balls are randomly selected and assigned multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x. If one or more of your tickets contain a Lucky Number, any winnings recorded on that ticket are multiplied by the displayed value. The idea is simple and similar to mechanics we’ve seen in competing titles such as Evolution’s Monopoly Big Baller.

Finally, the presenter will activate the ball-drawing drum machine. 9 out of a possible 30 balls are drawn, corresponding to numbers 1-30 that can appear on the tickets. If a selected number appears on your ticket(s), the game will automatically daub them for you.

To win Vegas Ball Bonanza, you need a ticket that contains 3 winning numbers in a line. Winning lines can be horizontal and vertical, but not diagonal.

Payouts are based on the number of completed lines on a single ticket. For instance, a ticket with only one winning line pays 1:1, while tickets with two winning lines pay 5:1. any ticket with all 6 possible lines pays 250:1. Of course, these returns can be dramatically increased through the Lucky Number multipliers.

Bonus Features

Pragmatic Play chose to further spice up their Vegas Ball Bonanza game by adding two special types of balls into the mix. Besides regular numbered balls from 1 to 30, the drum machine also contains a Wild ball and a Star ball. Each comes with a special effect that triggers if the ball is drawn.

  • Wild Balls immediately trigger a special feature that uses a 10-segment wheel. The wheel spins and lands on one of our possible outcomes – 1, 2, 3, or 4. This determines the number of extra regular balls that are drawn in the current round. This can result in up to 13 balls drawn instead of the regular 9, which will dramatically increase the likelihood of completing lines and tickets for every participating player.
  • The Star Ball activates all multipliers present in a given card, for all cards. To clarify, this means the Lucky Number doesn’t actually have to come up as a drawn ball. If the Lucky Number is present on a card, all winnings from any number of lines on that card are multiplied. However, if the Star ball appears and you hit Lucky Numbers, all associated multipliers are increased.
    Vegas Ball Bonanza Strategy Tips
    • 1
      Bingo and similar games are completely based on luck. There's nothing you can really do as a player to increase your returns in the long run.
    • 2
      However, you can increase your chances of winning by always purchasing 9 tickets. We recommend splitting your stake to allow you to afford 9 units per round.
    • 3
      Of course, this will merely affect your enjoyment of the game, in our opinion. Purchasing more tickets does not offer any sort of statistical advantage.

    Payouts & RTP

    As we already mentioned, your winnings will depend on the number of lines completed on a single card. The more lines you complete, the bigger the payout for that specific card, up to a maximum of 6 lines.

    The figures listed below are merely the base Vegas Blal Bonanza payouts. Your winnings can be substantially increased through the Lucky Ball multipliers.

    Theoretically, several multipliers can be stacked onto a single ticket, resulting in a massive payday. That’s quite unlikely, of course, and the maximum payout in Vegas Ball Bonanza is set at 20,000x per ticket or $500,000 in total. Keep that in mind if you were planning to play high-stakes.

    Number of Winning Lines on a Single TicketPayout
    Vegas Ball Bonanza Live Payouts
    Full Ticket250:1

    Vegas Ball Bonanza RNG comes out to 95.97%. To be honest, that’s quite low compared to most live casino standards, even though it’s fairly standard for bingo-style games. The relatively low RNG is, in fact, one of this game’s more prominent disadvantages.


    New to Live Bingo?

    Special Features

    The Vegas Ball Bonanza studio is made to impress, with high production value and professional presenters. The UI itself is equipped with all of the usual Pragmatic Play features such as a live chat window, settings menu, and language options.

    Vegas Ball Bonanza Stat Tracker

    Beyond that, the Vegas Ball Bonanza stat tracker can be used to keep an eye on previous rounds. You can find data about the previous game rounds in the bottom right corner.

    The interface is also very helpful in terms of keeping an eye on your tickets and winnings. Things can get quite hectic if you purchase multiple tickets. Of course, the game keeps track of matching numbers on its own, but it’s still nice to always be aware of how the round is progressing and how much you stand to win.


    • Only one Vegas Ball Bonanza live table is currently available, and its presented in English.
    • However, the Pragmatic Play user interface allows you to adjust the in-game language. Options include English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and more.

    Our Verdict

    Let’s get one thing straight right out the gate – Vegas Ball Bonanza is one of the best live dealer bingo games available today. To be fair, though, this comes down to the lack of competition as much as the quality of Pragmatic Play’s title itself. No matter how you look at it, it’s a well-made casino product that targets a specific niche, and we’re confident plenty of people will find it quite fun.

    By far the biggest weakness of this bingo table is the RTP. On one hand, it feels unfair to judge it too harshly considering the generally low RTP rates of almost all bingo games out there. On the other, poor returns are always objectively bad, and we can’t help but wish for a more player-friendly math model.

    Either way, it’s certainly worth trying. Just be aware that you’ll need to really get lucky to make a real profit with Vegas Ball Bonanza.

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    Very Good


    Vegas Ball Bonanza is an online live casino game created by Pragmatic Play. It works much like bingo but with several extra features and improvements, such as a chance to win more through stackable Lucky Number multipliers.
    The maximum payout in Vegas Ball Bonanza is set at 20,000x your stake per ticket. Additionally, your total winnings in a single round cannot exceed $500,000.
    Vegas Ball Bonanza is completely based on luck, or rather chance. The only thing you can really do as a player is buy tickets and hope for the best.
    All numbers have an equal chance to appear in any given draw. You can choose to switch up the numbers on your cards, but this doesn't affect your chances of winning.

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    Bonus up to €1,500 + 150 Free Spins
    First deposit minimum €10. The package includes four bonuses on the first four deposits. Wagering requirement 35x within 7 days.