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Boom City Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Pragmatic Play by Pragmatic Play

Boom City by Pragmatic Play is a live dealer casino game released in 2022. It boasts an RTP of 96.43% with a minimum bet of $0.1 and a $5,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is a fresh, innovative game show from Pragmatic Play.

Nothing is quite as exciting as a completely unique live casino game dedicated to breaking new grounds. Initially previewed at the London ICE 2022, this dice-based game is unlike anything the competition has to offer. Our Boom City game review is here to check out what it’s all about!

Boom City Live
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Boom City Review

Game Specifications
Game nameBoom City Live
Game providerPragmatic Play
Game typeGame Shows
Streaming from Romania
Bet range€0.1 - €5,000
Max win20,000x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Apple Android Windows
Languages Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Danish Danish English English French French German German +14
All supported languages
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Danish Danish
  • English English
  • French French
  • German German
  • Greek Greek
  • Indonesian Indonesian
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Korean Korean
  • Norwegian Norwegian
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

2022 has proven to be full of surprises if you’re a fan of live casino games, and Pragmatic Play is not one to be left behind. Scheduled for release on July 27th 2022, Boom City stands out with its unique idea and implementation.

Instead of using wheels like many live casino game shows, Boom City is based on dice and two distinct betting phases. However, the betting itself does remind us of said wheels, such as Pragmatic Play’s very own Mega Wheel. On the other hand, the wealth of extra features and the flashy presentation are more similar to Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. As you would expect from game shows in live casinos, Boom City leaves a strong impression thanks to its purpose-made studio. It boasts a distinct visual style that reminds us of 80s neon aesthetics. Coupled with friendly presenters whose main job is to engage the audience, this is a specialty live game show through and through.

The gameplay itself is even more exciting, so let’s get right into how Boom City works!

As a disclaimer, the game is not completely out yet, so all the information presented here is subject to change. We’ll also hold onto our verdict for the release date.

Key Highlights

Game Show-like gameplay centered on predicting the outcome of rolling a set of dice
Randomly stackable multipliers can result in payouts up to 20,000x the stake.
Randomly stackable multipliers can result in payouts up to 20,000x the stake.
3 regular multiplier fields and 5 special fields, all of which are valid outcomes.
Live support and friendly, professional presenters focused on engaging the audience.
Available 24/7 and streamed in a 4k resolution Ultra HD!

How to Play Boom City Live

We already mentioned that Boom City is basically a Wheel-based live game show with dice. We’re largely referring to how the main bets work.

Boom City is played using two dice and a large 6×6 grid of possible outcomes. The dice are rolled, and the results are used to determine the outcome of a round. The blue die is used to determine the horizontal position, while the gold die determines the vertical position. Whichever field has the coordinates of these two numbers wins!

For example, if the blue die shows 2 and the gold die shows 4, the winning field is on the second column from the left and the fourth row from the top.

Beyond that, we can identify two main phases. Phase One happens in every round, while Bonus rounds may or may not be triggered depending on the result of the first roll.

    How Boom City by Pragmatic Play Works


    Phase One - Main Roll

    The goal of Boom City Live is to correctly predict which of five possible fields will win. Your betting options are:

    1. Orange 1x fields
    2. Grey 2x fields
    3. Gold 5x fields
    4. Red Bust field
    5. Power Up
    6. Dice Battle
    7. Boom or Bust
    8. Lucky Drop

    If you correctly guess one of the multiplier fields, you get a simple payout and the game moves on to the next round.

    If the dice roll for a Bust field, the round is over and all bets lose.

    Power Up improves all the other multipliers before granting another roll. Bust fields are replaced with 1x fields, too. Note that these improvements also apply to Boom City bonus rounds.


    Phase Two – Bonus Rounds

    If the result of the first roll is one of the special bonus fields, you move on to the second phase. Note that you need to bet on and predict these bonuses just like regular multiplier fields. If the game moves on to a bonus round and you didn’t predict it, you’ll sit out the round.

    All four Boom City bonus rounds are quite distinct – both from each other and the live casino scene at large. Let’s take a look at how they all work.

    Dice Battle

    The Dice Battle in Boom City is arguably the simplest of the four bonus rounds. You get to choose between two sides – blue and gold.

    Both dice are rolled three times in a row, adding the results to the full score total. The side with the bigger total wins.

    If you predicted the correct side, you get the total score of both sides as a multiplier to your original stake. Also, if either side rolls triple sixes, you get a special bonus of 500x.

    Boom or Bust

    This bonus round moves the game to a different 6×6 grid. This new table is filled with new (and much bigger) multipliers, Bust fields, and Huper Jump fields.

    The players start at the bottom of this grid and the goal is to climb as high as possible. The higher you get, the bigger the rewards. You climb by rolling a die which determines which of the 6 fields on the row above your current position you’ll move to.

    Before each die roll you get to choose whether to Keep Rolling or Cash Out. The latter option takes the multiplier you earned so far and you get a Boom City payout. If you opt to Keep Moving, you climb another row. If you climb into a Bust field, you lose the bonus round.

    A Safe Value special field protects you from one Bust in the future. Hyper Jump instantly moves you up to Level 6 with a guaranteed multiplier. Level Up moves you 3 levels up instantly.

    It’s a very interactive and interesting bonus round, and one of our favorites in the Boom City live casino game.

    Lucky Drop

    The Lucky Drop bonus round in Boom City takes you to a new screen with 6 columns. All you have to do is pick one and hope to win.

    Then, the dice will be rolled up to 6 times. Each time you get a number, a multiplier is added to the corresponding column. After 5 rolls, you get a multiplier based on how many times the dice rolled your column’s number as an instant payout.

    It’s the most straightforward Boom City bonus round of them all – and the least interesting one.

    Live Casinos Best Tips for Boom City Live
    • 1
      Playing this game and not betting on at least some of the bonuses wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Game Shows like Boom City are all about fun and excitement.
    • 2
      Most of the game mechanics and bonus rounds are completely luck-based.
    • 3
      As far as the information we have available tells us, the 96.43% RTP is consistent across all bet types.


    We don’t have complete information about the total possible payouts. This is especially true for the bonus rounds, some of which have a lot of moving parts.

    What we do know is the theoretical maximum payout in Boom City is 20,000. Getting there probably requires up to 5 activated Level Up fields, though. All in all, simple payouts of 1x or 2x will probably be the most common outcome. Once the bonus rounds kick in, though, things can get a lot crazier.

    We’ll have a full Boom City paytable once this Pragmatic Play game launches. For now, here is how the fields are spread out and your probability of hitting them.

    ResultNumber of FieldsProbability
    Boom City Live Bets
    Level Up38.33%
    Dice Battle25.55%
    Boom or Bust12.78%
    Lucky Drop12.78%

    According to Pragmatic Play, the overall RTP of Boom City Live is 96.43%. This may not be true for all bets in Boom City, but we won’t know for sure until the game is out.


    New to Boom City Live?

    Special Features

    The core features of Boom City from Pragmatic Play are the various bonus games we explained above. These bonus rounds are a core part of gameplay. Once you understand how they work, you’re good to go.

    The game uses a standard Pragmatic Play interface which comes with the usual quality-of-life features. For instance, you can choose between different view modes and video quality levels. Audio volume is also adjustable, as is the UI language.


    • At release, Boom City will only come with an English-speaking table available. This software provider is quite committed to bringing their games to different audiences, though. If the game finds success, we might see native-speaking tables in other languages in time.
    • However, the text in the interface can be changed to Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Suomi, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, or Vietnamese.

    Our Verdict of Boom City by Pragmatic Play

    We’ll hold off our final verdict for when the game is completely available to everyone. We still don’t have some crucial information such as a paytable and different RTP values.

    For now, though, the live casino Boom City game looks fascinating. The switch from using a wheel to using dice is mechanically minor but dramatically impacts the user experience. It’s a rather clever way of turning the standard Game Show formula on its head.

    As we said, the final verdict is still pending, but Boom City looks like one of the highlight releases of 2022.

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