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Live Baccarat (VIVO): Our Review, How and Where to Play

VIVO Gaming by VIVO Gaming

Live Baccarat by Vivo Gaming is a live dealer baccarat game released in 2013. It boasts an RTP of 98.94% with a minimum bet of $1 and a $200 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and streams from one of several world-class live casino studios.

Though Vivo Gaming’s live table baccarat games may not be different in terms of mechanics, they certainly come in a variety of flavors. With several tables from different studios available at all times, there’s certainly a lot to unpack in this Vivo Gaming Live Baccarat review.

Live Baccarat (VIVO)
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Baccarat (VIVO) Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Baccarat (VIVO)
Game providerVIVO Gaming
Game typeBaccarat
Streaming from Latvia, United Kingdom
Bet range€1 - €200
Max win30:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Android Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages Arabic Arabic Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Dutch Dutch English English Finnish Finnish +19
All supported languages
  • Arabic Arabic
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Dutch Dutch
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • Georgian Georgian
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Indonesian Indonesian
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Korean Korean
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Persian Persian
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Russian Russian
  • Serbian Serbian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

When it comes to Live Baccarat, no one does it quite like Vivo Gaming! Broadcast live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from studios located all over the world, Vivo hosts dozens of different tables with live dealers. To make matters even better, each one provides an optional 2D and 3D experience. Apart from bringing you one of the most popular card games in real-time, Vivo’s Live Baccarat sessions include speedy bets, early draws, game history, and other in-game advantages.

At first glance, Vivo Gaming live baccarat offer looks like several separate titles. However, on close inspection, it becomes apparent that these are all essentially the same game. They’re called after the studio that’s used to stream from. For instance, we have Vivo Gaming Bulgaria Baccarat and Vivo Gaming Sun Macau Baccarat. Others are named after the studio, such as Vivo QueenCo Baccarat and Vivo Gaming Galaxy Baccarat.

Mechanically, all of them are identical, so we won’t split them into separate reviews. However, they’re all feature-rich, and you’ll need some info to know how Vivo Gaming live casino baccarat works.


Multi-language support for this title comes in two forms – native-speaking tables and UI languages. As for the former, Vivo Gaming boasts tables in English, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin. Whether you can play Vivo Gaming Baccarat in these languages, however, depends a bit on the casino you’re playing with. Most tables are conducted in English.

Alternatively, you can adjust the language of the user interface in the settings menu. Available options include Arabic, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Key Highlights

100% authentic experience with 3D viewing option available
Wide betting range with $1 minimum stake amount
Friendly and professional Asian, Latin, and European dealers streamed from several world locations
Separate tables with game statistics, limits, and betting history
Possibility to interact with other players and share the table with your friends
Wide range of side bets and quality features

How to Play Live Baccarat

If you are a baccarat first-timer, do not fret – Vivo clearly thought of everything. The game is equipped with advanced controls, live chat, detailed roadmaps, baccarat rules that you can study even during the live session. In case of any problems, the players can refer to the “report issue” tab next to the live screen.

The cards are dealt from a shoe that contains 8 decks, which are shuffled after 6 have gone by. The players place their bets on one of the marked fields, for which they have around 15 seconds. The dealer then places two-card hands on the two main betting areas (Player and Banker). There are also side bet areas, such as Big, Perfect Pair, Player Pair, Banker Pair, Either Pair, Small and Player/Banker Bonuses. Each field has a different payment ratio with a bet range from $1 to $200.

Like in all live baccarat games, the side that gets closer to 9 wins. All cards that are drawn count as their face value towards meeting this goal. The only exceptions are Aces which count as 1 and 10+ cards which all count as 0. Additionally, a third card may be drawn in some circumstances.

Not only do the online players have a full view of the table, but can also refer to virtual cards displayed in the left corner of the screen. On the right, a table with chips, payment ratios, and additional buttons is laid out. The banker’s and the player’s card hands are also shown on the scoreboard below, next to the balance, latest bet, and winning information box.

Live Casino Best Tips for Live Baccarat

  • Banker bets have a slightly higher chance of winning due to the third-card rule. However, all wins on Banker bets have a 5% commission because of this.
  • Even money bets in baccarat are great for betting systems.
  • Proper bankroll management is the key to winning live casino. Keep an eye on your spending at all times.

Watch Video Preview of Live Baccarat from Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming distinguishes itself from the competition through its huge selection of various studios. The video below showcases several of these, along with different live baccarat rules and tables. It’s slightly outdated at this point, but who can show you around better than Vivo themselves?

As we said, though, some things were changed since the video was made. First of all, the interface nowadays is vastly superior and easier to read. Secondly, the stream quality and overall production value have gone up as well.

Live Baccarat Payouts

Vivo Gaming Baccarat payouts are pretty much industry standard. This includes even money on Banker/Player bets, with a 5% commission on the former. Tie bets also offer the standard 8:1 payout. As such, the side bets are your main concern here. There’s a lot of them – though their various payouts are in line with industry standards as well.

Banker/Player Pair11:1
Either Pair5:1
Perfect Pair25:1
Player and Banker Bonus Bets
Wins with a non-natural hand by 9 points30:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 8 points10:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 7 points6:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 6 points4:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 5 points2:1
Wins with a non-natural hand by 4 points1:1
Natural Win1:1
Natural TiePush

The Player and Banker Bonus bets in baccarat are a bit more complex, though. They pay depending on the point difference between Player and Banker.

These many side bets leave us with a lot of different RTP rates, though. We’ll list them below so that they can be easily compared.

  • Banker Bet: 98.94%
  • Player Bet: 98.76%
  • Tie: 85.64%
  • Banker/Player Pair: 89.64%
  • Perfect Pair: 86.97​%
  • Either Pair: 86.29%
  • Banker Bonus: 90.63%
  • Player Bonus: 97.35%
  • Big: 95.65%
  • Small: 94.73%

This makes it clear why we recommend sticking to Banker/Player bets as the best baccarat strategy to win. Player Bonus is the only side bet with comparable RTP.


New to Live Baccarat?

Special Features

We briefly went over the various UI elements above. However, one important Vivo Gaming Baccarat feature remains to be addressed – the side bets. This title boasts more of them than almost anything else on the market. Sure, none of these side bets is particularly new or unique, but having them all in the same place is sure to attract some players.

With that in mind, let’s quickly go over how Live Baccarat side bets work.

  • Banker/Player Pair is fairly straightforward. You’re just predicting that the relevant card pile will get a pair with the first two cards.
  • Either Pair is much the same but will pay out no matter which of the two sides gets a pair. Of course, this also means that the returns are considerably lower.
  • Perfect Pair requires the first two cards to not only have the same value, but also the same suit. It’s a high-risk bet to be sure, but can be immensely rewarding.
  • Big predicts that the difference between Player and Banker will be 5 or 6, for a relatively small payout.
  • Small, conversely, predicts that the difference between the two will be 4 or less.
  • Player/Banker Bonus similarly relies on the difference between the two. Essentially, if the side you bet on wins with four or more, you’ll get an incrementally bigger payout, as per the Vivo Gaming Live Baccarat pay table above. Alternatively, these side bets win if the relevant side wins the match with a natural hand – without drawing the third card.

Our Verdict of Live Baccarat (VIVO)

Vivo Live Baccarat provides a unique and authentic casino experience, keeping the players safe at the same time.

By implementing a risk management system and employing an additional regulatory team to supervise the player’s activities, the player-first approach makes you feel welcome.

There are no special requirements to launch the live session – the gameplay runs smoothly on its own. Vivo’s Live Baccarat sessions are just about the closest you can get to the real-life casino atmosphere without setting foot in an actual gambling parlor.

Variety is the spice of life, and Vivo Gaming seems to have taken this to heart.

If you want to play baccarat live for real money using as many side bets and different table rules as possible, Vivo is the choice for you.

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No. Vivo Gaming live casino products are all tested and vetted for fairness. The house always has an edge, of course, but that much is a given when it comes to gambling. Everything about Live Baccarat by Vivo Gaming works exactly as advertised.
Yes and no. While there are currently no native-speaking live baccarat tables in Hindi, you can set the language of the interface to that language.
Unfortunately, no. There is currently no Vivo Gaming Baccarat demo version available to the general public. In other words, you’ll need to register for a live casino and deposit real money to play.
Yes. Android and iOS phones are some of the supported platforms for this live casino baccarat game. The interface is fully optimized for use with mobile screens and controls, as well as tablets.
No. The game was made with HTML5 and can be played straight from any internet browser. The same is true for mobile versions and any live casino apps you may have.
There are a lot of options to chose from, depending on where you’re from. For instance, Drake Casino is great for US-based players, Live Casino House for players in Asia, and 1xBet is always a solid choice for everyone else.

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