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Live Roulette AGQ Vegas: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Asia Gaming by Asia Gaming
Live Roulette AGQ Vegas
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Play Live Roulette AGQ Vegas Here

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Roulette AGQ Vegas
Game providerAsia Gaming
Game typeRoulette
Streaming from Philippines (TL)
Bet range€1 - €5000
Max win
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English

Asia Gaming Live Roulette AGQ Vegas is one of the available tables at Live Casino House, provided by one of the most popular live dealer software producers in Asia. Streaming from their Philippine studio, Asia Gaming offers roulette through several lobbies, namely AGIN, AGQ, Euro, and VIP. The AGQ version features a standing female croupier by the roulette wheel in a specialized studio very similar to a real casino floor. The betting area is shown on screen and all the betting opportunities are very easy to see, track down and make use of. The collection of five chosen chips is in the right lower corner of the screen. It’s from there that players will select their coins and place bets within the designated betting period as soon as the round starts.

One does not need to learn any special rules for Asia Gaming Live Roulette AGQ Vegas. The game is based on European single-zero roulette with 37 pockets and a lower house edge, in comparison to the American-style roulette game that features two zero pockets and a higher advantage for the casino. Aside from regular bets on straight numbers and various number combinations, Live Roulette AGQ Vegas features not-so-common French bets and Neighbor bets.

Key Highlights

Racetrack and classic bets included
European model of roulette with 37 pockets and low house edge
Stats on display at all times below the video feed
Players can choose from 10 chip sizes
Wide betting limits

How to Play Asia Gaming Live Roulette AGQ Vegas Online

  • The roulette wheel, seen from the front, is divided into 37 pockets. The 0 pocket is colored green whereas other numbered pockets are colored either red or black. At the beginning of each round, the players receive 25 seconds to place their bets. During that time they can place wagers, cancel them and place other bets, but when the countdown runs out the wheel is put in motion and no more bets will be accepted. To place a bet, the player needs to pick out from the chip tray and place the desired chip/s in the box marked accordingly. Players have both roulette layouts at their disposal, the classic table with standard bets, and the racetrack betting area with Neighbor bets and French bets.
  • In Asia Gaming Live Roulette AGQ Vegas, you can bet on: Direct (single number), Separate (two adjoining numbers), Street, Triangle, Corner, Four Numbers, Line, Column, Dozen, as well as on Big/Small, Odd/Even and Red/Black which pay at 1:1 odds. Single number bets, excluding zero, carry 1:35 odds. The elliptical representation of the roulette betting table shows how the French bets look like. Within this series of bets, players can wager their money on Zero, Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, The Third Cylinder and regular Neighbors (a 5-piece bet where the player chooses any number with the 2 numbers on either sides of it).

Our Verdict of Live Roulette AGQ Vegas

Asia Gaming Live Roulette AGQ Vegas has a lot of strong points and very few shortcomings. We admit that the interface may look a bit crowded at first sight, but the eyes adapt rather quickly to what is presented, and the game does not suffer for it. Whenever you wish to observe the rotation of the wheel from up close you can do it by clicking on the little magnifying glass icon. A quick zoom with bring you as close as possible and immerse you into the gameplay even more.

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