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War of Bets Live: Our Review, How and Where to Play

Betgames by Betgames

War of Bets is an online live casino game made and released by Betgames. The goal of War of Bets is to predict which of two cards will be higher after the deal, with options for betting at various stages of a game round. War of Bets boasts an RTP of 95% with a minimum bet of $0.1 and a $100 maximum wager. It’s available on both desktop and mobile and was refurbished and revamped in 2023 with a fresh studio, more interesting rules, and an overall tuneup.

Although the simple card game of Hi-Lo enjoys some notoriety, live casino software providers have always struggled to make it interesting. Betgames War of Bets take an interesting approach by using a betting system similar to sports betting, which gives a lot of depth to the game. Our War of Bets game review takes a close look at how this system works and whether its worth playing.

War of Bets Live
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Live War of Bets Review

Game Specifications
Game nameWar of Bets Live
Game providerBetgames
Game typeSpecialty Games
Streaming from Malta, Lithuania
Bet range€1 - €100
Max win12:1
Side betsYes
Supported platforms Desktop Mobile Tablet
Supported OS Android Windows
Languages English English

The original BetGames’ War of Bets is the standard game of Casino War taken to the live stream format and changed to allow for more betting options. And just like the rest of BetGames’ products, the War of Bets is hosted by lovely dealers and enjoys high-end production. However, Casino War is essentially a simple game of Hi-Lo. There’s not a lot there to keep players coming back – sure it’s straightforward and simple, but there is such a thing as too straightforward and too simple. As far as we can tell, the game never quite reached the heights of popularity of this company’s other games such as Lucky 6.

In 2023, it seems Betgames went back to the drawing board. They needed to add more substance to the War of Bets casino game – something to make every round seem like a unique experience. The resulting game still goes under the same name – War of Bets. However, it has a system that allows players to place bets at multiple points in the round. The idea is for odds and payouts to adapt to the situation on the table, offering multiple possible solutions for players willing to weigh the risks and rewards.

We’ll get into the specifics of how War of Bets works in a second. For now, we’ll point out that the 2023 update also came with a new, state-of-the-art studio and improved the game’s UI and overall performance. Additionally, we’ll remind everyone that you can demo Betgames titles for free, allowing you to get a feel for the game without risking money. You can play War of Bets for free here.

Key Highlights

Modified version of Casino War or Hi-Lo
Dynamic system of betting odds used to calculate payouts based on probability
Wide range of betting options, including 3 main bets and 20+ side bets
Familiar, user-friendly Betgames interface that allows for quick and responsive wagering
Accessible 24/7 and presented by professional hosts and hostesses
Modern live casino studio that received a facelift in 2023

How to Play War of Bets

The basic premise of Casino War is simple – all you have to do is predict which of two cards will be of the higher rank. The game features two main betting positions – Player and Dealer. If you accurately predict which of these two draws the higher card, you win.

In terms of card rankings, the rules are quite straightforward. The deuce, or 2, is considered the weakest card. Aces are considered the strongest. The remaining cards are ranked as you would expect them to. From weakest to strongest, they are ordered as 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on.

When you want to make a bet, just scroll down beneath the stream window to see all betting options. Once you click a bet, it will automatically be entered into your bet slip, which can be found on the right. All that’s left would be to fill in your betting amount and click “Place Bet”.

Unlike traditional Casino War games, War of Bets from Betgames takes bets in several stages. The game reacts to the cards currently on the table by offering dynamically changing betting odds. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ll walk you through a round of the game step by step.


    War of Bet Stages


    Primary Bet

    Every round of War of Bets starts with open betting and no cards on the table. The three main betting options are Player, Banker, and War.

    Bets on the Player win if the Player position draws the higher card, and vice versa for the Banker. Bets on the ‘War’ position win if both cards are of the same rank. If the outcome of a round is a War (draw), both Player and Banker bets lose.

    At this point, both Player and Banker have equal odds of winning. Both offer standard payouts of 2.05, which translates to a 1.05:1 payout. War pays 12:1 by default.

    Apart from the standard Player/Banker/War bets, the other betting options you have at your disposal are betting on the colour of any of the cards, betting on the suit, and betting on different outcomes tied to the value of the cards. The betting odds can be seen next to the name of the bet, along with a star symbol that can be used to create your own “favourites” category. Most side bets in War of Bets are pretty self-explanatory. You can find a list of all available options on the Paytable below.


    Second Round

    Things get a lot more interesting once the host deals the first card. The Player position always draws the first card, which is seen face-up.

    Once that happens, a new round of betting opens. Players now have a chance to place any available bets again, with no limitations. You can bet on the same position you did in the Primary round, you can bet on the opposite result, or any other combination.

    There is one crucial difference, though – the betting odds are different this time around. The face-up card on the player position is known to everyone, which changes the odds and probabilities of all wagers in War of Bets. All of the payouts are re-calculated and offered to reflect those changes.

    For example, let’s say the Player position draws a Four. As per the rules of the game, a Four is a relatively weak card. The chances of Player winning with a four are quite low – much lower than the 50/50 chances it had before any cards were drawn. In this case, the betting odds on Player bets will increase, meaning you will win much more if you bet on it at this stage. However, your chances of winning are also considerably smaller. Conversely, the odds for the Banker to win will decrease compared to the original 2.05 because the Banker is much more likely to win.

    Remember, betting odds are inversely proportional to their probability of winning. The riskier a bet is, the more you stand to win by betting on it, and so the odds increase.

    The same principle of dynamic betting odds is applied to all bets in War of Bets.



    Once the second betting period ends, the presenter deals a card to Banker. The Banker and Player cards are compared, and the side with a higher-value card wins.

    All payouts are calculated based on the type of bet you made and the moment in which you made it. Let’s return to the example from the previous step to explain how this works.

    Let’s say you make a Player bet in the Primary round at odds of 2.05. The odds on Player bets in our example increase in the second round of betting, let’s say to 4.00. If Player wins, you will win a payout of 2.05 because those are the odds you accepted. If you made the same bet in the second round of betting with 4.00 odds, that would be the payout you receive.

    Once all wagers are settled, the game round ends and the next one begins.

    War of Bets Strategy Tips
    • 1
      Hedging your bets can be a great way to protect yourself against losses. For example, if the first drawn card reveals that you will probably lose, bet on the other Main wager. Although the odds will be quite smaller, you'll win back some of the cash you lost.
    • 2
      Unlike games like Baccarat, all bets in this title always have the same house edgee of 5%. It's big, but it's also consistent, which means there are no right or wrong bets to make. Just go with what your gut tells you.
    • 3
      Of course, this also means that War of Bets is completely based on luck.

    Payouts & RTP

    The War of Bets guide above explains in detail how odds work in this game. Basically, there are no fixed payouts, and the reward for every wager depends on the time in which you placed it.

    However, every bet in the game also has a “starting position” – the odds it offers before any cards are dealt and the odds adjust. We’ll call this the default payout of every bet. You can find the complete list of all bets in War of Bets and its default payout below. Just keep in mind that these payouts tend to be much different in the second round of wagering.

    Importantly, some bets (such as Color and Suits wagers) adjust odds based on the cards remaining in the shoe. For example, if fewer black cards have been drawn than red cards in the previous few rounds, bets on Black will have lower odds. That’s why odds on some wagers change not only between two betting periods, but also between game rounds. We’ve still opted to include all of these bets on the table below to illustrate the full range of options in this game.

    BetDefault Payout
    Main Bet
    Color Bets
    Dealer's card will be red0.95:1
    Dealer's card will be black0.95:1
    Player's card will be red0.95:1
    Player's card will be black0.95:1
    Suit Bets
    Dealer's card will be Club2.50:1
    Dealer's card will be Spade2.50:1
    Dealer's card will be Heart2.50:1
    Dealer's card will be Diamond2.50:1
    Player's card will be Club2.50:1
    Player's card will be Spade2.50:1
    Player's card will be Heart2.50:1
    Player's card will be Diamond2.50:1
    Value Bets
    Dealer's card will be 811:1
    Dealer's card will less than be 81.95:1
    Dealer's card will more than be 81.95:1
    Player's card will be 811:1
    Player's card will less than be 81.95:1
    Player's card will more than be 81.95:1
    Dealer's card will be Face card (J, Q, K)3.2:1
    Dealer's card will be Pip card (A, 2-10)0.25:1
    Player's card will be Face card (J, Q, K)3.2:1
    Player's card will be Pip card (A, 2-10)0.25:1

    War of Bets RTP is set at 95%. This is the fixed house edge applied to all payout calculations, meaning the RTP is roughly the same all the time.

    All in all, an RTP rate of 95% is quite poor compared to most other live casino games. We would argue it’s this game’s greatest weakness. However, you should keep in mind that it’s an entertainment-style casino game – it can be fun even with the steep house advantage.


    New to Live War of Bets?

    Our Verdict of Live War of Bets

    If you were ever a fan of Casino War, BetGames’ War of Bets is a great option to spice things up a bit. Offering around-the-clock gameplay and a far superior betting variety than its traditional casino counterpart are the main pros of War of Bets, while the dealers and quality presentation are only the icing on the cake.

    Understanding the dynamic system of odds in War of Bets is crucial to enjoying the game. It’s quite creative, all things considered, and we’ve seen similar rules used in games like Bet on Poker. It gives some depth to a game that would otherwise have none. Throw in the accessible interface of all Betgames products and the overall level of polish, and there’s a lot to love about War of Bets.

    Although the RTP is on the low side for live casino games, Betgames War of Bets is a worthwhile experience that’s unlike anything else on the market. Give it a try if you enjoy games like Baccarat or Dragon Tiger – you may be surprised at how engrossing it can be to try to beat the odds.

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    A crucial strategy is to limit your losses and maximize winnings by betting in both betting periods. After the first card is revealed, hedge your bets to ensure you win some amount, at least. Beyond that, this is a game of chance and the best strategy is to mind your spending and bankroll.
    The game uses a shoe of six decks of standard 54 playing cards.
    War of Bets is a live casino game made by Betgames. Based around the concept of Hi-Lo, the game allows players to predict which of two cards will be higher with multiple betting stages in a single round.
    The maximum payout varies from round to round depending on the remaining card shoe, currently face-up cards, et cetera. There is no fixed limit to how big a payout can be. However, the highest starting odds are for War bets at 12:1. These odds rarely grow significantly higher than this figure.

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