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5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live Casino Hold’em

Top Live Casino Hold'em TipsCasino Hold’em is one of the more popular Hold’em variations frequently played among casino players in Europe, Russia and even South Africa. It is not that much available as a live game across live online casinos as other games are such as blackjack, baccarat or roulette, but you can find it nevertheless at some live casinos powered by software providers such as Playtech.

Find an Optimal Strategy

Casino Hold’em features a relatively decent house edge, but nevertheless you cannot play the game to make a living. You would be a fool to think that gambling can be a profession, except if you are a poker genius. The casino will always have an advantage over you and the only thing you can do is to find or develop an optimal strategy with which you can take your loss to the minimum and gain a profit in the meantime. With an optimal strategy you should play in 82% of the cases, and you will have to fold in the rest of the 18% of cases. This will mostly be when you don’t have a chance for a straight or a flush.

Perfect Your Poker Game and Advance to Casino Hold’em

Before you begin playing live Casino Hold’em, make sure to perfect your understanding of standard poker as well as your poker playing skills. Casino Hold’em is very easy to play and includes less pressure when playing, considering you have only the dealer to beat so you don’t need to bluff, and it features a unique game play. But, how can you expect to win in a poker variation if you don’t know how to play the standard poker game well?

Know When to Fold

The most important thing to remember in live Casino Hold’em is to know when to fold your hand. If you don’t have good hole cards, it’s better to cut your losses and wait for another hand. Anyway, it is advised that you play out most of the hands. But, try to be reasonable, and remember the worst hand you can play is still 2-7 off suit.

When to Carry on With Your Hand

When the flop comes out and you have a semi decent hand, continue betting and play out your hand. Don’t think of folding because that would be a wrong move. Remember, you are playing against the dealer only and not the other players seated at the live table, which means the chances for a win can be pretty decent, especially in a case when you have good hole cards and the flop has been good too.

Always Call If You Can Pair With the Flop

If either of your cards can be paired with at least one flop card, don’t miss the chance to call, or if your cards form a flush draw or an inside straight draw. Other cases where live Casino Hold’em players are advised to call if any of their cards are above 7.