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Live Three Card Poker: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Evolution by Evolution

Live Three Card Poker by Evolution is a live dealer casino game released in 2015. It boasts an RTP of 96.63% with a minimum bet of $1 and a $1,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and features casino poker side bets and Evolution’s professional live dealers.

Live casino poker games have a relatively small but beloved niche in the community. Since we’re talking about Evolution, you know you can’t go wrong with this title if poker is what you need. Read through our Evolution Live 3 Card Poker Review to find out why.

Live Three Card Poker
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live 3 Card Poker Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Three Card Poker
Game providerEvolution
Game typePoker
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€1 - €1000
Max win999:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Android
Supported OS Windows Android
Languages Albanian Albanian Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Croatian Croatian Czech Czech English English +16
All supported languages
  • Albanian Albanian
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Croatian Croatian
  • Czech Czech
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Serbian Serbian
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish

Live Three Card Poker is an incredibly entertaining game developed by Evolution Gaming, where the action is broadcast live from a land-based studio in Latvia. Played with a single deck of cards and also available on mobile, the live dealer game offers endless wagering opportunities and features some staggering payouts.

The object of the game is to beat the dealer with a hand that consists of three cards, first placing an Ante wager and then following it up with a Play bet of the same size. We’ll get into the mechanics of how to play 3-card poker later. For now, we’ll take note of Evolution’s exquisite studio, which provides one of the best offers of casino poker online. The dealers are trained and courteous as ever, which leads to a very pleasant player experience.

It may seem daunting at first to try and play Three Card Poker online at first. However, the game is actually suitable for beginners. The info tab in the interface alone does a great job at explaining the basic rules and bets.

Key Highlights

Fast-paced action and very high table limits
Two side bets create even more wagering opportunities
Excellent payouts ranging up to 1,000 to 1
Ante bet wins if the dealer does not qualify with queen or better
Players can easily view all game payouts by hovering over the table limits icon
One of the best options for those who want to play poker at a live online casino

How to Play 3 Card Poker

The first thing you need to do is select your preferred chip size and place your wager on the Ante section in the middle of the table. At this time, you can also place Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus side wagers, but these are obviously optional.

Once you have placed your bets, you receive three cards face up and if you like the cards, you can place a Play wager, which is the same as your Ante bet. Otherwise, you can fold, in which case the Ante bet is lost. Once the Play bet is placed, the dealer reveals his cards. If they have a hand of Queen or higher, the stronger hand wins.If they do not, you win the Ante bet and the Play wager is returned.

Ante and Play bets both pay 1 to 1, whereas the two side wagers feature much better payouts. In case you get Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, or Straight, you will receive the Ante bonus even if your hand loses.

Live Casino Best Tips for 3 Card Poker

  • The usual Three Card Poker strategy is to play any hand that has queen, six, and four or higher.
  • The side bets are easily the most profitable part of this game. Don’t play them too aggressively, though.
  • However, if you’re playing a long game, stick to the Ante and Play bets. They offer better RTP.

Watch Video Preview of 3 Card Poker from Evolution

Relying on our simple guide to explain how 3 Card Poker works can be a bit hazy. To see what it all looks like in action, check out the video below. It offers a quick look into the Three Card Poker game by Evolution so you know what to expect.


As you can see, the title is exciting from bottom to top. Poker games have always needed to be adapted to a casino table format. To that end, Evolution did an excellent job. They kept everything fairly straightforward while keeping some of the charms of the original game.

Live Three Card Poker Payouts

If you paid attention to the 3 Card Poker guide above, you’ll know the basics of the two main bets.

Ante pays 1 to 1.

Play pays 1 to 1.

However, the side bets are where things get interesting. Depending on which hand wins you the side bet, you’ll receive a different payout.

Ante Bonus Bet
Straight Flush5 to 1
Three of a Kind4 to 1
Straight1 to 1
Pair Plus Bonus Bet
Mini Royal100:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1
6 Card Bonus Bet
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind100:1
Full House20:1
Three of a Kind7:1

According to these, the Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus side bets have 95.51% and 91.44% RTP, respectively.

The table assumes the dealer has qualified with a Queen or higher, of course. It is also important to note that Straight outranks Flush in Live Three Card Poker. If you need help understanding how side bets work in 3-card poker, check out the special features section below.


New to Live 3 Card Poker?

Special Features

Let’s run through some of the special features that make this game truly memorable. The first and simplest is the Ante Bonus Bet. This feature is not a side bet as such, so you needn’t do anything as a player. It simply pays out a tidy sum if your hand is a Straight or better, according to the table above.

The Pair Plus bonus bet simply predicts that your hand will make a pair or better. You can see all the possible combinations and their respective payouts in the table above. Note: a mini Royal is a combination of Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit. The rest of the hands simply refer to the 3-card versions of Straight, Flush, etc.

The 6 Card Bonus Bet, on the other hand, uses regular 5-card poker hands to decide how much you win. This is done by using both your three cards and the dealers’. Three of a Kind is the weakest card you can have and still receive a profit, as you can see on the table.

The two side bets all require you to place the Ante bet first. However, both can also win regardless of how your main bet is doing or the dealers’ hand.


As with most Evolution games, the UI supports a variety of world languages. These include English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

  • Note that language changes only apply to the text in the interface. The dealers will always speak English on this 3-card poker live casino table.

Our Verdict of Live Three Card Poker

Having spent hours playing the game, we can safely say that Three Card Poker is an excellent addition to live dealer casinos.Lightning-fast action, live chat, and familiar gameplay are just some of the perks and benefits at your disposal. Pair Plus and Six Card Bonus side wagers seriously enhance the overall gaming experience, while creating additional opportunities to land payouts up to mind-blowing 1,000 to 1.

If you don’t trust our word for it, you can easily see for yourself what the hype is all about. There is no shortage of top Evolution live casinos out there. If you want to play Evolution 3 Card Poker right now, you can do so right now at the 1xBet live casino.

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Absolutely! There are more profitable games out there, sure, but Evolution 3 Card Poker is exceedingly fun. Moreover, it’s one of the best examples of casino poker out there.
More or less. The RTP rate of the main game is decent at 96.63%, but there are stronger live casino games out there. This is especially true for the side bets, which have considerably lower RTP.
Three Card Poker is a special variant of poker adapted to be played at a casino table. As the name implies, it relies on 3-card hands to determine the outcome. You can find more information here.
It’s a matter of preference, so it’s hard to call one game objectively better than the other. That said, blackjack does offer substantially higher RTP.
In the case of Evolution 3-Card Poker, there are 7: High Card, Pair, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, and Mini Royal.

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