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Treasure Island Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Pragmatic Play by Pragmatic Play

Treasure Island Live is a live casino game show created and released by Pragmatic Play in 2023. It’s centred around a large money wheel with three main betting options and up to 6 bonus rounds, which can be accessed through corresponding bonus bets. The game has an RTP rate of up to 96.54% RTP and a maximum payout of  15,450:1 and it’s available on both desktop and mobile.

Pragmatic Play adorned the Treasure Island live casino game with an impressive bespoke studio. The studio, alongside the other visuals and themes of the game, was heavily inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novel Treasure Island. The abundance of bonus rounds and special features make the game stand out even in today’s crowded market. If you’re looking to find out where, when, and how to play Treasure Island from Pragmatic Play and how it compares to similar casino games, you’ve come to the right place.

Treasure Island Live
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Treasure Island Pragmatic Play Review

Game Specifications
Game nameTreasure Island Live
Game providerPragmatic Play
Game typeGame Shows
Streaming from
Bet range€0.10 - €5,000
Max win15,450:1
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Desktop
Languages Chinese Chinese Danish Danish English English Finnish Finnish French French Georgian Georgian +19
All supported languages
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Danish Danish
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • Georgian Georgian
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Hungarian Hungarian
  • Indonesian Indonesian
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  • Ukrainian Ukrainian

The rapidly growing popularity of entertainment-style live casino game shows brought the industry’s top software providers into a sort of arms race. It seems everyone is trying to create the biggest, most exciting, and most visually impressive game show these days. Although we can safely say that Evolution is still leading this virtual race with titans like Crazy Time, there are still a few competitors out there that can step up to the plate.

Pragmatic Play is one of the more prominent examples. The Pragmatic Live portfolio already boasts quite a few successful and beloved game shows, most notably 2021’s Sweet Bonanza Candyland. The provider really stepped up their production of such novelty games in 2023, though. A few of the game shows released just months before Treasure Island include Boom City, Snakes & Ladders, and even Vegas Ball Bonanza.

So what is Treasure Island from Pragmatic, and how does it fit into the whole picture? More importantly, does it have a place in the increasingly crowded market of wheel-based game shows?

The short answer is that the Treasure Island Live game has a very different approach to the famous money wheel. To give you an idea, pretty much every payout in the game is randomized in every turn. This, in turn, means that the game is highly volatile even by game show standards. Moreover, Pragmatic managed to squeeze in a grand total of 6 bonus rounds. Again – quite interesting, even by the standards of the genre. The core idea is that no two rounds of the game are the same. You never quite know what you’re getting into when you place your bets, which can lead to some exciting moments.

Before we dive further into the gameplay, we’ll note that the Pragmatic Treasure Island casino game comes with the usual looks and visuals of game shows. This means classic casino visuals are replaced by something that you might see on a TV game show. The theme is inspired by the Treasure Island adventure novel, which can be seen in everything from the set decorations to the presenters’ costumes. Not to mention the fact that the bonus rounds are named after various characters from the novel. Pragmatic already has quite a lot of experience at putting things like this together, so you can rest assured that it all looks and feels great.

Key Highlights

Pragmatic Play's exciting game show themed around Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novel Treasure Island
The base game is all about a large money wheel - players predict which segment of the wheel the flapper at the top will land on after spinning
Three main bets based on Yellow, Green, and Red gems. Base payouts for all main bets are randomzied at the start of every turn
Different bets have different prize ranges as well as different RTP rates
Six bonus bets that can be accessed through six bonus bets - Wild Collector, the Great Scavenger, Ben's Lost Marbles, John Silver’s Loot, Billy Bones Map, and Captain Flint’s Treasure
Streamed from a purpose-made studio with sets, costumes, and visuals that all add to the adventure theme

How to Play Treasure Island Live

The basic premise of Pragmatic Treasure Island is simple and fairly similar to most other casino games with money wheels.

In every round, the presenters will spin the large wheel, which is divided into 54 equal segments. The players’ job is to predict which of these segments the wheel will land on after spinning. Winning bets are determined by a flapper at the top of the wheel, which ends up pointing to one of the segments.

There are two general types of bets in the game – the main bet Gems and the Bonus Rounds. If the flapper lands on one of the Gem segments, all players who placed a bet on the correct Gem win and get an instant one-time lump payout. If the flapper lands on a bonus round, all players who placed a bet on the corresponding bonus bet get to participate in the round. After all of this ends and all of the bets are settled, players can place bets again during a 15-second betting period.

The gems are the simplest form of bet in Treasure Island by Pragmatic, so we’ll start with those.

There are three types of Gems in the game, which correspond to the three main bets – Yellow, Green, and Red. Every type of gem also appears on a different number of wheel segments. For example, Yellow gems appear on more segments than Red gems, which means they’re more likely to win. This also means that Yellow gems tend to have smaller payouts than Red gems.

We say ‘tend to’ because of one of Treasure Island Live’s defining features. The payouts for all three types of gems are selected at random in every round from a range of possible prizes for every gem. You can find the full rundown of possible payments, RTPs, and win probabilities in the paytable below.

  • The yellow gem (Topaz) pays between 1x and 10x, and appears on 21 wheel segments
  • The green gem (Emerald) pays between 1x and 20x, and appears on 14 segments
  • The red gem (Ruby) pays between 3x to 50x but appears on only 8 segments

Furthermore, some segments of the wheel contain two gems. In these cases, the gems are ‘combined’ in a fairly intuitive way.

A segment that contains 2 gems of the same color pays twice the round’s payout for that type of gem. Similarly, a single segment can contain two gems of different colors. In this case, both of the corresponding main bets win.

    Treasure Island Live Bonus Rounds

    Although the whole idea of random rewards is sort of unique, the real heart of Treasure Island lies in its bonus rounds. There are six of them – some provide instant payouts, while others have more complex systems and mechanics. We’ll now go through every Treasure Island bonus round and explain how they work.

    The Great Scavenger Bonus

    The Great Scavenger appears on 4 segments of the wheel, which makes it the least risky bonus bet. It’s also quite straightforward because it simply pays a volatile but sizable prize.

    This bonus round is largely tied to the three Gems from the base game. Every type of gem is tied to a mini slot reel, which is typically used to determine the gem’s payout in every round. However, each of these little reels also has a few lights above it – anywhere between 0 and 6.

    The Great Scavenger simply multipliers the base value of every gem by the number of lights above it. All three values are then added together and paid out as the prize for the bonus round.

    Sometimes, the values of all three gems can randomly increase at the start of this bonus round. This is a fully random event that sometimes increases the payouts for everyone involved, but there’s no way of predicting or influencing it.

    Wild Collector Bonus

    Similarly, the Wild Collector is a relatively simple quick-fire bonus. It appears on three segments, but tents to pay higher than the Scavenger.

    When the flapper lands on a Wild Collector segment, a random section of the wheel is selected. All of the Gems in that section add their values together into one big prize. Anyone with an active Wild Collector bet wins this prize.

    The main determining factor for this round comes down to how big the section of the wheel will be. More often than not, the prize will simply include 2 gem segments and a payout of below 10x. However, there is a chance for much bigger parts of the wheel to win, leading to payouts up to 900x. As far as we can tell, it’s possible for the entire wheel to light up, in which case you collect all instances of every type of gem on the wheel.

    Ben’s Lost Marbles Bonus

    The next bonus round also appears in 3 segments, but it’s also a bit more complex and volatile. The round introduces a big board filled with obstacles and holes – the more old-school among you will recognize it as a Bagatelle board. It’s not a real board, mind you, the image is completely computer-generated and the results are determined by RNG.

    Marbles fall down from the top, bounce around the obstacles, and potentially fall into one of the holes Every time they do, a multiplier value is added to the bonus prize. Marbles that fail to fall into a pocket simply roll off the board and are discarded.

    There are several layers to determining how big the multiplier values are. There are nine pockets in total. Five of these base their payout from one of the three gems, which is randomly selected at the beginning of the round. Moreover, the gem multipliers are occasionally increased by up to 4x. The remaining four pockets simply get a random multiplier.

    Additionally, three dice are rolled at the start of the round to determine the number of dropped marbles. The sum of all dice is the number of buckets that will be dropped. Each die can result in 1, 2, or 3, which means the maximum number of buckets is 9. The first five buckets contain five marbles each, while the last four have 10 marbles each.

    John Silver’s Loot Bonus

    The next bonus round only appears in two segments. It uses a bingo-style ball machine to determine the payouts for every participating player.

    Up to 10 balls are drawn from a drum of 40. Most of the balls are in the colors of the three base game gems – yellow, green, or red. These balls all have a multiplier value which is determined at the start of the bonus round. The machine draws the balls, and all of the collected multipliers are added together and paid out as winnings. The drum contains 10 yellow balls, 10 green balls, and 10 red balls.

    However, the balls also appear in a Black variant. Specifically, there are 6 black and yellow balls, 3 black and green balls, and one black and red balls. If the machine draws a black ball, the number of total balls drawn in the bonus round is reduced by 5. However, you still get a multiplier value added to the total from the black ball, depending on the color of the gem on the black ball. For example, a black and yellow ball adds a multiplier based on the yellow gem from the base game (not the value assigned to yellow at the beginning of the round. Yes, it’s confusing. No, we don’t know why Pragmatic chose to do things this way.)

    Billy Bone’s Map Bonus

    Billy Bone’s Map appears on only two segments but has the potential to provide the maximum payout in Treasure Island Live – 15,450x. It also features a bit of player interaction.

    The mini-game takes place on an 8×8 grid that looks like a treasure map. Every position on the grid contains a tile, which starts off hidden. Your job is to pick 5 tiles in 10 seconds – if you don’t, the game will randomly pick them for you. All of the tiles are flipped over, revealing your prize.

    A tile may contain one of two things – a gem or a key. The gems are pretty straightforward – every gem pays out the same as it does in the base game during that round. If you don’t find three keys, the gems you picked have their values added together and you win the total. Note that a tile may contain more than one gem. For example, if you pick a tile containing 3 yellow gems, it increases the payout by 3 times the yellow gem’s value.

    As far as the keys are concerned, you need to find all 3 keys to open a big prize chest. The big prize is determined at the start of the bonus round by another, smaller wheel. It spins revealing a gem color and a number, which can be 100, 150, 200, and 1,500. The number multiplies the chosen gem value, resulting in a massive prize (that’s very hard to hit.)

    Since everyone picks tiles on their own, every participating plater gets a different prize multiplier base on their choices.

    Captain Flints Treasure Bonus

    Last but not least, we have the elusive Treasure, which only appears on one segment of the wheel. This feature also depends on your choices as a player, which may result in different results for everyone who participates.

    Your job is to navigate down a path consisting of 6 levels. On every level, you pick one of several barrels. Once you do, the barrel flips over and reveals the prize for that step.

    If you pick a gem, its value is added to your prize and you progress to the next level. Note that most barrels have more than one gem, in which case you multiply the number of revealed gems with the gem’s individual base game value. If you pick a skull, the round ends immediately for you. However, the first two levels do not have skull barrels.

    Strategy Tips for Treasure Island by Pragmatic Play
    • 1
      Just like most game shows, Treasure Island is completely based on luck. Even the bonus rounds that feature player interactions are completely random because you can't really know the outcome.
    • 2
      However, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the Treasure Island stats table you can find below. It tells you everything you need to know about every be, which you can make to decide what to bet on.
    • 3
      Betting on all of the bonus rounds can be tempting, but it can also be catastrophic for bankroll management. All of these wagers are quite volatile and will quickly drain your funds if you're not careful.
    • 4
      Our suggestion is to pick to combine the bonus bets with at least one gem bet every round. Yellow gems certainly won't make your day, but at least they win often enough to keep you going.

    Payouts & RTP

    If you’ve read our Treasure Island Live guide, you’ll notice that the math model is quite complicated. Every bet and every result has a wide range of possible outcomes and rewards. This makes the whole game searingly volatile – especially when the bonus rounds are concerned. To help you understand how the Treasure Island game works, we’ve compiled all of the possible outcomes and stats into one big paytable.

    The table below contains all of the Pragmatic Treasure Island stats you need to understand. It lists the possible payout ranges for every bet, the bet’s RTP rate, and the probability of winning it in every round.

    BetNumber of SegmentsProbabilityPayoutRTP
    Topaz (Yellow)2138.89%1 – 10:196.52%
    Emerald (Geen)1425.93%1 – 40:196.50%
    Ruby (Red)814.81%3 – 100:196.50%
    Great Scavenger47.41%3 – 450:196.53%
    Wild Collector35.56%2 – 900:196.56%
    Ben’s Lost Marbles35.56%2 – 10,000:196.54%
    John Silver’s Loot23.70%2 – 10,000:196.54%
    Billy Bones’ Map23.70%5 – 15,450:196.55%
    Captain Flint’s Treasure11.85%10 – 15,000:196.52%


    Pragmatic Play Treasure Island stats tell us that most bets in the game have very similar RTP rates, down to a fraction of a percentage. It tells us that the long-term returns are consistent no matter how you choose to play the game.


    New to Live Casino Game Shows?

    Our Verdict

    Based on our experience, the Pragmatic Play Treasure Island live casino game is a perfect example of over-engineering in the world of online gambling. What do we mean by that, exactly?

    As we noted in the introduction, it seems most game shows are competing to be bigger, better, and flashier, with more bonuses and more multipliers and more mechanics and additional features all piled on top of each other. However, there’s a limit to how much you can achieve by adding layers of complexity, and Pragmatic Play crossed that limit by a significant margin. Multipliers are stacked upon multipliers, features are added to features, random events and additional bonuses and potential prizes and who knows what else. It becomes tiring very quickly – especially when you consider that the final payout will probably not be that impressive.

    The Ben’s Lost Marbles bonus round is a perfect example of this. It features a lot of RNG calculations determining which multipliers go where, how much they pay, how many marbles are thrown, and possible bonuses to the multipliers. And that’s before the actual mini-game kicks off. And after all of that headache, you’re probably going to win like 6x.

    Bonus rounds are supposed to feel like exactly that – bonus rounds. They’re supposed to be rare, risky, and offer huge potential payouts, but only hit every once in a while. Pragmatic Treasure Island plays a bonus round every few spins, and it’s almost never an actually impressive payout. Not only does this slow down the pace of the game, but it kills virtually any excitement you may have felt for hitting the bonuses. Instead of being exciting, most of the features feel obtuse and disappointing.

    To wrap things up, we can’t honestly give the game a negative rating. It’s still well-made, it looks stunning, and it achieves what it sets out to do. However, it’s riddled with questionable design choices that go against what makes casino game shows so fun in the first place.

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    Treasure Island Live is a live casino gameshow produced by Pragmatic Play. It was released in 2023 and its themed around the Treasure Island adventure novel.
    There are 9 betting options in total. Three of these can be considered main bets while the remaining six are bonus rounds.
    You can play it on any Pragmatic Play online casino, including the ones listed on this page. If you want a suggestion for the best casino to play Treasure Island live, check out MegaPari.
    Simply click on one or more of the buttons at the bottom of the screen to place bets. Winners are determined based on where the pointer above the wheel lands once the presenter spins it. To find out the rules and features of every bet in the game, check out the guide above.
    The RTP of Treasure Island is between 96.50% and 96.56%, depending on the bet.
    The game is completely based on chance and players can't influence the outcome - not even in the interactive bonus rounds. The best strategy is simply to carefully manage your bankroll and make sure you're not spending too much.

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