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Live Quick Baccarat: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Allbet Gaming by Allbet Gaming

Quick Baccarat by Allbet Gaming is a live dealer baccarat game released in 2014. It boasts an RTP of up to 98.94% with a minimum bet of $1 and a $500 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and features rapid gameplay with commissioned Banker bets.

As one of the several live dealer studios in the Philippines, Allbet Gaming primarily targets the Asian market. You can play Allbet Quick Baccarat in Asia on multiple top casinos. However, what does this game offer that the competition doesn’t? Keep reading our Allbet Quick Baccarat review to find out!

Live Quick Baccarat
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Quick Blackjack Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Quick Baccarat
Game providerAllbet Gaming
Game typeBaccarat
Streaming from Philippines (TL)
Bet range€1 - €500
Max win30:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Windows Apple
Languages Chinese Chinese English English Japanese Japanese Korean Korean Thai Thai Vietnamese Vietnamese

So attractive in its simplicity, the traditional game of baccarat is key when we are talking about Asian-facing live casino suppliers such as Allbet. This particular company specializes in offering magnificent Asian games of chance, with a focus on baccarat and its variants. Most options you can find online are based on the traditional game and make very few alterations to the original gameplay. The same is true in this title. As you may have guessed, the idea is simply to make rounds and betting as fast as possible. This includes short betting times and quick dealer movements, and banter is kept to a minimum.

Allbet streams live Quick Baccarat from its studios in the Philippines. Their unified live casino lobby comes with several variants, including party-oriented tables, VIP baccarat, and something called SeeCard baccarat. Other offers include popular Asian live casino games such as Sic Bo, Bull Bull, Pok Deng, Win 3 Cards, and Roulette.

Key Highlights

Asian-facing, fast-paced baccarat tables
Comes in multiple East/South East Asian languages, including pre-generated narration by native speakers
Player-friendly rules ensure a 98.94% RTP rate
9 side bets in total, offering plenty of variation
MultiPlay for up to 4 tables at a time
Detailed roadmaps and statistics reaching as far back as possible

How to Play Quick Baccarat

Besides the wide range of side bets in Allbet Quick Baccarat, the gameplay is fairly standard. For those who are new to this world, baccarat is one of the easiest card games to play. It revolves around comparing two card hands – one of the Player and one of the Banker. There are three possible outcomes – – Player wins, Banker wins or the round ends in Tie.

Each round starts with placing bets, and in Live Quick Baccarat you must decide in only 15 seconds. Each position receives 2 cards. If there is no winner after the first set of cards are dealt, a third card may be dealt. The hand closest to a total score of 9 wins. All cards count as their rank, but every 10 or stronger card counts as a 0. Moreover, only the last digit of the total counts towards the deciding score. For instance, a total of 17 counts as 7.

Live Casino Best Tips for Quick Baccarat

  • A 5% commission is charged on all Banker Bet. However, it’s still the most reliable wager available with 98.94% RTP.
  • Player Dragon Bonus is likely the only truly worthwhile side bet with a 97.35% RTP.
  • Avoid Tie and Lucky 6 bets. Both come with a staggeringly high house edge.

Live Quick Blackjack Payouts

The main bet comes with industry-standard baccarat payouts and the strongest RTP of all wagering options. This accounts for the 5% commission on all Banker bets. However, the side bets are a bit of a mixed bag, with some numbers we’ve never seen before such as Lucky 6. Lucky 6 usually pays 20:1 on a 3-card Banker win – and even then it’s a fairly bad bet.

As a result, some of these Allbet Gaming Quick Baccarat bets can be quite unreliable in the long run. Check out the Quick Baccarat Paytable below for more details.

Allbet Gaming Quick Baccarat Payouts
Player/Banker Pair11:1
Player/Banker Neutral4:1
Any Pair5:1
Perfect Pair25:1
Lucky 612:1/18:1
Quick Baccarat Dragon Bonus Payouts
If the difference between Banker and Player is 9 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins30 to 1
If the difference between Banker and Player is 8 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins10 to 1
If the difference between Banker and Player is 7 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins5 to 1
If the difference between Banker and Player is 6 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins3 to 1
If the difference between Banker and Player is 5 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins2 to 1
If the difference between Banker and Player is 4 points (non-natural hand) and Player wins1 to 1
If Win with a natural hand1 to 1
If Tie with a natural handPush

The main bet is standard with the 98.94% RTP for Banker bets,  98.76% for Player, and 85.64% RTP for Tie bets. As for Allbet Quick Baccarat side bet RTPs, they are as follows:

  • Player/Banker Pair – 89.64%
  • Player/Banker Natural – 94.48%
  • Any Pair – 86.30%
  • Perfect Pair – 86.02%
  • Lucky 6 – 80.68%
  • Player Dragon Bonus – 97.35%
  • Banker Dragon Bonus – 91.63%

New to Live Baccarat?

Special Features

The Quick Baccarat game by Allbet is very feature-rich in two ways – side bets and roadmaps.

While the side bets are generally not very profitable, they can be an exciting addition. Nominally, 9 side bets are available. Some of them, however, are functionally the same save for the fact they apply to the opposite card hand. Either way, here are the Quick Baccarat side bets explained:

  • Player/Banker Pair wins if the relevant hand draws two cards of the same rank as the first two cards. Wins regardless of the outcome of the main bet.
  • Player/Banker Natural pays out 4:1 if the relevant hand wins without drawing a third card. Effectively, the side has to win with an 8 or 9 with the first two cards.
  • Any Pair pays out 5:1 if either the Player’s or Banker’s first two cards are of the same rank but a different suit.
  • Perfect Pair pays 25:1 if either the Player’s or Banker’s first two cards are of the same suit and
  • Lucky 6 wins if Banker wins with 6 points in total. Pays 12:1 if Banker wins with 2 cards and 18:1 if it wins with 3 cards.
  • The Player/Dragon Bonus side bet wins if the relevant hand wins with a difference of at least 4 points. The bigger the difference, the better the payout, ranging up to 30:1.

Moreover, Quick Baccarat Live from Allbet Gaming comes with 4 different roadmaps. These include the Records Results, Big Road, Small Road, and Cockroach road. Moreover, Allbet provides an interesting Good Road function. This feature allows players to use Roadmaps as the interface for betting.


  • As a provider focused on providing baccarat at top Asian online casinos, most language options fit the target audience. You can change language settings in the upper right corner of the Allbet Gaming lobby. Options include Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean. Importantly, changing the language will adjust both the text on the interface and the pre-recorded commentary voiceover.

Our Verdict of Live Quick Blackjack

Allbet’s is certainly one of the best live baccarat games to play in Asia.

For better or worse, providers in this market occasionally apply so-called Macau rules which invariably end up offering lower RTP rates and decreased payouts. Thankfully, this is noticeable only on the Lucky 6 side bet in Quick Baccarat. Lucky 6 is a terrible wager no matter how you look at it, though, so it’s not like the smaller payout ruins it.

We also enjoy how players can listen to either live-streamed speech from the dealers or voiceovers. Most games are restricted to either one or the other.

The side bets in this game are our biggest gripe with it – and Baccarat side bets are notoriously bad anyway.

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Very Good


The best option for beginners is probably to repeatedly wager on the Banker bet. It’s not exactly exciting nor does it guarantee profits, but it’s the bet with the lowest RTP by a big margin. For more advanced strategies, you can check out our Live Casinos baccarat strategy guide.
Yes! To play the game with no real-money risks, find the Quick Baccarat demo on the Allbet Gaming official website.
The table limits are generally set by the casinos and not Allbet. In other words, both minimum and maximum wagers at Quick Baccarat by Allbet depend on the casino you’re playing at. Generally speaking, though, bets start at around $1, though that may be different depending on your currency of choice.
Absolutely. The game comes with an optional Mobile view and interface, optimized for play on smaller touch-operated screens. Moreover, you can enjoy either view from both desktop and mobile devices. The Allbet games lobby allows you to switch between the two different modes at any time.
Quick Baccarat is a variation of traditional live dealer baccarat. The core gameplay is the same, but betting times are limited to 15 seconds per round. Moreover, this title comes with 9 total side bets.

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