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How to Play: Live Roulette Strategy

Live Roulette Strategy

Live Dealer Roulette tables are by far the most popular in most live online casinos, even though this game is almost purely based on chance. And while you can't reliably use a roulette strategy to win, you can tip the scales in your favor.

A roulette strategy is what we'll be discussing on this page. Is there a long-term roulette strategy that works? Can it guarantee profits or are such tactics merely superstition and myth? Let's find out!

Live dealer roulette with a croupier at the table presents an experience that is as close to visiting a land casino as possible. We want you to remember that as you read on because online gambling is ultimately about fun and excitement. The house always wins, and no amount of roulette strategy is going to change that. There's still a smart way and a not-so-smart way to play roulette. Before we begin, though, make sure you understand the basic rules of live roulette. We'll work with the assumption that you already know them.


Many players who are not overly experienced with roulette will believe some misconceptions about the game and this can affect their live dealer experience. In fact, the Gambler's Fallacy is incredibly prevalent among roulette players, which needs to change.


Common Roulette Myths and Misconceptions


Roulette Systems

Use Roulette Betting Systems for More Control Over Your Bankroll

Picking the Best Casinos for Roulette

There are other ways to increase the chance of winning with live roulette. Some roulette games are better than others, and there are both bad and good casinos for roulette.

When faced with the choice between American and European live roulette, always choose the European version as it offers better odds and a lower house edge. No American roulette strategy will ever overcome the fact that the game simply has worse probability and lower RTP. If you want to take things even further, you should also consider French roulette – a variant with special rules that increase RTP even further.

Furthermore, live roulette bonuses can give your bankroll the boost it needs to overcome the house edge. We always like to point out that winning casino games is not about winning the most rounds or bets. It’s about earning more money than you lose during a session. As such, live casino bonuses won’t make you win more, but they can improve your bottom line.

To help you with that, we have a comprehensive list of the best roulette bonuses.

However, you’ll also need to make sure you’re playing at the right casino. Not only will that net you better bonuses, but the increased safety, customer service, and usability will do wonders. You can use our live casino reviews to find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, check out these incredible roulette casinos and start playing right now.



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The conveniences provided by Betwinner are generous and thoughtful, starting from an endless supply of banking options to 300+ live dealer tables running entertaining and memorable games around the clock. The multi-lingual environment is something that suits Betwinner as a brand and we commend them for going in that direction.



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Becoming a 1xBet customer is worth it. The account registration process is the easiest ever and you will open the doors to a never-ending adventure with live dealers. Players from many different backgrounds and with very limited budgets can comfortably play here, enjoying games of all shapes and sizes.


Further Reading

Do you want to know more about how to win roulette? Live Casinos writes about this classic casino game extensively – here are some examples:


  • What is the most successful roulette strategy?

Our favorites are the Romanosky and Oscar’s Grind. Note that no roulette strategy increases your chances of winning, so it’s hard to know which one is the “best.” However, our advice is to avoid plans that promise huge rewards and guaranteed wins. Also, don’t expose yourself to too much risk like with the Martingale.

  • What is the smartest bet in roulette?

All bets in roulette are “equal” because they have the same house edge. Your choice in the matter depends on how much risk you want to take on. Any potential rewards are always proportional to your risk, which is why the house edge is consistent. That said, beginners may want to stick to less risky bets such as Red/Black and Odd/Even.

Any number you want, basically. “Hot” and “Cold” numbers are a Gambler’s Fallacy, and no number has a better shot at winning than others. Every number has a 2.70% chance of winning in every round, no matter the previous results. There are small strategies that exploit how roulette wheels work for a better shot at winning, but they are unreliable and depend on which wheel is being used.

Hot numbers are numbers that have won more times in the past 200 rounds than the statistics implied. Every number should statistically win roughly once in 37 spins. Because of how statistics work, however, a certain number might win more than that. When that happens, it’s called a Hot number. Conversely, numbers that win less often than the statistical average are called Cold. Hot numbers are not more or less likely to win future rounds of roulette.

Just like with the numbers, both colors have roughly 48.60% chance to win any given round. The rest is down to luck.
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