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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Video Poker: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Playtech by Playtech

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker Live is a live casino card game that translates video poker into a live dealer table game. Released in 2024, this Playtech game also introduces a bonus round inspired by the iconic TV game show. Its RTP varies depending on the player’s chosen ruleset, but it can go up to a whopping 99.54%, accepting bets from $0.10 to $250. Millionaire Video Poker Live is available on both desktop and mobile.

Between several optional bonuses that can increase your payouts up to 2,000x and an incredibly low house edge, this game is possibly one of the best live casino poker tables ever released. And that’s without even bringing up the fun theme, high production value, and all of the other perks of playing Playtech live casino games. Our Millionaire Video Poker review explains how the game works, where you can play it, and offers our expert opinion on the game as a whole.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Video Poker
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Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker Live Review

Game Specifications
Game nameWho Wants to Be a Millionaire Video Poker
Game providerPlaytech
Game typePoker
Streaming from
Bet range€0.10 - €250
Max win2,000x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Chinese Chinese Czech Czech Danish Danish Dutch Dutch English English French French +9
All supported languages
  • Chinese Chinese
  • Czech Czech
  • Danish Danish
  • Dutch Dutch
  • English English
  • French French
  • German German
  • Hindi Hindi
  • Italian Italian
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Swedish Swedish
  • Turkish Turkish

Playtech Millionaire Video Poker is a unique kind of live casino game – in more ways than one. For starters, it’s quite interesting that the rules are pretty much Video Poker, as opposed to classic offers of live casino poker. Evolution recently attempted a similar conversion with the pioneering Video Poker live, and the advantages are immediately apparent. For starters, this kind of approach produces games with RTP rates well over 99%. This kind of narrow house edge is usually reserved only for Blackjack.

If you know anything about how RTP works in casino games, this alone should catch your attention. In practice, this means you’ll stand to lose far less in the long run. Throw in a max payout of 2,000x your stake, and the seemingly niche live casino Video Poker game suddenly looks appealing to pretty much anyone.

Of course, the game’s title leverages Playtech’s cooperation with the world-famous Who Wants to be a Millionaire quiz show. This is only the second time Millionaire visited casino games, after Millionaire Roulette went live in 2021.

Key Highlights

Video Poker-based card game that uses a single standard deck of 52 cards
Five possible rulesets that can be changed by the player at any time - Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker and Millionaire Aces
Wins & payouts calculated based on your hand and selected version
Special branded bonus round dubbed the Millionaire round, allowing players to win up to 2,000x
RTP ranges from 98.92% to 99.54%, depending on your chosen rule variant
Available 24/7 from a bespoke casino studio based on the famous Who Wants to Be A Millionaire game show

How to Play Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Video Poker Live

The base game rules of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Video Poker Live are quite simple and relatively similar to some casino poker tables. Every round progresses the same no matter which ruleset you choose, so we’ll start with the core game flow.

The game uses a single standard deck of 52 cards. To participate, you have to place a wager before the round begins. There is only one main betting option – you either pay the ante or not. However, you can choose to buy into multiple rounds at once. This ensures you won’t accidentally miss anything.

There’s also a special bonus bet you have to place to participate in the Millionaire Video Poker bonus. More on that later.

Millionaire Video Poker Live – Step-by-Step Guide

Once the round kicks off, the dealer starts by placing five cards face-up on the table. As always in poker-based games, your goal is to try and assemble as strong of a poker hand as possible. If you’re not sure how poker hands work and which ones exist, check out this guide before playing.

Once you get your first cards, you can choose to replace some of them, or ‘mulligan’ them. Simply use the interface to select which of the five cards you wish to keep. The cards you didn’t select will be replaced. Importantly, every player individually picks which cards they want to toss and which cards they want to keep. This was the tricky part to translate into a live game. For Millionaire Video Poker, however, Playtech found a simple solution.

Once you’ve selected cards to keep, the dealer will place 5 additional cards onto the table. These new cards replace the original cards directly below them, but only the ones you didn’t choose to keep.

For example, if you select all cards except the leftmost one in the first hand, only the leftmost card in the second hand counts for you. If you choose to toss away all the cards in the first hand, the, only the second round of cards counts for you.

Once this ends, the five cards that are active for you are checked for poker hands. If you’re not sure which cards are pertinent and which aren’t, the UI does a great job at highlighting the important parts.

If you have any poker hands that win in your chosen ruleset, you win as per the paytable.


As previously mentioned, the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker casino game offers several variants. The gameplay is unaffected no matter your choice. However, every variant has its own set of payouts and winning hands. This results in different volatility levels and slightly different RTP rates.

The available variants include:

  • Jacks or Better Live – Arguably the most well-known variant of video poker, and the one we recommend for beginners. Requires at least a pair of Jacks to win and offers the highest RTP at 99.54% and easily manageable volatility.
  • Deuces Wild Live – In this version, deuces (2 cards) act as ‘wilds’, which means they can substitute any other card. In practice, this means it’s much easier to win. However, the payouts are comparatively smaller as well. Requires at least three of a kind to win and offers 98.92% RTP.
  • Double Double Bonus Poker Live – A highly volatile variant that boasts massive wins for powerful hands. Also features unique hands not found in standard poker rules. On the flip side, common wins like Two Pair or Straight pay very little. At 98.98% RTP, this option is suitable for risk-takers.
  • Bonus Poker Live – Fairly similar to Double Double Bonus, but less volatile. It doesn’t include the same ‘kicker’ hands as Double Double, but has an overall better RTP at 99.17%.
  • Millionaire Aces – A new variant of Video Poker created by Playtech specifically for Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker Live. It offers enhanced payouts for Aces, while the rest of the paytable is similar to Jacks or Better. Also offers excellent RTP at 99.17%.

If you want to fully understand the subtle differences between these versions, check out the paytable below. It directly compares payouts for every type of hand.

    The Millionaire Video Poker Bonus Round

    To participate in the bonus round, you have to place a Bonus bet before the round begins. This wager always equals 5 times your main bet. If you don’t do so, you can still watch the special round, but you can’t win anything.

    The special, themed bonus round is only triggered when certain conditions are met. Specifically, one of five special hands has to appear on the table. However, all 10 cards present on the table are used to make qualifying bonus hands. The type of qualifying hand determines the maximum payout for the round.

    • Jack-Queen-King-Ace – 50x max payout
    • Queen-Queen-King-Ace –  80x max payout
    • Jack-Jack-King-Ace – 160x max payout
    • Queen-Ace-Ace-Ace– 500x max payout
    • Nine-King-Ace-Ace – 2,000x max payout

    The round itself is a direct reference to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Essentially, you get four different hidden multipliers of varying value. You then pick A, B, C, or D. Each ‘answer’ corresponds to one of the multipliers. Your goal is to hopefully pick the highest one. You go through several such rounds and ultimately add up all of the multipliers you collected.

    However, if you pick the X answer, the bonus round ends for you. Thankfully, you still collect any multipliers you collected beforehand. Also, the X doesn’t appear in lower questions with smaller multipliers.

    Also, ‘lifelines’ may randomly trigger during some of the ‘questions’. These can trigger randomly. They’ll be familiar to fans of the show.

    • 50:50 – removes the two smallest multipliers
    • Ask the Audience – Displays a chart of the four answers, indicating the most popular one. Of course, this is determined by RNG, so it’s not always the right answer.
    • Ask the Host – The lowest multipliers are removed.
    Strategy Tips
    • 1
      Optimal strategies for every tipe of video poker variant are already established based on statistics and probabilities. Playtech even included them in the in-game help screen.
    • 2
      The basic idea for most Millionaire Video Poker strategies is to hold Pairs of Jacks or better. In variants like Millionaire Aces and Deuces Wild, holding any Pair is a good idea.
    • 3
      If you have at least 4 cards of a Flush or Straight, you should also hold.
    • 4
      Additionally, pay attention to special cards that appear in certain variants. For instance, always gold Deuces in Deuces Wild and Aces in Millionaire Aces.

    Payouts & RTP

    Every variant ruleset of the live Video Poker game comes with a separate list of payouts. Although the actual gameplay feels much the same, the variants all have different levels of volatility, as explained in our gameplay guide above. However, the risk-vs-reward ratio of these payouts is fairly similar for all of the options. You can see this expressed by the games’ individual RTP rates, which you can find at the bottom of the table. If you’re not quite sure what volatility is and how it relates to RTP, check out this guide.

    HANDJacks or BetterDeuces WildDouble Double BonusBonus PokerMillionaire Aces
    Royal Flush800x1000x (natural)800x800x1500x
    Four Deuces200x
    Four Aces, 2/3/4 Kicker400x
    Four 2s/3s/4s, A/2/3/4 Kicker/ Four Aces, 5-K Kicker160x
    Four 2/3s/4s/ 5-K Kicker80x
    Four Aces80x200x
    Straight Flush50x8x50x50x100x
    Wild Royal Flush25x
    Four of a Kind25x4x25x
    Five of a Kind15x
    Four Fives through Ks / Straight Flush50x25x
    4 2s, 3s, or 4s40x
    Three Aces20x
    Full House9x4x9x8x10x
    Three of a Kind3x1x3x3x3x
    Two Pair2x1x2x1x
    Jacks or Better1x1x1x

    You can see that Jacks or Better boasts the highest RTP of the bunch, which makes it the most beginner-friendly. However, the other versions are not that far behind, so feel free to check out all of them and see which option you enjoy the most.

    However, it should be noted that the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker bonus round comes with 96% RTP. Statistically speaking, playing it is not a great idea. It can be great fun, but you should be aware that it’s a sub-optimal way to play Millionaire Video Poker.


    New to Live Video Poker?

    Our Verdict

    At first, we found this trend of live casino poker games moving towards Video Poker dubious. However, after this game and Evolution’s title hit the casinos, we’re confident that these are some of the best ways to play poker online live.

    Our reasoning is simple. Who Wants to be a Millionaire Video Poker Live RTP blows most of the competition out of the water. Sure, it might not be what all poker fans are hoping for. However, the truth is that all live casino poker games rely on luck rather than the usual poker skills like bluffing and such. However, Millionaire Poker by Playtech still maintains a certain degree of strategy. In that regard, it’s fairly similar to a live blackjack game.

    Funnily enough, the bonus round might be the weakest link in the whole game. Of course, it’s completely optional, so you can choose to avoid it and its 96% RTP entirely.

    Anyway, the Millionaire Video Poker live game is a must-play for any fan of poker machines. Anyone who enjoys card-based games in casinos should definitely give it a try.

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