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Using Bet Behind Option in Live Casino Blackjack

By: Staff Writer
Low stakes bets for the Bet Behind option is good way for new players to try live blackjack. Image:

Low stakes bets for the Bet Behind option is good way for new players to try live blackjack. Image:

Bet Behind is a side bet in Live Blackjack where a limitless number of players can bet behind the main seven seated players. This adds large multiplayer scalability and big winning potential. While they wait for one of the seven seats to become free, players can bet behind. In addition, a seated player can bet behind any other seat.

Players that are on a winning streak are marked with a gold medal next to their name. Up to two ribbons and up to three stars around the gold medal also show how ‘hot’ a player currently is. Everybody can see the scores and choose a hot player to bet behind and try to increase his own chances of winning.

New and inexperienced players can feel the thrill of Live Blackjack by placing low stakes for the bet behind option. Moreover, not only they can participate in the game but they can also potentially win something. This side bet is unlimited meaning that waiting players can bet behind all main players and a main player can bet behind all seated gamers.

Huge Payout Potential

The unlimited nature of the bet behind option adds a huge revenue potential. Everybody can bet behind everybody and place a limitless number of bet behind side bets. This option is especially profitable for players without experience or gaming strategies as they are able to take part in the game and, if lucky, win something. In addition, not only it adds extra interest for players, but the bet behind option also adds significant extra revenue opportunity for live casino operators.

Standard Payout Ratios

By using the hot streak table, players can bet behind on ‘hot’ players and hopefully be profitable from their winning streak. With this option you get the typical 1 to 1 payout ratio including the standard 3 to 2 payout ratio for blackjack (i.e. first two cards totaling 21) when you bet behind.

Where to Find Live Dealer Blackjack with Bet Behind Sidebets

Live casino software providers such as Microgaming and Evolution Gaming offer this side bet option to their Live Blackjack tables. Bet behind is only available for blackjack and reputable and reliable live dealer casinos that offer it are 32Red Live Casino (Microgaming) and 888 Live Casino (Evolution). The former casino is powered by Evolution Gaming and features both VIP and low stake Live Blackjack tables while the later is powered by Microgaming and in addition to the standard live casino it also features a Playboy Live Casino with sexy Playboy bunny dealers.

Another great and trustworthy casino that offers Live Blackjack with bet behind side bets is BetVictor Live Casino. In fact, the site features four live casinos- Victor’s Live, Victor Royale, BV Grand and Extreme Live Casino- and each has over 20 dealers and more than 10 tables. To place this side bet option, join the Evolution Gaming powered BV Grand casino which is live from Latvia and pick a blackjack table of your choice.

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