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Live Bac Bo: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Evolution by Evolution

Bac Bo Live by Evolution is a live dealer casino game released in 2021. It boasts an RTP of 98.87% with a minimum bet of $0.50 and a $10,000 maximum wager. The game is available on both desktop and mobile and is a mix between live Sic Bo and Live Baccarat.

Whether it’s the Asian market or just simple games of chance, there’s a lot of overlap between fans of Sic Bo and Baccarat. Evolution took note, as they tend to do, and created this latest release. In this Bac Bo review, we’ll take a look at this hybrid live dealer casino game.

Live Bac Bo
  • Excitement
  • Design & Sound
  • Streaming Quality
  • Interactivity
  • Win Potential

Live Bac Bo Review

Game Specifications
Game nameLive Bac Bo
Game providerEvolution
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€0.5 - €10,000
Max win88x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Android Apple Desktop Mobile Tablet Windows
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages Albanian Albanian Bulgarian Bulgarian Chinese Chinese Croatian Croatian Czech Czech Finnish Finnish +16
All supported languages
  • Albanian Albanian
  • Bulgarian Bulgarian
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Croatian Croatian
  • Czech Czech
  • Finnish Finnish
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Italian Italian
  • Japanese Japanese
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Serbian Serbian
  • Slovak Slovak
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Thai Thai
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Vietnamese Vietnamese

Bac Bo Live Review

Evolution Bac Bo is finally hitting the casinos almost a year after the initial announcement. 2021 was an exciting year at Evolution, and we’ve seen a whole slew of innovative new games. Bac Bo Live is primarily aimed at the growing Asian market and offers a fairly unique concept.

Bac Bo by Evolution is a hybrid live dealer casino game that aims to combine Baccarat and Sic Bo. The gist of baccarat – comparing two card hands – is replaced by comparing two sets of dice. Right off the bat, it’s also quite clear that the game is beginner-friendly even by baccarat standards. Where live baccarat tables can be bogged down by third-card rules and such, Bac Bo offers fluid gameplay that anyone can understand.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a new twist on Evolution Live Baccarat, you may want to check out Bac Bo. It’s made to be a simpler, quicker form of the popular casino card game. Considering that the original baccarat is already quite quick and simple, that’s quite an achievement from Evolution.

Key Highlights

Unique Asian-themed game that blends two popular live casino mainstays
Simple, fast-paced gameplay that keeps the action moving constantly
Simple, fast-paced gameplay that keeps the action moving constantly
Fair, even-money payouts on both Banker and Player wins
Scaling Tie payouts based on the probability of the dice roll, going up to 88:1
3 different roadmaps, live betting statistics, and a road probing table

How to Play Live Evolution Bac Bo

If you’re familiar with how live baccarat works, keep it in mind while playing this game. The switch to dice instead of cards makes the whole thing easier, too.

Evolution Bac Bo uses two sets of 2 dice. Each set of dice is placed on an automatic shaker – one marked as Player and the other as Banker. The dice start shaking at the same time during the 15-second betting period but stop at different times. Once they stop shaking, they are compared and the winner is declared.

If you play Bac Bo live for real money, your goal is to predict which hand will have the highest dice total. As with classic baccarat games, your options include Player, Banker, and Tie. Betting limits generally depend on which live casino you’re using.

One Player-side die stops shaking first. Then, one Banker-side die stops shaking and the two are compared. Whichever side has the higher first result will then have the second die stop shaking. This adds a whole new level of excitement.

Once all of that is done, the final result is revealed. Whichever side has the higher two-die total result wins. If you bet on Play or Banker and the result is a Tie, you still get a 0.9 payout.

Live Casinos Best Tips for Live Bac Bo

  • Most of how Bac Bo works is almost identical to baccarat, save the lack of third-card rules. You can use most baccarat strategies to play Bac Bo.
  • This also means it’s strictly a game of chance, with little direct player influence. The best Bac Bo strategy is properly managing your bankroll.
  • The name implies it also takes inspiration from Sic Bo. The game uses dice and an automatic shaker, but the similarities end there.

Bac Bo Live Payouts

Bac Bo by Evolution has an interesting payout structure that, in some ways, makes it better than some baccarat titles. For starters, the often problematic Tie bet has been completely changed. The fact that it can offer huge payouts up to 88x makes it actually interesting.

We were initially worried about Bac Bo RTP rates, but Evolution did a good job with balancing it. We especially like the 0.9 payout on a tie – your bankroll takes a hit, but it’s not a straight-up loss.

Live Bac Bo Payouts
Tie2 or 1288:1
Tie3 or 1125:1
Tie4 or 1010:1
Tie5 or 96:1
Tie6, 7, or 84:1

As per official Evolution information, Live Bac Bo RTP is 98.87%. That’s slightly under Banker bets in regular baccarat, but it applies to both Player and Banker bets. As far as we can tell, these two are identical. Bac Bo house edge for Tie bets is not much higher, though the scaling nature of its payouts makes this bet highly volatile.


New to Live Bac Bo?

Special Features

Simplicity is Bac Bo’s defining feature. The game is exciting, fast-paced, and welcoming to new players. At the time of writing this Evolution Back Bo review, there are not many extra features to speak of. All betting is limited to Player/Banker/Tie, with no side bets.

Not that the game really needs it, though. The concept is unique enough and bloating the game with side wagers and such would be unnecessary.

That said, there are some things worth mentioning. First of all, the betting table section of the UI displays live wager statistics. These inform you of how many players are betting on which option in every round.

You can also find various roadmaps and similar information at the bottom of the game window. The left-hand side holds the classic Bead Road, with three different viewing modes. To the right, you’ll find the Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road. These are basically classic baccarat roadmaps that can help guide your next decision.


  • New live casino games like Evolution Bac Bo rarely come with native-speaking tables. Currently, only an English-speaking table is available – though that may change in the future.
  • As it stands, you can expect the typical range of UI languages in Evolution games. This includes English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Our Verdict of Bac Bo Live

The 2021 batch of new Evolution games is a true show of force for the industry-leading company. They’ve made almost no missteps, while simultaneously innovating in fun and interesting ways. The issue with live casino innovation, however, is that it sometimes comes at a cost of profitability. While we always advocate for prioritizing fun over cash returns, no one wants to keep losing their games.

Thankfully, that’s not an issue for the Evolution Bac Bo game. Although it can be argued that the overall RTP is slightly lower than for Baccarat, it’s also much more balanced. You can select any Bac Bo bet and be sure you’re not making a mistake, including Tie.

The game set out to be fast, exciting, and beginner-friendly. It checks all of those boxes, and can also be a fun new experience for baccarat fans. Either way, we can safely recommend that you try Bac Bo. It’s probably not going to be the next big thing in i-gaming, but it’s a worthwhile innovation nonetheless.

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Very Good


Bac Bo is a new type of live dealer casino game devised by Evolution. As the name implies, it combines Baccarat and Sic Bo into a single, innovative new experience. It works much like baccarat, except the outcome is determined by rolling two sets of dice.
The overall Bac Bo house edge is 1.13%, as per official Evolution information. Importantly, though, this sort of RTP implies using the optimal Bac Bo strategy. Since the Player and Banker bets are identical, though, you can simply use those two and feel confident that the house edge is quite narrow. Tie bets are the exception, with no reliable information available on the RTP or house edge. However, it’s bound to be better than with baccarat Tie bets.
Absolutely. All Evolution games can be fully accessed on mobile devices across multiple operating systems. The game’s fast and simple nature works well with playing on the go, too. Simply access the game through your favorite mobile-friendly casino, and you’re good to go.
No. The game currently has only three basic bets available – Player, Banker, and Tie. It’s still a new game, though, so it doesn’t offer many extra features or options. However, if Bac Bo Live proves to be a success, we may see Evolution further develop the idea in the future.
No. Evolution is one of the biggest and most respected companies in the live casino industry. Their products are audited and vetted by third-party regulative bodies, ensuring absolute fairness. Besides, all the dice rolling happens right in front of your eyes.
What is the maximum payout in Bac Bo by Evolution?

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40x Wagering Requirement. €10 Minimum Deposit. T&C apply. 18+ only.