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Crazy Pachinko Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Evolution by Evolution

Crazy Pachinko Live is a live casino slot game that features the Pachinko bonus round from Evolution’s acclaimed Crazy Time game. It combines these two elements to make a unique, exciting game that appeals to slot fans and live casino players alike. The game boasts 96.05% RTP with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a $3,750 maximum wager. It was released in late 2023 and is available on both desktop and mobile in any casino with Evolution software.

Live casino slots are becoming an increasingly popular offer in top online casinos. Evolution, much like other leading software providers, is still working hard on making these two types of games work together. The standalone Crazy Pachinko game in online casinos seamlessly blends a straightforward slot machine with an impressive bonus round of the kind Evolution is well-known for. Our review of the game dives deep into all aspects of gameplay to explain how it works and see whether the game is worth your time and money.

Crazy Pachinko Live
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Crazy Pachinko Review

Game Specifications
Game nameCrazy Pachinko Live
Game providerEvolution
Game typeGame Shows
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€0.10 - €3,750
Max win$500,000
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Chinese Chinese English English German German Italian Italian Polish Polish Portuguese Portuguese +4
All supported languages
  • Chinese Chinese
  • English English
  • German German
  • Italian Italian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Turkish Turkish

Crazy Time continues to leave a lasting impact on the live casino industry. Arguably, it’s the one game that pushed live casino game shows to new heights of popularity. Unsurprisingly, Evolution has worked hard trying to make it into a whole brand of games in the venerable Evo portfolio. In the past few years, the Crazy Time series received a (sort of) sequel called Funky Time as well as a few spin-offs, most notably 2022’s Crazy Coin Flip.

The latter is particularly interesting for us because it shares a lot with Crazy Pachinko. The premise of the Coin Flip is simple – it combines a slot machine with one of Crazy Time’s celebrated bonus mini-games. It worked well enough that Evolution decided to release a similar title – and that’s the game we’ll be looking at today.

The Crazy Pachinko live casino game mostly plays and works like an online slot. Most of the time, it can’t even be called an actual live dealer game. Every player gets to enjoy the slot at their own pace, with no time limitations or other issues traditionally associated with live gaming. However, if you manage to trigger the slot’s Bonus, you’re shown a live stream of a Crazy Time-themed game show. That’s pretty much the gist, and it makes Crazy Pachinko a fairly approachable game.

This kind of game design has a clear goal – to make the slot part play like slots, and make the game show part feel like a game show. The idea is to have the best of both worlds – have your cake and eat it too, if you will. Crazy Pachinko succeeds in these goals, but it also has certain limitations. If you want to know how all of this works and blends together, our review dives into all of the rules, features, and other aspects of the game.

Key Highlights

Leading live casino slot game with innovative features that look like a casino game show
Gameplay consisting of three distinct phases - Qualification, Top-up, and the Bonus round
The qualification phase offers a fully-functioning online slot machine that offers players complete control
The Crazy Pachinko bonus round was inspired by the same-named feature from the acclaimed Crazy Time Live
The live portion of the game is also inspired by Crazy Time, with professional presenters and a colorful theme
Available 24/7 in full HD, Crazy Pachinko offers an enviable amount of control in terms of how you want to play it

How to Play Crazy Pachinko Live

The main gameplay loop works exactly as it did in Crazy Coin Flip, which is becoming more-or-less standard for live casino slots. Those of you more familiar with Playtech games will find it similar to Big Bad Wolf Live, for instance. If you want to know more about slots in live casinos and how they’ve developed over the years, check out this article. Otherwise, we’ll walk you through how Crazy Pachinko works step by step.

Crazy Pachinko consists of three distinct phases. The first phase is the online slot itself, and it’s used to qualify for the remaining two phases. If you qualify successfully, you get to move on to the other two parts. We’ll explain each of them below to give you a complete picture of how to play Crazy Pachinko by Evolution.

    Crazy Pachinko Game Phases


    Qualification Phase

    After you fire up the game for the first time, you’ll see a simple online slot machine. This part of the game is not really “live” in the usual sense of the word. You get to play it at your own pace, but there are no presenters or dealers involved. You can spin as many or as few times as you want while setting the stake size yourself. The only classic live casino feature present at this point is the chat box.

    The goal here is the same as with most slot machines. Your job is to simply choose the size of your stake, hit ‘spin’, and hope for the best. It’s pretty straightforward as much as modern slots online go, using 5 reels with 3 rows each and 10 active paylines. If three or more matching symbols land along one of the paylines, you get a payout based on the value and number of symbols in the combinations. All lines are calculated from left to right, starting with the leftmost reel.

    This Crazy Pachinko slot round also features Scatter symbols, which are used to qualify for the other two phases. Scatter symbols can win from anywhere, and you don’t need to hit them along paylines. If you land three Scatters in a single spin, you instantly qualify for the Bonus round. To make Scatters easier to land, each of them persists on the board for a few spins. If a scatter is on the top row, the next spin nudges it down to the middle row; if a scatter is on the middle row, the next spin
    nudges it down to the bottom row. Scatters can also appear with multipliers up to 10x, which increase any winnings from the possible resulting bonus round.

    Lastly, you can increase your chances or instantly trigger the bonus by clicking the ‘Spin Modes’ button. This window allows you to turn on XXXTreme Spins, increasing your chances of qualifying at the cost of increasing bet costs. Alternatively, you can simply click ‘Feature Buy’ and instantly qualify for the next Bonus round by paying 75x.


    Top-Up Phase

    The bonus Game Show in Crazy Pachinko is not always available. Essentially, a new bonus round starts every few minutes or so. Everyone who has qualified during this period gets to participate in the upcoming round.

    While waiting for the bonus round to begin, all players who qualify can spend their time playing the Top-Up game. Much like the Qualification Round, this phase is not truly ‘live’. It’s also a slot machine of sorts, and you can spin it as many times as you want in the given time window. You can also simply choose to ignore it as bets in the Top-Up round are purely optional.

    The goal of the Top-Up phase in Crazy Pachinko is to potentially increase your winnings in the upcoming Bonus phase. It also works like an online slot, but with a few crucial differences.

    In this phase, the slot consists of 16 positions divided into 4 rows and 4 columns. Every position essentially works like its own reel with possible results that include multipliers and/or nothing. Players here are hoping to hit as many multipliers as possible. Every time you hit a multiplier, it moves to one of the 16 positions at the bottom of the window, which corresponds to the 16 possible results in the Bonus phase. 

    The more you play the Top-Up round, the higher you’ll stack the multipliers at the bottom. You’re hoping to get as many multipliers onto as many of the 16 positions as possible. Having them spread over multiple positions increases your chances of getting a better reward at the end. Conversely, bigger multipliers can result in a bigger prize.

    Once the next Bonus round kicks off, all players currently playing the Top-up round are presented with a choice. You can choose to end the current phase and start the Bonus with the multipliers you stacked up to this point. Alternatively, you can click on ‘Top-Up’ to keep playing this round until the next Bonus phase comes around.


    Bonus Round

    Once you choose to stop topping up, you finally get to the big all-important Bonus Round. As noted above, this round is essentially the Crazy Pachinko bonus game from Crazy Time, with a few upgrades.

    The Crazy Pachinko bonus round is where the live dealer part of this game finally comes into play. You’ll be taken to a live stream of Evolution’s colorful studio inspired by the looks of Crazy Time. It’s presented by real dealers, and its outcome is not determined by RNG, unlike the previous phases.

    The central component of the Crazy Pachinko Live bonus round is a big wall with obstacles. The presenter drops a puck from the top, and it travels down to the bottom. The obstacles will nudge the puck and determine which way it falls. In the end, it falls into one of 16 positions which hold 16 different prizes. This determines your final payout.

    The positions at the bottom are all randomly assigned multipliers at the beginning. These multipliers are increased by multipliers stacked up in the corresponding position at the bottom of the Top-Up slot as well as by possible multipliers on Scatter symbols. Check out the Payouts section of this review to find the complete final formula for your prize.

    Beyond that, this round also features a special ‘Double’ position. If the puck lands on the Double, all of the base prizes in this round are doubled and the presenter drops the puck again. This can only happen once per round.

    Once the bonus round in Evolution Crazy Pachinko ends, the steam closes and you’re taken back to the Qualification phase.

    Best Tips for Crazy Pachinko Live
    • 1
      Like any live slot, Crazy Pachinko is purely a game of chance. There's nothing you can really do to increase your odds of winning.
    • 2
      If you're concerned with playing optimally, turn on XXXTreme spins and never take part in the Top-up phase. The long-term benefits of this strategy are questionable, though, and you'll be limiting the size of the payouts.

    Payouts & RTP

    Evolution Crazy Pachinko has a dynamic payout system that doesn’t offer fixed odds or easily-predictable rewards. If you kept up with our gameplay guide, it should be obvious why. Let’s break it down.

    The slot in the qualification phase has its own paytable that works much like any online slot you may have seen before. Although the ultimate goal is to hit three Scatters, you can still secure smaller payouts the old-fashioned way – by combining three or more matching symbols. There are seven paying symbols on the slot machine – J, Q, K, A, Cherries, and Bells. The first four are classic card suits and work as low-paying symbols, while cherries and bells offer better returns. You can check out the rates for every symbol in the game’s info panel. The gist is simple, though – your stake is multiplied by the winning amount, which depends on the number and value of the winning symbols. You can hit multiple winning lines per spin, too.

    The Top-up and Bonus rounds do not have a fixed paytable either. Instead, they both contribute to one big prize at the end, which depends on how the multipliers were stacked and where the puck landed. The final formula for calculating Crazy Pachinko payouts is this:

    (Pachinko multipliers x Scatter multipliers) + Top-Up multipliers = Final multipliers

    This makes multipliers found on Scatter symbols incredibly valuable. Not only do they apply to all 16 possible Bonus prizes, but they also stack multiply the other multipliers instead of adding to them.

    Crazy Pachinko Live RTP is 96.04% for normal spins. Turning on XXXTreme spins increases this figure to 96.05%, so they’re worth the cost of entry despite the added volatility.

    On the flip side, the Top Up game only shows 95.01% RTP. This brings into question how “worth it” it really is. However, the round itself is crucial if you want to see massive payouts, so you’ll have to make your own judgement call. The 1% decrease in RTP is not massive but it can certainly leave a mark on your long-term returns.


    Crazy Coin Flip Strategy

    Our Verdict

    Evolution’s collection of live slots continues to grow, and Crazy Pachinko may be the most successful integration yet. Sure, it’s largely identical to Crazy Coin Flip, but it’s still different enough to warrant a try.

    For starters, the main Qualification slot itself is more interesting than we’ve seen in earlier games of this genre. It’s not complex or feature-heavy by RNG slot standards, but it’s certainly more interesting than the one in Coin Flip.

    Besides that, the payouts in this game offer a blend of RNG (computer-generated) results and real presenters with a very real puck-drop. Stacking multipliers that all lead to one big reward are undeniably exciting, though it can be difficult to keep track of things at first. Make sure to fully read and understand our Crazy Pachinko guide above so that you know what you’re getting into.

    As far as live casino slots go, Evolution Crazy Pachinko Live is easily one of the best in the market. Yes, it’s still a niche market, but that simply means that anyone interested in this type of game should definitely try it. Fans of game shows in casinos can also play Crazy Pachinko for real money and have a great time – you should just remember that it’s a specialized product that won’t appeal to everyone.

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    Crazy Pachinko is an online live slot game based on the Crazy Time game show by Evolution. It's centered around an online slot and a big, high-paying bonus feature.
    No, these are two separate games. However, Crazy Time inspired Crazy Pachinko, and the two games share a similar bonus feature. The Pachinko wall is one of several bonus features in Crazy Time.
    The game offers 96.04% RTP if you play the qualification slot regularly. Turning on XXXTreme Spins increases the RTP to 96.05%. However, every time you bet in the Top-Up phase, the bet only has 95.01% RTP.
    On any online casino with brand-new Evolution software. You can find our suggestions for the best Evolution casinos here.

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    35x Wagering Requirement. €20 Minimum Deposit. T&C apply. 18+ only.