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Snakes & Ladders Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Pragmatic Play by Pragmatic Play

Snakes & Ladders is a live casino game show created by Pragmatic Play as a spin-off from one of their popular series of online slots. It offers a unique gaming experience based on betting on dice. The game boasts an RTP of 96.30% with a minimum bet of $0.1 and a $4,500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile.

We’re living in a sort of golden age of casino game shows, and Pragmatic Play is one of the premier suppliers of such games. Unique, colorful, and unconventional, Snakes and Ladders Live certainly shows a lot of promise. But can the actual game live up to the hype? Our detailed Snakes & Ladders review is here to find out!

Snakes & Ladders Live
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Snakes & Ladders Live Review

Game Specifications
Game nameSnakes & Ladders Live
Game providerPragmatic Play
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming from Romania
Bet range€0.1 - €4,500
Max win10,000x
Side betsN/A
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Czech Czech Danish Danish Dutch Dutch English English +22
All supported languages
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Czech Czech
  • Danish Danish
  • Dutch Dutch
  • English English
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Korean Korean
  • Latvian Latvian
  • Lithuanian Lithuanian
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Serbian Serbian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

Pragmatic Play is slowly but surely rising to the top of casino game shows with real dealers. Unique games such as these are catching a lot of attention from across the industry, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more speciality casino products bubble up from different providers.

Pragmatic’s most notable previous title in this genre is the smash hit Sweet Bonanza Candyland. That said, some may call the whole concept of money wheels a bit derivative. If you’re looking for something completely different, however, Snakes & Ladders is certainly an interesting choice.

The Snakes and Ladders Live game uses a set of dice for its core gameplay. Considering live dealer games with dice are still quite rare, this fact immediately makes it stand out. Of course, the simple base gameplay is supplemented by a variety of bonus games and special features.

The studio is a colorful, bespoke show of creativity. It’s staffed by professional presenters whose job is to engage the audience and bring the whole experience to life, which works quite well. All in all, the presentation is excellent across the board, but can the same be said for gameplay? Let’s find out.

Key Highlights

Dice-based gameplay using special dice marked by Diamonds, Stars, and special symbols
Four dice are used to determine outcomes, plus a fifth special die
Two bonus games: Snakes & Ladders Bonus and Snake Totem
Up to 10,000x payouts through the bonus games
RTP ranging from 95.09% to 96.30%, depending on the bet
Beautiful, bespoke studio and incredible game show presentation

How to Play Snakes & Ladders Live

Snakes & Ladders Live was inspired by a series of popular slot games the provider made in the past. That said, it’s completely different in terms of gameplay.

The game uses a set of 4 dice and one special die used in the Snakes & Ladders bonus game. These aren’t standard dice, however. Instead of numbers, they’re marked by Diamonds, Stars, and SL and ST symbols used to trigger bonus games.

The core gameplay loop is quite simple. There are 7 bets available in total:

  • Stars
  • Diamonds
  • Stars + Diamonds
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold versions of SL (Snakes and Ladders)
  • ST (Snake Totem)

Just select your stake and place it on the table to make a bet.

The Diamond and Star bets are your basic wagers, and require at least two corresponding symbols to win. For example, if you bet on Diamonds, you win if at least two out of four dice show Diamonds. The more Diamonds you get on a roll, the bigger the payout.

The Stars + Diamonds bet wins if at least one instance of both basic symbols is present after the dice are rolled. Different combinations of Diamonds and Stars offer different rewards.

The remaining bets are special wagers, which we’ll discuss in more detail.

Snake Totem

If you bet on the ST position and at least three ST dice are rolled, the Snake Totem bonus game kicks off.

The Snake Totlem consists of three levels, each of which is split into six tiles. The levels all spin, and the way they land determines possible prizes. A regular six-sided die determines how far up you climb. Possible results include stackable multipliers, additional rolls, and even a free Snakes & Ladders Bonus Game trigger.

Snakes & Ladders Bonus Game

This special feature is arguably the most interesting part of this game show. To qualify for it, you have to place a bet on one or more SL positions. They’re divided into three types – Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

To trigger the bonus round, the dice have to show at least two SL results. If they do, the special fifth die is thrown to decide which type of bonus game plays out. Any SL dice beyond two increase the number of Power Up symbols on the table.

The special minigame is reminiscent of the Snakes and Ladders board game. You move up an 8×8 board, hoping to collect as many bonuses and prizes as possible. The further along the board you are, the better the rewards. That said, tile positions are randomized every time.

Regular 6-sided dice are used to determine your progress. Initially, you get 2, 3, or 5 rolls for the Bronze, Silver, and Gold variant, respectively.

As you move up the board, you collect every multiplier you land on. The final prize is the sum of all multipliers you collected so far.

Landing on a Snake will move you back to the tail of the snake. Conversely, you can also climb up ladders to quickly progress. Additionally, Safe Tiles become active if you land on them, and all have a corresponding multiplier. They don’t add to your prize. However, if you end the round with a multiplier lower than the biggest Safe Tile you hit, you receive that tile’s prize instead.

Landing on a Power Up symbol increases all of the prizes on the table. They can potentially increase the maximum payout (won if you reach the last tile on the board) up to 10,000x.

    Strategy Tips
    • 1
      Stars and Diamonds bets have superior RTP than the Bonus Round bets. However, they’re also a bit boring and can only win up to 20x.
    • 2
      Surprisingly enough, Gold Snakes & Ladders are the best variant of that particular special bet. However, it’s also the most volatile.
    • 3
      Keep in mind that the RTP of each special bet can be better or worse depending on how many symbols are used to trigger the feature. For instance, 4 SL dice will increase the RTP of the SL minigame by 1% or so.

    Payouts and RTP

    You can check out the full paytable of Snakes and Ladders Live below. We’ve included all possible prizes and the RTP associated with every wagering option.

    2 Diamonds1:196.30%
    3 Diamonds2:196.30%
    4 Diamonds5:196.30%
    2 Stars2:196.30%
    3 Stars5:196.30%
    5 Stars20:196.30%
    Stars + Diamonds Combination
    2 Stars + 2 Diamonds5:196.30%
    1 Star + 3 Diamonds8:196.30%
    3 Stars + 1 Diamond20:196.30%
    Bonus Games
    Snake Totem2-10,000:195.09-96.26%
    Snakes & Ladders Bonus - Bronze2-10,000:195.57-96.26%
    Snakes & Ladders Bonus - Silver2-10,000:195.18-96.13%
    Snakes & Ladders Bonus - Gold2-10,000:195.71-96.42%

    Snakes and Ladders Live RTP ranges from 95.09% to 96.30%. As you can see on the table above, the differences in RTP are not all that significant. Still, if you’re concerned with playing optimally, you’ll want to stick to the base three bets and Bronze and Gold SL wagers.


    New to Live Casino Game Shows?

    Special Features

    Pretty much every facet of this game feels like some sort of special feature. We already covered how the bets and minigames work, so we’ll move on to a few other features. That said, the bonus games can be quite complex, with many moving parts and possible outcomes. If you’re not quite sure how any of it works, we recommend checking out the in-game help screen. The Snake Totem feels especially difficult to understand at times, though that won’t hamper your ability to enjoy the game too much.

    Furthermore, the live chat allows you to communicate with the dealers and other players in real-time. The presenters are highly responsive and love engaging players, so give the chat a go if you want to feel the full excitement of a live casino game show.


    • The presenters exclusively use English to make announcements and engage the audience.
    • However, all of the in-game text can be switched to different languages. Some language options include English, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, and more.

    Our Verdict

    Our overall impressions and experience with Pragmatic Play Snakes and Ladders Live are overwhelmingly positive. Not only does it deliver a wholly unique experience, it manages to do so while being very engaging and even potentially profitable.

    One of our favorite bits about it is just how common the bonus games are. Many competing game shows only see a bonus round launch extremely from time to time. Not Snakes & Ladders – while writing this review, we witnessed the SL Bonus trigger six times in a row!

    Combine that pleasant experience with excellent graphics and enjoyable rules, and it’s easy to understand why this game is one of the highlights of Pragmatic’s portfolio.

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