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Big Bad Wolf Live Slots: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Playtech by Playtech

Big Bad Wolf Live is an online casino game made by Playtech that combines an online slot machine with elements of live casino games with real dealers. Released in 2023, it boasts an RTP of 95.05% for the main game with a $0.25 minimum bet and a $25 maximum wager. The game is available on all Playtech-powered casinos on both desktop and mobile.

Live casino slots are slowly but surely becoming a fairly common niche in the live casino industry. Playtech has always been at the forefront of this ‘genre’, but this latest collaboration with Quickspin is an entirely different concept. This Big Bad Wolf Live game review explains how the whole thing works whilst also providing our own opinion.

Big Bad Wolf Live Slots
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Big Bad Wolf Live Slot Review

Game Specifications
Game nameBig Bad Wolf Live Slots
Game providerPlaytech
Game typeGame Shows
Streaming from Latvia
Bet range€0.25 - €25
Max winN/A
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages Chinese Chinese English English German German Italian Italian Polish Polish Portuguese Portuguese +4
All supported languages
  • Chinese Chinese
  • English English
  • German German
  • Italian Italian
  • Polish Polish
  • Portuguese Portuguese
  • Romanian Romanian
  • Russian Russian
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Turkish Turkish

The concept of live slots is certainly an interesting one, but it remains a small niche of the live casino industry. Playtech was the first to even attempt something like that with Buffalo Blitz Live – a moderately successful game that nonetheless maintains a small but dedicated player base. 2023’s Everybody’s Jackpot Live brought live slots to new heights, and Big Bad Wolf is the next in line. However, the game is fundamentally different from its predecessors, and we explain how.

Big Bad Wolf Live combines slots with a small live dealer game show. Specifically, the bonus game works like a money wheel game, in the vein of Crazy Time or Playtech’s own Adventures Beyond Wonderland. However, the base gameplay works just like a regular online slot.

Big Bad Wolf Live is not truly a live game unless you trigger the bonus round. It makes sense, in a way, but fans of live slots may feel a little disappointed. Anway, we’ll dive into how it all fits together below.

Key Higlights

The base game is based on the acclaimed Big Bad Wolf series of online slots from Quickspin
Once the bonus round triggers, the game turns into a money-wheel presented by a real dealer
The bonus round is based around collecting multipliers and hoping for the highest possible win
If you qualify for the bonus game, you have a chance to increase the payouts before it starts
Players have the option to instantly qualify for the bonus round via the Buy Bonus feature
RTP is 95.05% for the base game, 95.52$ if you Buy Bonus, and 97.35% for the Top Up mini game

How to Play Big Bad Wolf Live Slots

As you may have gathered by now, the gameplay of Big Bad Wolf live is divided into three distinct parts:

  1. The base game slot machine
  2. The Top Up slot mini-game
  3. The bonus round

You’ll need to understand all three if you want to play Big Bad Wolf online, so we’ll go through each of these stages step by step

    How Big Bad Wolf Live Works


    Base Game

    As soon as you open up the game, you’ll see a 5×3 slot machine grid. The base game slot is not live. You can use the chat feature to talk to other players, but that’s pretty much everything ‘live’ about it.

    The slot game itself will be quite familiar to experienced casino-goers. It features 25 active paylines, Wild symbols, and 10 regular symbols of varying value. As always, you need to hit three matching symbols along one of the lines to get a payout. Winning symbols disappear, and new ones tumble down from the top to replace them, which means you can win multiple times from a single spin.

    You can find the full list of features and symbol values for the game in the Help screen, which is available in the left-side menu.

    If you want to participate in the bonus round, you’ll need to hit three of them anywhere on the grid. Alternatively, you can click the ‘Buy Bonus’ button to the left and activate it immediately at the cost of 40 times the stake.


    Top Up Game

    The Bonus Round is not live all the time. It works on a cycle, becoming available every few minutes. If you qualify for the bonus round, you may have a few minutes to spend before it kicks off.

    Thankfully, Playtech made sure you have something to do during this time.

    The Top Up game is a simple mini slot machine with 1 line and three rows. Only three symbols can appear on it – a Silver Coin, a Gold Coin, and a blank symbol. You can spin it as much as you want before the bonus game kicks off, but each spin costs as much as the stake you used to trigger it.

    If you hit two or three coins of one type, you earn a multiplier. Silver coins earn you 2x or 5x for two or three symbols, respectively. Conversely, Gold Coins earn 10x or 50x multipliers.

    Any multipliers won during the Top Up are added to your winnings at the end of the Bonus Round. Once the round is ready, you can choose to keep playing Top Up or proceed to the main attraction.


    Bonus Round

    Finally, the game will switch to an impressive, vibrant studio augmented by AR technology. It looks great and really brings to life the whole Three Little Pigs theme.

    The round itself is (again) divided into two parts – the Multiplier Collect and the Wheel Game.

    The Multiplier Collect takes place on a 6×6 grid. Symbols with random multipliers will appear on it for 5 turns. Each multiplier has a value and a color attached to it – Red, Green, or Blue. Every time a multiplier of a certain color appears, it’s added to the Collector on the side. Generally, Red grows to be the biggest, but it’s hardest to hit in the latter stage. Conversely, the Green one tends to collect the least.

    After five rounds of collecting multipliers, the Wheel Game kicks off. The wheel has 54 segments. The dealer will simply spin the wheel, and the pointer will land on a Green, Blue or Red segment. All participating players win a prize based on the multipliers collected for the winning color. If the winning segment is yellow, all three Collectors are added up.

    However, that’s not all. Some segments have a 2x or 3x multiplier attached to them. If a pointer lands on one of those, the corresponding prize is multiplied by the displayed amount. This bonus is multiplicative rather than additive, which can lead to massive prizes.

    Also, there’s a single yellow segment with a 7x multiplier, which is the game’s top prize.

    Big Bad Wolf Live Strategy Tips
    • 1
      If you don't care for slots and just want to play the bonus round, you can simply Buy the Bonus. It will set you back 40x your stake, but the winnings are big enough to return most of that.
    • 2
      In fact, buying the Bonus is probably the best way to play Big Bad Wolf live because it increases RTP.
    • 3
      Similarly, you'll want to play the Top Up game for as long as your budget allows. It's more profitable in the long run than the main game.

    Payouts and RTP

    Big Bad Wolf Live has an unusual payment structure by our standards. That said, we’re more familiar with live dealer casino games than slots.

    Anyway, the base game pays based which symbols you hit on a winning line. The most you can win is 20x with 5 Wilds in a row, which is admittedly not much.

    The bonus round is where all the big wins are. It consists of multiple stages with several opportunities to win. In the end, a formula is used to determine how much you win. Big Bad Wolf Live payouts are calculated as shown below:

    (collected multipliers for the winning segment) x (multiplier on the winning segment) + (multipliers won during the Top Up stage) = Total Payout

    Simply multiply the stake you used to trigger the bonus round with this Total and you have your winnings.

    The base game of Big Bad Wold Live boasts an RTP of 95.05%. This is quite bad by live casino standards, and below-average compared to most modern slots. However, if you buy the Bonus Round via the Buy Bonus feature, the RTP is slightly better at 95.32%. Finally, the Top Up game has its own RTP rate of 97.3%.


    New to Live Slots?

    Our Verdict

    It is quite clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making this game. The developers clearly worked quite hard to make it a live/slot mashup while maintaining the core spirit of both games. Slots fans can keep spinning uninterrupted just like they want – which is something most live slots fail to provide. Live casino fans, on the other hand, get a superbly spectacular bonus round to enjoy. The combination results in one of the top live slot games to daye.

    Our biggest concern, however, is that the game ends up appealing to either audience instead of both of them. When the chips are down, the slot machine is quite mediocre – and the bad RTP doesn’t help either. Similarly, the live dealer portion is fun and well-made, but can it really compete with actual live dealer game shows?

    All in all, Big Bad Wolf Live is a fun experiment, but we doubt we’re looking at a game-changing release. It’s fun, though, and you should give it a try if you don’t mind the big house advantage.

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    Very Good


    Big Bad Wolf Live is an online casino game that introduces live casino elements into Quickspin's popular Big Bad Wolf slot game.
    Yes. If you want to, you can simply use the Buy Bonus feature repeatedly. It costs 40x your stake. However, you're guaranteed to win something in every bonus round, so you'll win at least some of it back.
    There is no fixed maximum win. However, in most cases, the biggest prize would happen if the wheel lands on a yellow segment with a 7x multiplier. This multiplies all of the prizes on all three collectors by 7, resulting in massive payouts.
    Nothing. You can just keep spinning the base game slot until you qualify or buy the bonus.

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