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How to Play: Live Dragon Tiger Tips

Live Dragon Tiger Tips

The closest description of Dragon Tiger is that it is very similar to Casino War and Baccarat at the same time. In practice, this means that it's completely luck-based. However, gambling is all about managing probabilities, and proper Dragon Tiger tips and tricks can get you on the right track to do so.

With only two cards and two main bets, this game is as simple as gambling gets. Once you dig into some of the mechanics, however, you'll understand that there are definitely good choices and bad choices. Let's see what those are with our Dragon Tiget advice.


Dragon Tiger doesn't leave a lot of room for strtategizing. Play this game if you're feeling lucky - not if you want to crunch numbers and deliberate.

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

    Top Dragon Tiger Strategy Tips


    Feeling Lucky?

    2. Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Roadmaps

    Roadmaps are a prominent feature in most live dealer Dragon Tiger games, but they’re not actually useful. By that, we mean that you can’t use the data presented in roadmaps to increase your chances of winning.

    The results of previous rounds of Dragon Tiger do not affect future results in any way. Assuming the shoe is properly shuffled, every Dragon and Tiger bet has a roughly 50% chance of winning, every time.

    Assuming otherwise is one of the most common gambling misconceptions out there. It’s called the Gambler’s Fallacy – a term referring to the fact some players consider a card is “due” or other myths. Don’t base your decisions on chasing trends, patterns, or similar coincidences. They are just that – coincidences. A proper Dragon Tiger strategy relies on demonstrable statistics, not superstition.

    To be frank, following roadmaps does not really decrease your chances either. There’s no actual harm in trying to observe patterns, but it’s not useful either.

    3. Keep Track of 7s in the Shoe

    Card counting is not really a viable method of winning the main bets. However, 7 cards are important for Dragon Tiger side bets.

    We’ll preface this by noting that side bets are generally bad because of their high RTP. However, most of them would have an RTP of 100% if they didn’t outright lose whenever a 7 shows up.

    What this means is that every 7 that goes through effectively decreases the house edge for the remaining shoe. In a 6-deck shoe, the RTP of Big, Small, Odd, and Even side bets would be halved as soon as twelve 7s go through! This doesn’t happen in every round, but it’s quite possible to significantly cut down the house advantage if you’re paying attention.

    Most Dragon Tiger tables shuffle the shoe once more than 50% of the cards have been drawn. This means that going through all of them is extremely unlikely. However, more than half being played through is quite reasonable. We would say that this is the “breaking point”. Once half of all available 7s go through, side bets actually become good.

    4. Use Live Casino Bonuses to Increase Your Profits

    Statistically speaking, it’s impossible to truly beat Dragon Tiger by just playing it. You will win almost 50% of your bets, sure. However, the rule that takes off half your stake on a Tie means that there you will eventually start losing more money than you win. That’s an intentional part of the game’s design.

    So how can you beat Dragon Tiger? By earning more money than you lose through casino bonuses! Free casino bonus funds won’t make you “win more” strictly speaking. However, if you walk away from a gambling session with more money than you went in with, we consider that a success. To do that, you need to complete wagering requirements before you can actually withdraw bonus winnings.

    One problem with this Dragon Tiget tip is that not all online casinos allow you to use bonus funds for live dealer games. Moreover, Dragon Tiger might not contribute to meeting requirements. All of this means that finding the right Dragon Tiger casino bonus is not that easy. THankfully, Live Casinos is here to help! Check out some of the amazing offers below and take your winnings to the next level!


    100% up to €/$300

    100% bonus to the maximum amount of €/$300. 18+ only. Please gamble responsibly. Full T&Cs apply.

    5. Manage Your Bankroll

    Casino money management is an essential skill every gambler needs to have. However, since your stake is the only thing you can control in Dragon Tiger, it becomes even more crucial.

    Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. Use flat bets or betting systems to keep track of you’re spending. Set goals and limits before you start playing to ensure you never go overboard.

    It might sound rudimentary, but this is one of the most important live Dragon Tiger tips you’ll even hear. Safety in gambling is paramount, and you never want to be lax while spending real money online.

    Top Online Casinos With Dragon Tiger

    Our last two Dragon Tiger tricks highlight the importance of playing at the right casinos. Good casinos offer even better bonuses, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

    Moreover, picking the right casino for your needs provides you with useful money management and safety tools. Moreover, the right deposit and withdrawal methods and terms can make all the difference in the world. In short, you don’t want to be stuck playing at a casino that doesn’t cater to your needs as a customer.

    Frankly, not many online casinos pay a lot of attention to Dragon Tiger players. That’s why Live Casinos is here to help you! Check out these casinos to find the best Dragon Tiger games and tables online!



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    • What is the best Dragon Tiger casino?

    There are many great live online casinos out there, but Dafabet stands out with its focus on Asian games. Dragon Tiger is largely favored in East Asian countries, so its no surprise that they host a lot of Dragon Tiger tables. Beyond that, they have a selection of great bonuses for live casino fans.

    • Is there Dragon Tiger prediction AI software?

    No, for one simple reason – you cannot predict Dragon Tiger results. Card counting is impossible because of how the game works. No matter which cards have been played already, both Dragon and Tiger can still draw cards from the same shoe. They always have a roughly 50% chance of winning, excluding ties. Side bets are the exception to this rule, but card counting can’t overcome the huge house advantage of these wagers. Any prediction software would not be very useful.

    • Is the Martingale strategy good for Dragon Tiger?

    Yes, in some ways. Martingale works in Dragon Tiger because of both main bets are even money offers. However, Martingale still has the same issues as it always does – a string of losses will quickly burn through your bankroll. You can use this strategy as a money management method, but be careful with your spending. Also, understand that it doesn’t guarantee success.

    • How do you analyze the Dragon Tiger game?

    Both Dragon and Tiger bets in 46.26% of all rounds. The remaining 7.47% are Ties. Since Ties still give you back half of your stake, the house edge of the game is 3.24%

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