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Playtech Age of the Gods Live Games

How Playtech Transformed the Age of the Gods Slots Series into Live Table Games

Staff Writer

In today’s world, almost all media tends to turn into a franchise, especially if it’s successful. It’s simple, really – people are comfortable with what they know, but new products need to be rolled out. In the case of Age of the Gods live casino games, though, this process took a bit of a strange […]

Best 5 Roulette Games in 2020

Staff Writer

If we’re talking about live online casinos, roulette remains one of the most beloved games among punters worldwide. It’s a true staple of the casino industry – so much so that it’s hard to imagine a casino without one. To bring you the best online roulette games, we’ve searched hundreds of top online casinos and […]

Best Live Casino Sic Bo Games

What Are the Best Live Sic Bo Games Out There?

Staff Writer

Sic Bo is a game most of us may not be very familiar with. It has its roots in ancient China, played with three dice. The goal of the game is to predict the result of the dice roll correctly. This does not just mean getting the total right. You can also try to guess […]

Vivo Gaming Taking Live Casino Industry by Storm

Vivo Gaming Looking to Upset the Live Dealer Industry

Staff Writer

Experience tends to shape the way we think about things. If you are used to playing blackjack a certain way, you will probably stick to that method. The same is true with the live dealer industry! Companies that are part of it have learned to operate in a certain way. They know what works, and […]

Find Best Live Casinos

How to Recognise Which Live Casino is THE ONE for You

Staff Writer

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing what live casino you want to sign up for. It will play a key role in everything you do. What games will be available to you? How quickly can you deposit and withdraw funds from the operator? Will you be able to take advantage […]

Top Live Casino Tips

Top 10 Live Casino Tips You Can Use Anytime

Staff Writer

Live casino games offer an incredible variety of fun releases to enjoy. In recent years, developers have been hard at work creating new and exciting titles. These new games step away from what players have come to expect from live dealer releases: table games with a few twists and turns! Evolution Gaming was certainly at […]

How to Pick the Right Live Roulette Table

How to Choose a Live Roulette Table?

Staff Writer

The explosive growth of live casinos has drawn the attention of many software providers. As the number of players increases, so do the number of available games those punters can enjoy!It is slowly getting to the point where it can feel slightly overwhelming for players. With so many live roulette tables, how do we find […]

How to Play Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Playtech

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack: Everything You Need to Know

Staff Writer

Many casino games have tried to dethrone blackjack’s popularity over the years. Really, the only one that we can really say came close to doing so was poker! However, live casino players always come back to their old favourite due to the control it offers them. Being able to follow a set playstyle for maximum […]

Sette e Mezzo Playtech Tips

Sette e Mezzo: How to Play Italian Version of Blackjack

Staff Writer

As more and more people discover the internet, the world becomes increasingly global. Everyone has the ability to learn about almost anything with just a few button presses. There have been obvious advantages to this, especially for live casino games. No longer were players stuck with inferior versions of existing titles. Now, the competitive nature […]

Live Blackjack Variations

Discover the Top 8 Blackjack Variations to Play in Live Casinos Now

Staff Writer

Blackjack is prevalent in the international gambling community. Hence, it is not a surprise that so many providers and operators are pushing for new, innovative Blackjack variations. What strikes us the most is that, although regular online variants are exciting, the punters are more geared towards live dealer tables. Our team has compiled extensive data […]