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How to Play: Live Sic Bo Tips

Live Sic Bo Tips

Live Sic-Bo is one of those casino games that had a quick rise in popularity. It's quick, it's fun, and there are a lot of ways to approach it. However, there are surprising depths to this Asian casino game. Navigating those depths is a lot easier with the proper Sic Bo tips and tricks.

We'll dive right in with 5 easy pieces of Sic Bo advice to get you on the right track. That said, we will move on assuming you already know how to play Sic Bo. Check out our Sic Bo tutorial if you haven't already – it's a great way to get to know the basics.



The Sic-Bo house edge varies from 2.78% to 30% and a wide range of bets is included. That's why knowing what to play is so important - this is not a game you can just randomly guess.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Top 5 Sic Bo Tips and Tricks


    Tricky Totals

    4. Use Casino Bonuses to Overcome the House Edge

    There is no real way to beat the casinos at Sic Bo in the game itself. “The House Always Wins” rings as true as ever, and it comes down to the way that the game was structured.

    You can, however, ensure that you’re walking away with more money than you deposited. The simplest way of doing so is by making smart use of live casino bonuses. They won’t make you win more, but they can ensure your bankroll lasts a lot longer. If even a small part of the bonus funds survives the wagering requirement, it means you managed to beat the edge. At least as far as the bonus itself lasts. Rebates, cashback, and similar offers can also effectively increase your expected value by limiting your losses.

    Sic Bo bonuses are unfortunately not that common these days. Casinos often limit how much Soc Bo betting contributes towards wagering requirements. Finding a good bonus is not a lost cause, though – here are some examples.

    Mr Green

    100% up €/$£100 + 350FS

    5. Understand How Sic Bo Betting Systems Work

    Betting systems are a common casino strategy, though seen as controversial by some players. In essence, Sic Bo systems won’t make you win more in the long run. Statistics are statistics, and no amount of smart staking is going to change them.

    What they can do, however, is ensure that your bankroll is kept in check. For example, using Martingale in Sic Bo means that you always know exactly how much you’re betting and why. Furthermore, most progression systems in Sic Bo rely on playing Even Money bets. As we explained above, this is already a good approach to the game. However, a Sic Bo system means that even money bets can have long-term goals in addition to just playing it safe.

    Sic Bo strategies are pretty versatile, too. For instance, you can also use stake plans like Oscar’s Grind. Just remember to keep your expectations reasonable. Also, knowing when to quit is an essential skill for any gambler. Remember – the worst thing about casino betting systems is that when they go wrong, they go really wrong. Don’t lose more than you can afford.

    Further Reading and Top Sic Bo Casinos

    You can find even more Sic Bo advice on our site:

    Once you’re comfortable with a winning Sic Bo strategy, all that’s left is to find a great site to use it. There aren’t many live dealer casinos out there that focus on Sic Bo, but some give it ore attention than others. For instance, here are some of the best casino sites to play Sic Bo live:



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    The Gamdom live casino is an exciting, fast-growing crypto-gambling venue with an array of different tables and surprising perks. It’s not perfect, but it’s great for people who want to experience the benefits of crypto betting without going too deep into the whole blockchain thing.



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    Are you looking for a classy feel of a casino far away from your home? Simply load Bet365 Live Casino and join Playtech’s VIP tables where blackjack rounds are played and the roulette wheel is spun 24/7. The interface stretches across desktop, mobile and app, with fast loading times and engaging dealers and hosts. Beware of being enchanted by their charms.



    • What is the best bet in Sic Bo?

    Statistically, Odd, Even, Big, and Small bets are your best options. They have a very small house advantage, based on the fact that they lose on a triple result (which doesn’t happen often.)

    • What is the best Super Sic Bo strategy? 

    Super Sic Bo by Evolution introduces multipliers into the game. However, you can’t really predict where these will appear – every bet except Even Money bets is fair game. Our suggestion is to stick with Combinations and Singles, though, despite their sub-par base odds.

    • What is the trick to winning Sic Bo?

    The only real Sic Bo trick is knowing the odds and only playing the best bets available. It’s important to understand that the RTP of Sic Bo can vary greatly, which makes some bets inherently good or bad.

    • Is Lightning Dice Sic Bo?

    No, Lightning Dice by Evolution is not Sic Bo. Both games use dice to determine the outcome, and players are there to predict this outcome. However, that’s where most similarities between the two games end.

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