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Stock Market Live Casino Game: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Evolution by Evolution

Stock Market by Evolution is a live dealer casino game that simulates movements on the stock market as an elaborate gambling game. Released in 2023, it allows players to predict stock values which are fully determined by RNG. Players can win up to twice their bet, and the game boasts a high RTP rate of 99%. It’s available on desktop and mobile on any Evoltion-powered online casino.

The new Evolution game essentially works like a Crash casino game in many ways. However, Stock Market Live is notably less volatile than most such betting games. Most of the gameplay and results are determined by computer-generated random outcomes. However, it also features a “live” element in the form of a presenter.

Stock Market Live Casino Game
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Game Specifications
Game nameStock Market Live Casino Game
Game providerEvolution
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming from Lithuania
Bet range€0.50 - €100
Max win2x
Side betsNo
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Apple Windows
Languages English English

As one of the most innovative companies in the live casino game space, Evolution has put out all sorts of titles over the years. Some of their ‘experiments’, such as Crazy Time, went on to become incredibly successful. Others never really took off, but we still have to appreciate the effort of bringing something new to the table.

Stock Market Live is one such game. Although we can debate how unique the idea is, it’s certainly unlike any other live dealer casino game currently on the market. We should make one thing straight from the get-go – this is a speciality casino product and it won’t appeal to everyone. It’s not even a really ‘live’ game, strictly speaking. It doesn’t feature any actual cards, wheels, or other gaming props. All results are determined by RNG, much like in online slots and other forms of gambling media.

Instead, the Evolution Stock Market seems to be based on the emerging ‘genre’ of so-called Crash games. This simple form of casino game is all about predicting random increases or decreases in your stake. The concept is as basic as it gets, and the same can be said for Evolution’s game.

However, this game takes this idea and wraps it in a fancy Wall Street suit. Where most Crash games are presented as simulating flights from little planes or rockets, Stock Market Live is a sort of “fake” stock market. As the player, your job is simply to predict whether stocks will increase or not. Naturally, the simple gameplay is accompanied by a professional presenter. They don’t really influence the game itself in any way, but they make the whole experience more engaging and entertaining.

Below, we’ll explain how the Stock Market live dealer game works and the best way to enjoy it.

Key Highlights

Unique specialty casino game that simulates the movements on the stock exchange
Players only have one bet available, which is about predicting whether the value of stocks will grow or shrink
Your stake can be increased by up to 2x, or decreased down to 0.1x depending on your luck
An option to cash out your "portfolio" in the middle of a round for a 1% commission
All results are determined by computer RNG
Very strong RTP rate of 99%

How to Play Stock Market Live by Evolution

Although the basic rules of the game are very simple, it’s still a novel idea in the live casino space. Players are given options and tools they wouldn’t otherwise run into. No worries, though – our Stock Market Live gameplay guide will tell you all you need to know.

The game is divided into two distinct phases – the betting time and the Trading Phase. We’ll walk you through both and explain everything in detail.

    Stock Market Live Casino Game Guide


    Betting Time

    As usual, the betting time is reserved for players who wish to take part in the upcoming round. Before you can start playing, you have to transfer money from your casino balance to your “portfolio.” Once it’s there, it can be increased or decreased depending on market movements. It will only be “safe” in your casino balance after you decide to cash out, which comes with a 1% fee.

    Once you “buy in” with a portfolio, you can participate in the next round. In every round, you have two possible moves – Up or Down.

    If you place your bet on “Up”, you’re hoping that the market value will increase. Conversely, “down” wins if the market value decreases in the next round. You can only bet on one or the other – covering both positions is currently impossible, and so is bet-hedging.

    If there is money in your portfolio, all of it is automatically placed on your last betting position.

    If you have no money in your portfolio, you can instantly transfer it in from your casino balance by clicking any betting position.

    If you don’t want to place a Stock Market live bet but have money in your portfolio, you have to Cash Out. Clicking this button will immediately transfer all the money in your portfolio to your casino balance, but a 1% commission will be deducted.


    Trading Phase

    The Trading Phase kicks off as soon as the betting period ends. Now, all you have to do is sit back, watch the market movements, and hope for the best.

    You can see how the market is currently moving through a graph in the middle of the screen. If it’s going green, the stock value is increasing. If the graph is moving down into the red, stock values are going down.

    The stock value in the Evolution Stock Market Live game can increase by 100% or decrease by 100% at the most. This means you can double your money at best or lose it all at worst.

    If the market behaves the way you predicted, the money in your portfolio grows. Otherwise, you’re losing. It’s essentially a coin toss, and there’s a 50/50 shot for every possible result. As such, it doesn’t really matter which of the two main bets you pick.


    Strategy Tips
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      It goes without saying that knowledge of the actual stock market won't help you at all. The results are completely randomized by computer generation - it all comes down to luck.
    • 2
      The 1% commission for cashing out is the only actual advantage of the house, which is why the RTP is always 99%. This makes this a very strong gambling game based on RTP, but you don't really stand to win much either.

    Payouts & RTP

    Your winnings depend on how successful you were in your predictions. The best you can do is double your money, while the worst possible outcome is losing your entire portfolio.

    Of course, there are degrees of success here. For example, you can have your portfolio increase or decrease by 25% instead of the full 100%.

    To illustrate how payouts work in the Stock Exchange Live casino game, we’ll go through several possible scenarios. Let’s say the market changed by 50% in the current round. Your win/loss depends on your wager.

    • If you bet on Up and the stock increases by 50%, you win 50% of your stake (which is also returned to you, obviously)
    • If you bet on Up and the stock decreases by 50%, you lose 50% of your total stake
    • If you bet on Down and the stock increases by 50%, you lose 50% of your stake
    • If you bet on Down and the stock decreases by 50%, you win 50% of your stake

    The stock predictions themselves do not have a house edge. It can go either way with a roughly 50/50 chance. However, a 1% commission is applied to any money you have left in your portfolio once you decide to cash out. This is true whether you increase your stake or not.


    New to the Live Stock Market game?

    Our Verdict

    Our impressions of the Stock Market casino game are overall lukewarm. When push comes to shove, there’s really not much to this game. However, we have to commend Evolution for a few interesting ideas.

    First of all, the game itself is pretty much a Crash or Aviator-type game with a live-streamed presenter. Some will like this, others won’t, but Stock Market simply comes down to the same principles. However, there are some crucial differences that may attract players. For starters, Stock Market Live RTP outshines most other Crash games. This is largely thanks to the portfolio-based system for managing your money.

    On the flip side, most Crash games can increase your stake several hundred times. Stock Market Live payouts only go up to 2x. In essence, it’s an extremely non-volatile Crash game.

    If that sounds like something you would enjoy, give it a try. However, most fans of live casino gaming will probably find the gameplay very repetitive, the payouts quite small, and the lack of a truly “live” element disappointing.

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    Very Good

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