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BetGames Software Review

Prior to August 2021, this software developer was named BetGames.TV. It has since been rebranded simply as BetGames.
BetGames is one of the world’s leading suppliers of live casino games and software. The company was founded in 2012, which makes them a bit of a rising star in the live gaming world. This is especially true if you consider how many awards they earned in 2019 and 2020, including “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” in the 2020 SBC awards.

Betgames has been focused on making live casino games from the get-go. This reflects positively on their final product in several ways. On one hand, innovation is a bit of a BetGames specialty. Love them or hate them, their games are unlike anything else on the market. We’ll dive into the portfolio of top Betgames titles later, but it’s important to keep this fact in mind. Furthermore, they tend to play around with the very idea of live table games. While they may not have the resources of some of their larger competitors, BetGames’ ability to think outside the box is what got them to the top of the industry. It’s also why you can find their games on some of the best live casino sites around.

Betgames are licensed in quite a few respected remote gambling jurisdictions. These include the UK, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, and Bulgaria. Moreover, they are reportedly in the process of acquiring licenses in Sweden, Columbia, Greece, and Romania.

BetGames Studio Locations Worldwide

As far as streaming locations go, BetGames casino games are highly centralized. In other words, all the titles are streamed directly from their head office in Vilnius, Lithuania. This makes them connected to their roots, in a way. The company started with just one game streamed to one country, moving on to become an international brand. The team working to bring you top live Betgames boasts almost 200 employees.

While we’re on the topic, BetGames are renowned for some of the best-trained live dealers in the business. The game hosts are likely carefully picked to reflect a certain image and appeal. Studio sets are carefully crafted and up to the highest standards of live table casinos. Perhaps that’s why their portfolio has been known to draw in all sorts of players. No matter which BetGames casino games you’re playing or how off-the-cuff they are, the product itself is reassuringly well made.

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Live Game Portfolio of BetGames

Let’s make one thing clear first – if you’re looking to just play a simple game of blackjack online, you’re looking at the wrong provider. In fact, BetGames does not have any ‘classic’ live casino games in their offer. Some get fairly close, such as Bet on Baccarat, but they’re never just a straightforward card game. That’s great if you’re looking for something new and exciting. Still, fans of old-school card games and such should probably look elsewhere.

So what do they offer, then? Well, it’s difficult to explain without you looking at the game reviews themselves. Put bluntly, every Betgames release is either a fresh concept or a unique twist on something. We can say that most of their products fall within the category of specialty casino games. We can also categorize them as betting games, which means players don’t do much except bet on the outcome. The only exceptions are several variants of casino poker.

All of them are also completely live, meaning no RNG mechanics are used. Most of them also share betting limits with a range of $1-100. The majority are broadcast in English, though they’ve been expanding their native table portfolio in recent years.


As we noted above, Bet on Baccarat is the only live baccarat Betgames has to offer. That said, it’s a modified version of the original with three betting stages. Not much has been altered to be honest, which should suit fans of the casino classic. Either way, it’s an interesting new way to play live baccarat online. We always welcome innovation here at Besides, it’s not like there’s a shortage of classic live baccarat games.


Online casino poker is something BetGames have invested in heavily. They have several such titles on offer, which they can’t say for most other game types. Bet On Poker is more-or-less similar to the original ruleset, but with 5 betting stages that are noticeably different. 6+ Poker, on the other hand, is a completely unique creation that almost works as a blend of Poker and Baccarat.

Other Live Games

This is where most of this provider’s releases can be found, and it’s quite a diverse bunch of titles. For example, there is the Wheel of Fortune which contributed to the rise in popularity of this format. There are several BetGames lottery variants, which became a bit of a specialty for them with games such as Lucky 7. Others don’t really have anything we can compare them to, such as War of Bets or the new Rock Paper Scissors.

Native Tables

Though this company can’t exactly boast a huge variety of native-speaking live table games, they’ve been improving their offer lately. The first one that comes to mind is the Polish Poker table, specifically designed for the Polish market. Beyond that, they’ve recently added an Andar Bahar table, catering to the rapidly growing Indian market.

Devices and Platforms Supported by BetGames

All Betgames live casino games are fully compatible with most modern devices. This, of course, includes the PC version which can be accessed from any internet browser. Still, a good chunk of players these days prefer mobile. These players will be happy to know that you can play Betgames on mobile from anywhere in the world. All releases are fully optimized for smaller screens and touchscreen controls.

This includes Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.. You can play at Betgames live casinos on pretty much any kind of device, including iPhones, iPads, tablets, and so on.

Our Summary – BetGames Game Provider

All other considerations aside, BetGames deserve acclaim for their pioneering spirit, if nothing else. It takes a lot of courage to step out of the boundaries of what are considered ‘safe’ live casino releases. Especially in the manner BetGames has done by completely ignoring the sure-fire options like Roulette and Blackjack. Sure, some of their titles end up better than others, and some experiments are destined to fall on their nose. As a team of people who have been playing live casino games for years, though, we appreciate the effort put into trying something new.

Before you get the wrong impression, though, innovation is far from the only advantage of BetGames. No matter what you think of the underlying ideas, the execution is always spotless. Don’t believe us? Well, it’s a good thing you can play Betgames online for free, right on the official website. Offering up free live casino demos like that is not something many do in this industry. This ensures you can never be disappointed by a BetGames title. Just try it out for free first, and see if it suits you!

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