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How to Play: Live Sic Bo Tips

Live Sic Bo Tips

Live Sic-Bo is one of those casino games that had a quick rise in popularity.

This east-Asian game now dominates the western world, probably because it is one of the rare casino dice games and it’s much simpler than craps. Besides that, this game can be played by applying different betting strategies, which makes it more fun.


The Sic-Bo house edge varies from 2.78% to 30% and a wide range of bets is included.


The Best Long-Term Strategy is Even-Money Bets



Careful with the Totals Bets

For example, the bets placed on totals from 8 to 13 have a house edge of 12.50%, but the bets placed on totals from 7 to 14 have a house edge of 9.70%. So, what is the logical step here? It’s betting on totals from 7 to 14 of course. That will be your smartest strategy when playing live Sic-Bo.

Betting Systems in Live Sic-Bo Don’t Work

Betting systems have never worked and never will, because if they had been working, everyone would be rich and casinos would go bankrupt. This is not just the case with live Sic-Bo, but with other casino games too. They cannot guarantee you profit, but they guarantee one thing: that they are mostly useless. Use your intuition and your head instead.

How About Mixing Up the Bets?

Even though it is a game of pure chance, strategic bets in Sic-Bo are possible. Betting on Big or Small bets or other bets that pay 1 to 1 is the safest way of playing, but it might get boring and you might not walk out with a nifty amount in your pockets. If you want to win extra money try to make several bets where not only even-money bets are included, but those that pay more. This way you can cover your potential loss from the riskier bets with the safer even-money bets.

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