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Basic Strategy Tips When Playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em

Live Casino Hold'Em StrategyHold Em is one of the most popular poker variations played anywhere and with the array of online casinos offering this game in a live dealer version, players online can feel like they are right in the middle of the action of a live game. Since Casino Hold Em does have a house edge, players will not make millions as they could with other poker games. However, there are some playing tips and strategies that can be used when playing the live dealer version of the game and these will help with increased winnings and overall success.

With live Casino Hold Em, the game is designed to be played against the casino instead of against other players. There are a variety of rules and bets that can be placed, so players should first familiarise themselves with these before even attempting to enter a live dealer game.

Optimal Strategy and House Edge

When playing this live dealer game with optimal strategy, the house edge is around 0.80%. There are no simple rules that will tell players when to play their hands or when to fold since the strategy is based on all five cards that are in play. There are charts that are available that will tell players exactly what they should do when holding certain cards and these should be referred to as often as possible. By using basic strategies, live dealer Casino Hold Em players will have better chances at winning pots and will be able to stay in the game for a longer period of time. Once players become familiar with strategy charts, they can continue using the basic strategy and start using their own tactics that can increase the winning possibilities even more.

As a rule, players should never fold when they have a pair, Ace or King high or any flush or an openended straight. In addition, folding should be avoided with a Queen high. Folding should only be done on very low cards or those that cannot possible create a straight or other paying hand.

Learn More with Free Games

While live dealer Casino Hold Em offers a level of excitement that is craved by most experienced players, it can be a bit overwhelming for those that are new to the game, especially if they are not aware of rules or basic strategies. The best way to prepare for playing any live dealer game is to take advantage of free games at the online casino. Most sites will have a free version of Casino Hold Em, where players risk no money but can benefit greatly from the time t practice. Here, players can learn all of the game strategies and take their time in making game decisions. After a few hands, players will become more comfortable and will find the game very easy to play.

Before entering any live dealer Casino Hold Em game, always check the table betting limits. Man players will make the mistake of entering a high limit game with limited funds, so this can easily be avoided by checking limits before placing any wager. By practicing money management skills and using basic Casino Hold Em strategies, any player can enjoy the action of a live dealer game and start collecting high paying pots.

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