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How to Play: Live Sic Bo Strategy

Live Sic Bo Strategy

Although Sic Bo is a game of chance, it's not exactly a beginner-friendly one. In short, there are good and bad ways to play Sic Bo which can significantly impact the game's profitability in the long term.

And while it is a simple game to play, Sic Bo can take some getting used to. With many online casinos now offering the chance to enjoy live dealer table games, players can engage in a live interactive version of Sic Bo and have the ability to chat with payers and watch the entire game unfold live. However, this game is all about player choice.

Your choice of which bet to play in Sic Bo matters. So does your choice of Sic Bo tables and casinos. Our Sic Bo strategy guide explains in detail why these decisions are important and how you can make the best ones.


Sic Bo live game is not difficult to play once it is completely understood, but it will take some time to master it and to be able to employ strategies for enhanced payouts.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    The Best Bets in Sic Bo



    Using Casino Bonuses to Overcome the House Edge

    No matter what some Sic Bo strategy guides online might claim, there is no real reliable way to overcome a house advantage. If there were, the casinos would be quick to get rid of it. However, you can (and should) do everything in your power to minimize this advantage.

    The house edge in Sic Bo is quite high relative to most other live casino games. You need all the help you can get if you want to win, which includes taking advantage of live casino bonuses. Bonuses won’t improve your chances of winning, but they can bolster your bankroll with free funds. Remember – winning casino games i not about winning as many bets as possible. It’s about earning more than you invest, which is very hard to do. If you’re smart about using live casino bonuses, you can have some of the free funds left by the time you complete the wagering requirements. At that point, you can be considered “in the green.”

    You can find some great live casino Sic Bo bonus offers here. Moreover, we’ve hand-picked some top-notch offers – click on them below to go to the casino in question:


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    Bet Hedging Strategy

    If you’re looking for something with more substance, you can also try bet hedging. This advanced Sic Bo strategy is not quite as statistically strong, but it’s more enjoyable and leaves room for bigger profits.

    If you’re not familiar with the term, hedge bets are wagers that bet on opposite results of the same game. In the context of Sic Bo, however, we’ll expand the idea to include simply placing multiple bets per round. The trick is knowing which bets combine well with which other bets.

    The idea is quite simple – you want to combine a “safe” bet that is likely to win with a riskier option that can bring substantial returns. A beginner-friendly option would be a combination bet plus an odd/even wager.

    Why is this a Sic Bo strategy and not just a random bet combination, you might ask? First of all, we picked two of the best odds bets in Sic Bo. Secondly, it’s because of the intent of the bets. The Odd/Even wager is there to win almost 50% of all rounds. It will keep your bankroll topped up as you try to get the combination bet right. In contrast, the combination bet is there for a chance to get a bigger payout and actually turn a profit.

    A Single bet is also worthwhile – though you should keep in mind that you’ll only “strike big” if your chosen bet hits a Triple. It’s not a likely outcome, but Single bets win more often than Combinations. The idea is to essentially just cover your expenses until you get lucky with a Double or Triple.

    The Best Live Sic Bo Games

    Remember the odds we posted above? Well, they aren’t always strictly true. In fact, in many live Sic Bo tables, the payouts are smaller for some bets while their probability of success remains the same. This directly translates to weaker RTP. Needless to say, this is bad.

    So how do you find good online Sic Bo games? You check the paytable – every game has one. If the payouts are lower, you find another table.

    Below, we’ll highlight some common issues with these tables. Sic Bo odds to avoid are:

    • Triples bets with 150:1 returns. This payout format increases the house edge of this bet to over 30%.
    • 8:1 payouts on Doubles.
    • Anything less than 31:1 on “Any Triple” bets.
    • Totals can also have decreased payouts. However, Totals bets in Sic Bo are almost always bad either way.
    • 5:1 payouts on Combination bets. This is one of the best bets in Sic Bo, and you don’t want anything less than 6:1.
    • 3:1 payouts on a Triple result of a Single bet. Again, this is usually a great wager, and you don’t want sub-optimal rules. Unfortunately, though, the optimal 12:1 reward is quite rare these days.

    Find the Top Casinos to Play Sic Bo Live Online

    As we have explained several times by now, choosing the right Sic Bo tables and casinos is very important. Sic Bo odds and rules can vary greatly, and trying to beat a sub-optimal table is a battle you can’t win.

    Don’t know which casinos to play Sic Bo live at? No worries – we can help you with that. Our live dealer casino reviews are a great place to start. Look for software providers which offer good tables and bonuses which allow live Sic Bo wagering contribution.

    To that end, here are some great suggestions:

    7Bit Casino


    April 2024

    7Bit has been consistently good, with a varied offer and very few real drawbacks. Not all payment methods are free of charge, which is perhaps the only notable letdown. The pros include a huge offer of different 7 Bit live casino games, a potentially massive 7Bit casino promo for new customers, and solid customer care policy.



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    Becoming a 1xBet customer is worth it. The account registration process is the easiest ever and you will open the doors to a never-ending adventure with live dealers. Players from many different backgrounds and with very limited budgets can comfortably play here, enjoying games of all shapes and sizes.



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    Are you looking for a classy feel of a casino far away from your home? Simply load Bet365 Live Casino and join Playtech’s VIP tables where blackjack rounds are played and the roulette wheel is spun 24/7. The interface stretches across desktop, mobile and app, with fast loading times and engaging dealers and hosts. Beware of being enchanted by their charms.


    Further Reading

    If you’re looking for more Sic Bo tips, strategies, and suggestions, check out these pages:


    You can’t predict the outcome of a round of Sic Bo reliably. This is a luck-based game, and there’s no real way to know how the dice will roll. Keep in mind that roadmaps and result trackers can all be considered parts of the Gambler’s Fallacy. The results of previous rounds of Sic Bo do not influence future outcomes in any way. The probability of every Sic Bo outcome is always the same.

    • How do I find Sic Bo probability?
    This page contains a full Sic Bo table which includes the payouts, probability, and RTP of every standard bet in Sic Bo. Refer to it to find out the likelihood of winning.
    • Which numbers win the most in Sic Bo?

    Individual die results are all as likely. For example, the probability of one die showing a specific number is always 1 in 6, or about 16%.

    As for the totals, the most common sum totals are 10 and 11, followed by 9 and 12.

    • What is the best Sic Bo strategy?

    The best strategy to win Sic Bo is finding the best tables and playing the best bets. You can use the guide above to find top Sic Bo casinos online. As for the bets, your best options are Big/Small, Odd/Even, Combination bets, and Singles.

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