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Best Live Dealer Casino Games USA

Top Live Dealer Casino Games in the US

Staff Writer

The US online casino market has always been somewhat separate from the rest of the world. This has a lot to do with inconsistent gambling legislation, more so than any real difference in the markets themselves. Either way, Americans are considerably more limited in their choices when it comes to live online gambling. Before you even […]

bets in roulette guide

The Complete Guide to Roulette Bets

Staff Writer

One of the questions we most often get asked about is – what can I bet on in roulette? Knowing the answer to this is a major requirement if you went to play roulette and win. And yet, a surprising amount of even long-time players haven’t fully grasped just how all roulette bets work. Others […]

Jonas Delin, Founder at Authentic Gaming: “We Build Our Games for You!”

Staff Writer

Authentic Gaming is a globally famous live casino supplier and one of the best live roulette developers. Rarely does a casino software provider deliver such elaborate, state-of-the-art products as Authentic. With broadcasting studios all over the world, the company succeeds in pleasing millions of players worldwide. Operating around the clock, these lifelike tables are available […]

Edge Sorting in Baccarat

Staff Writer

Gamblers will never tire of figuring out ways to outwit the casinos. We suppose that’s simply the nature of the game. The cards are naturally stacked against players, and every serious casino fan has a strong competitive streak. From card counting to any other attempt at advantage play, dozens of strategies have been devised to […]

Hot Mobile-First Live Dealer Software Providers 2021

Staff Writer

Looking to play live casino games on mobile in 2021, but don’t know where to start looking? You’re not alone. Live dealer games have been growing in both quantity and quality, and mobile gaming is no exception. However, this leaves users with a very saturated market that constantly keeps changing. This is especially true if […]

Poker Hands Explained

Staff Writer

The famous card game of Poker is pretty much synonymous with gambling. It’s seen by many as the end-all-be-all gambling game, but it also has a place in live casinos. From live dealer games like 3-Card Poker to the famous 21+3 side bet in live blackjack, knowing how poker hands work can be useful to […]

Live Baccarat Myths Busted

Baccarat Myth-Busting in Live Dealer Casinos

Staff Writer

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games, especially due to its low house edge (1.06%). Moreover, it is extremely simple to learn, making it ideal for beginners. However, baccarat’s long history produced some misconceptions about the casino game. In this blog post, we bust live baccarat myths and tell you the truth. #1 […]

Popular BetGames Lucky 5 6 7 Live Draw Games

BetGames Lucky Draw Games Worldwide Fame: A Discussion

Staff Writer

BetGames is an industry-leading live casino software supplier with several chart-topping releases, most notably BetGames lucky live draw games. The brand’s popularity exceeds Lithuanian borders, as its content has found its way to the hearts of international audiences. Take BetGames Africa casinos, for instance. If there is anything punters in South Africa like to play, […]

Best 5 Live Casino Games in South Africa

Top 5 Live Casino Games to Play in South Africa

Staff Writer

Online gambling in South Africa is booming as an industry as more and more players are drawn to the excitement of casino sites. Though online slots remain by far the most common interest among South African players, live casinos are not far behind. Especially in the last few years, when top live casino sites have […]

Ultimate Checklist to Help You Find the Best Live Casinos in 2021

Staff Writer

The internet is full of live casino reviews and top 10 lists. These can be a great resource to guide you to the best live casino sites – but they can’t make the choice for you. Depending on what you’re looking for and where you’re from, finding good live casinos can be more difficult. Besides, […]