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5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Top tips

There is one casino game that is singlehandedly the most popular casino game ever, and that is blackjack. This casino game is part of every possible casino, including live casinos. It’s a game that is based on something much more than just luck; it is based on skill, the main feature why casino players are attracted so much to the game.

Choose a Table with Minimum Bet No More Than 5% of Your Bankroll

Playing blackjack takes discipline, so you shouldn’t play live blackjack tables where the minimum bet allowed doesn’t suit your bankroll. A common practice by skilled blackjack players is to play tables where the minimum bet amount is 5% or lower of your bankroll amount. This way you are able to last longer, considered you want the play the minimum.

Play One Hand at a Time and Sit the Farthest From the Dealer

If you tend to use a betting strategy in live blackjack, don’t play multiple hands at the same time (if possible). Just focus on your one hand in order to be successful with your strategy. Also, take the position at the live table that is farthest from the dealer, because that way it is easier to observe what cards have been played out.

Use an Optimal Strategy and Help Yourself with Blackjack Charts

The internet is filled with blackjack charts for almost every blackjack variation out there. Blackjack charts tell you what to do in certain situations, for example, what to do when having a ten and a four when the dealer has a ten and a two etc. When choosing a blackjack chart, always choose it according to how many decks the live game has, if the dealer stands on soft 17 and similar rules.

Then also make sure you learn some basic strategies and apply them (and stick to them) while playing.  By combining the charts with a good strategy, you then have a greater chance of walking away on top in the end.

Never Take the Insurance

Insurance might be a smart move if you count cards, but since live blackjack games use multiple card decks, which makes counting the cards extremely difficult, insurance is out of question. This bet is a rip off, and every good blackjack players knows that. The odds for the insurance bet are 9:4 when the dealer is showing ace. Say you’ve made thirteen $1 insurance bets in a game. Based on the odds, you are likely to win 4 of these bets, which mean $4 for you, and lose in the other 9 cases, which is $9, so you are actually $5 in the hole.

Find a Table That Pays 3 to 2 for Blackjack

You will find plenty of different live blackjack tables where different variations are played. No matter what the blackjack variation is, always see that you select the table where blackjack pays 3 to 2, and where the dealer stands on soft 17. These are the two most important things when searching for a live table. Blackjack is a game with a pretty low house edge, but if you don’t choose your table smart, the house edge may rise considerably and you will be at a greater disadvantage.