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Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger: Our Review, How and Where to Play

HoGamingby HoGaming

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Live Dragon Tiger Review

Game Specifications
Game name Live Dragon Tiger
Game provider HoGaming
Game type Dragon Tiger
Streaming from Philippines
RTP 96.5%
Bet range €1 - €5000
Max win
Side bets No
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English

Ho Gaming’s take on Dragon Tiger is a classic interpretation of a traditional and highly popular Asian card game, modelled against the land-based variant and featuring the basic betting pattern. In its essence, Dragon Tiger is a 2-card Baccarat variation, played with standard card deck and offering three betting options – Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. In some cases, optional side bets exist.

In their own version of the game, Ho Gaming has decided to keep it simple and no extra bets have been added, which will please all those who like straightforward and “uncorrupted” gameplay. The platform also includes advanced settings and a Multi-table option, characteristic for Ho Gaming software.

Key Highlights

A traditional structure resembling the one in land-based casinos
Two viewing modes providing different gaming experience – Classic and Grand
Several roadmaps with the statistics and results from the previous rounds
Fully compatible with mobile devices without sacrificing any of the features
A detailed explanation of the rules and payouts together with the Support tab

How to Play Ho Gaming Live Dragon Tiger Online

  • The betting process and the layout of Dragon Tiger are almost identical to the ones in Baccarat. The player can choose between two viewing modes - full screen or the minimized view with the virtual table. When you select the chips (the table limits can be seen in the small window to the right, together with the table number, dealer’s name, and the game ID), simply place them onto one of the three betting areas and the dealer will be ready to draw.
  • Before confirming the bet, players can refer to the road maps and the statistics. At the end of every round, the results will be displayed on the screen before the bets are settled. The layout will be slightly different if the game is launched on a mobile device, with all the important icons placed in the upper right corner – other than that, there is no significant change to the gameplay and the software functionality.

Watch Video Preview of Live Dragon Tiger from Ho Gaming

Our Verdict of Live Dragon Tiger

Designed specifically for those who prefer the original structure of Dragon Tiger, this platform is both simple and sophisticated, providing comfort and fast-paced sessions, thanks to the sleek layout. Everything you could possibly need from a game of Dragon Tiger can be found on this platform or adjusted in the advanced settings section.

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