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How to Play: Live Blackjack Strategy

Live Blackjack Strategy

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most played games online and for those that are new, the game may seem confusing.

Live dealer blackjack is actually a standard form of blackjack and the only difference between playing this version and one in an online casino is the ability to enjoy a live dealer and interaction at the table.


When playing blackjack live, there are some strategies and tips that can be employed to ensure a positive experience and increase the chances of winning real money.


Studio Location is Key



Optimum Strategy for Live Blackjack

The situations that can occur in any live dealer blackjack game are infinite, so players who are looking to be successful will have to know the basic blackjack strategies and make use of them at all times.

There are a variety of charts that are available online that can tell players how to play a certain hand. Referencing these will not only make the player a smarter and better player but will also allow for more winning hands. Since the game is being played online, these charts can be used at any time, whereas in a land-based casino, they are banned from the tables. When using strategy cards, the house edge can be reduced a bit.

The one thing to remember is to ensure that the strategy chart being used corresponds to the number of decks that are in play with the specific live dealer game selected.

Card Counting

Card counting is a great blackjack strategy that can be used when playing live dealer games online.

This involves knowing how many high and low cards are dealt from the deck. If players see a large number of low cards being dealt, there is a good chance that the next cards will be of higher value, helping players to determine whether they should stand or hit a hand. Card counting cannot be used with standard online blackjack games but can be employed with live blackjack since the deal is live and not computerized.

With these basic strategies, anyone can enjoy an exciting game of live dealer blackjack and have increased chances of collecting payouts.

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