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Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Asia Gaming by Asia Gaming
Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas
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Play Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas Here

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas
Game providerAsia Gaming
Game typeDragon Tiger
Streaming from Philippines (TL)
Bet range€1 - €5000
Max win
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English

Dragon Tiger comes from Asia, from Cambodia, to be more exact. It is believed that there was where it was first played, but since it has spread all over the Asian continent and beyond. Much like baccarat, Dragon Tiger is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards and represents a duel between two hands. The rounds are fast and there are no sidetracks from the main synopsis. Some live dealer casino providers tend to modernize their products by introducing side bets, but Asia Gaming keeps it simple in order to preserve the traditional concept of the game.

Without a doubt, Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas is one of the simplest games you can find at notable live dealer Asian casinos, such as Live Casino House. It is a captivating card game set in a stunning casino environment which emulates an authentic land-based casino atmosphere. Compared to both Casino War and baccarat, Dragon Tiger emerges as a unique, beautifully simple card game suitable for all levels of players.

Key Highlights

Losing to Tie results in losing only half of one’s bet
Enchanting Asian croupiers
You can keep track of the winning cards below the video stream
Playable with basic knowledge about comparing cards
Ability to adjust the video quality or completely turn it off

How to Play Asia Gaming Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas Online

  • Once the game is loaded, the player is prompted to take a seat and join other participants. Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas benefits from an 8-seat table and a rather large betting area where everyone places their wagers. The dealer is more of a host. In Dragon Tiger, the dealer does not participate as a representative of the house. The croupier simply deals the cards and announces the winner. The Dragon and the Tiger battle on the table – each receives one card. The players wager on which card will have a higher value, or whether their values will match.
  • In other words, the three available bets are Dragon hand, Tiger hand and Tie. To be able to keep track of how the cards are evaluated, you need to know that the King is considered the highest card. On the hand, the value of Ace is brought down to zero, and this is the lowest card. Everything should be easy as pie from there. You will have 25 seconds to place your bet, and after the countdown is over the dealer will reveal which card belongs to the Dragon and which to the Tiger. Betting on either hand and winning results in an even odds payout. Betting on Tie, however, may result in a payout at the odds of 1:8. If you bet on the Tiger or the Dragon, and the result is a Tie, you will only lose half of your wagered amount instead of the entire bet.

Our Verdict of Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas

According to many, there is no easier card game to play than live dealer Dragon Tiger. Being utterly simple, Live Dragon Tiger AGQ Vegas by Asian Gaming still has enough attractive elements to keep players engaged. The game is deemed ideal for novices, for players who are just starting out in the live casino world. Nevertheless, more experienced players also find it challenging, especially in recent years when possible strategic approaches are being more and more explored.

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