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Banking Methods for Playing Live Dealer Casinos

Payment Methods for Live DealersOne sure thing in playing in live casinos is that you cannot play real-money games without funding your casino account. Funding your casino account can be done in many different ways and fortunately, live casinos offer a wide variety of payment methods that you can use without any hassle at all.

As technology moves forward, so do products that are meant to make our life easier, simpler and less stressful. Payment solutions are now diverse and adaptable, and they’ve grown far past the “I’m going to the bank to get money“ concept. Now we have access to our finances from our most comfortable lounge chair, thanks to the benefits of software and electronic devices. That being said, some people are still attached to the more traditional methods of paying for goods and/or services or funding their casino account online. For that reason, it is important that we, as clients, are always offered a wide variety of options from which to choose from.

The most obvious payment method is using your credit or debit card, but you have to be aware that many other options exist too, which are less painful, faster and more secure. Most popular among these are the electronic wallets or e-wallets. They are sort of virtual wallets used to contain your money just like your real wallet that you keep with you and are used for the same purpose as you use your wallet: not having to go to your bank every time you need money.

These wallets allow casino players to make deposits at live casinos without having to give their credit card number or expose their financial details. With your money already in your e-wallet, you can make deposits just like when you buy groceries at the store: you take out your wallet from your pocket and you just pay.

What is even greater is that these electronic wallet services are easy to use, and opening an account is free and usually fast. The biggest benefit of course is instant deposits. Moreover, many live casinos offer bonuses and discounts for using e-wallets as deposit methods. Below you can read about the most popular payment methods in live dealer casinos.

Popular Options for Mking Deposits and Withdrawals

Bank Cards

Aside from hard cash and photos of our loved ones, something that we always keep in our wallets is a bank card. Paying with plastic instead of actual money has become a routine and making transactions online has become a short, harmless process which requires barely a minute of your time. As we all know, bank cards are issued by our bank. Depending on the bank and the status of your bank account, you will have a more or less powerful card in your hands. The two most popular card brands are Visa and MasterCard, but people also widely use American Express and Maestro among others.

There are two basic types of cards, no matter the brand – a debit card and a credit card. If you own a debit card, that means you will be able to spend only the amount you have on your balance. If you get a credit card, you will be able to spend more money than you actually have on your account and make up for the sum in later payments, in accordance with your bank/card issuer. The greatest convenience of cards is that they are an omnipresent payment method available at every online casino. People are very familiar with them and they feel safe using them. Unfortunately, credit and debit card frauds are one of the most common online hoaxes. There’s only so much casinos can do to prevent this.


Electronic wallets emerged as one of the best alternatives to credit and debit cards, as they are just as efficient, if not more, and they do not require disclosing any financial details. Anonymity and the highest levels of protection are what turns players towards these digital systems of transferring money online. Furthermore, they are also widely available and easy to use. E-wallets perform outstandingly in their role as intermediaries between the original source of funds of the user (bank, card etc.) and the live dealer casino thanks to high encryption protocols employed to safeguard all the transactions and financial details involved. The most popular e-wallets are Neteller (available in more than 200 countries), PayPal (operates in more than 190 countries) and Skrill (also operates in around 200 countries at this point).

Prepaid Cards/Vouchers

Instead of making you use your everyday bank card, the casinos will often offer you the opportunity to make use of prepaid cards. The name explains how they work – you purchase a card of a certain value and you spend that value on playing at a live dealer casino. By using such a method, the player does not share his/her financial details with the casino platform. Specific prepaid voucher options are so simple that they don’t even require you to have a credit card, or a bank account for that matter. Paysafecard and EcoCard are some of the more popular voucher options, alongside Entropay, for instance. The only thing one needs to keep in mind that most of the time withdrawals are not possible through this particular banking method.

Online Banking

Chances are you’ve encountered options such as Trustly at your preferred online casinos. This is a very popular method that allows one to make direct online banking transactions easily and rapidly. The players are asked to store their banking credentials with Trustly and they will be able to make use of the benefits of this payment provider without registering an account or maintaining a profile. No banks, no hassle, no credit card numbers – just let the system do the work for you. Constantly supervised and tested, online banking methods like Trustly are known to be extremely safe and reliable, not just for live dealer gambling but also for regular e-commerce.

Cryptocurrency Systems

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether, Dash, Monero – these are all digital currencies available on the global market. Invisible, impalpable money created inside the virtual world and destined never to leave it. Well, once it’s there, why not use it on live dealer casino games? You can, if you want to, as there are more and more casinos accepting this revolutionary concept of paying with cryptocurrencies for everything from goods to entertainment. The Bitcoin system, for example, as the most famous and most used one, has nothing to do with banks and financial institutions. All the Bitcoins in circulation are protected by the blockchain; the user buys Bitcoins for regular money, stores them in special digital wallets and then makes purchases or pays for online casino games. How convenient, right?

Mobile-Friendly Payment Methods

Let’s not forget our little handheld friends, our mobiles and tablets. After all, we spend more time with them than any other object in our surroundings probably. Since they can be used for multiple purposes, you should know that you can also use them for accessing live casino games. For the experience to be as enjoyable as possible, payment processors such as MuchBetter, Boku, Zimpler or Siru Mobile will make sure that your money reaches the casino account in record speed and that your withdrawals get credited in a timely fashion when requested, all through everyone’s favourite gadget.