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Live Casino Software Tools – Top Apps to Improve Your Table Game Strategies

Staff Writer

Live dealer gaming is a gem of modern technologies, that much is for sure. Winning money with online gambling is great and all, but before you can start winning, you need to be actually good at the games you’re playing. Consulting live casino strategies is a great start, but ultimately it comes down to practice. […]

Top Mobile Live Cssinos

Top Mobile Live Casinos in 2021

Staff Writer

Once upon a time, mobile live casinos could have easily been described as an extra feature. In other words, top live dealer casinos wouldn’t need to be mobile friendly to see success. Live casino apps were somewhat optional – a potential cherry on top for a site of this kind. Obviously, things have changed. Mobile […]

Oscar's Grind strategy

Oscar’s Grind Strategy in Live Dealer Casinos

Staff Writer

Oscar’s Grind is a positive progression betting strategy used in even-money bets. This staking plan was developed to counteract some of the worse aspects of strategies like the Martingale. Namely, with most positive progression betting systems, a losing streak can drive your bankroll into the dirt. Oscar’s Grind is completely based on streaks – both […]

famous high roller casino players

History’s Famous Casino High Rollers

Staff Writer

People play online casino games for different reasons. For some it’s a pastime, for some it’s a hobby, and most players just stick to relatively small stakes. But there are gamblers out there who turned it into a life-long passion. Just like with any activity, gambling has a history and its own legends. Players who […]

“We’re Always Looking for Ways to Revolutionise” – Aiste Garneviciene Discusses BetGames Unique Portfolio

Staff Writer

BetGames is an industry-leading live casino supplier with over 10 games in the versatile portfolio. Aiming to freshen up the live dealer world, BetGames offers interactive casino games with exclusive features. In this interview with, its COO, Aiste Garneviciene tells us more about its games, plans and even some secrets! Hello and welcome to […]

Bet Hedging Live Casino

Bet Hedging and Live Casinos

Staff Writer

Bet hedging simply means placing several wagers on different outcomes of the same event. As we mentioned, this most often refers to a sporting event. However, a spin of the roulette wheen is an event, and people wager on the outcome all the time. In other words, there’s no reason why you can’t apply the […]

Best Live Dealer Casino Games USA

Top Live Dealer Casino Games in the US

Staff Writer

The US online casino market has always been somewhat separate from the rest of the world. This has a lot to do with inconsistent gambling legislation, more so than any real difference in the markets themselves. Either way, Americans are considerably more limited in their choices when it comes to live online gambling. Before you even […]

bets in roulette guide

The Complete Guide to Roulette Bets

Staff Writer

One of the questions we most often get asked about is – what can I bet on in roulette? Knowing the answer to this is a major requirement if you went to play roulette and win. And yet, a surprising amount of even long-time players haven’t fully grasped just how all roulette bets work. Others […]

Jonas Delin, Founder at Authentic Gaming: “We Build Our Games for You!”

Staff Writer

Authentic Gaming is a globally famous live casino supplier and one of the best live roulette developers. Rarely does a casino software provider deliver such elaborate, state-of-the-art products as Authentic. With broadcasting studios all over the world, the company succeeds in pleasing millions of players worldwide. Operating around the clock, these lifelike tables are available […]

Edge Sorting in Baccarat

Staff Writer

Gamblers will never tire of figuring out ways to outwit the casinos. We suppose that’s simply the nature of the game. The cards are naturally stacked against players, and every serious casino fan has a strong competitive streak. From card counting to any other attempt at advantage play, dozens of strategies have been devised to […]