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Sic Bo, also known as Hi-Lo or Big and Small in some land-based casinos, is an unusual Chinese game widely adopted by modern casinos. It is a game of chance and the only one besides craps where dice are used. The game has an ancient origin, stemming from ancient China, and it’s pretty amazing how it survived till today. The Chinese names for this game are Dai Siu and Tai Sai, which can mean Lucky Dice, Big-Small, Dice-Bowl, or Dice Pair. The European variant is known as Grand Hazard and there is also an English version called Chuck-a-luck. Apparently, the game was a subject of fascination for people during centuries past and its derivations probably helped keeping it alive until now.

Today, Sic-Bo is widely offered throughout online casinos. The game is not complicated at all and it’s pretty exciting to play. It was brought to the USA by Chinese people that immigrated to the new world in the late 19th and early 20th century. Luckily for those who can’t visit the Chinese betting heaven of Macau as often as they would like (perhaps not even once), this thrilling dice game is offered not only as a standard, digitally created online casino game, but as a live game too with a live dealer as a host.

United States Best Live Sic-Bo Casinos 2021

Bovada Live Casino

  • Licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Safe gaming with 128-bit SSL encryption
  • One of the better US friendly option
  • US
  • Mobile Friendly

Up to $3,000

Deposit Bonus
18+. T&C's Apply
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5Dimes Live Casino

  • Rare U.S. Live Casino
  • Live games in full HD
  • Free play available
  • US
  • UK
  • AU
  • EU
  • AS
  • CA
  • Not Mobile Friendly

Up to $250

Deposit Bonus
18+. T&C's Apply
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More About Live Dealer Sic-Bo

Sic Bo is played with three dice. Originally somebody would roll the dice across the table, but now, in modern conditions this “hard work” is done by an automatic shaker at the push of a button. Due to this, a casino croupier doesn’t have much to do with managing the game and mainly plays a role of a host/presenter/entertainer. Whenever you enter a live dealer Sic Bo game, you will be able to see s a wide variety of options that relate to the numbers rolled on the dice spread across the table.

Before the dice are shaken, the players are prompted to place their bets. Once you've selected your chips and placed your bets, the dealer will usually say: “No more bets.” As with other live casino games, Sic Bo players have limited time to place their wagers, so it’s best not to lose track of the counter. When the shaker is put in motion, the camera usually zooms in on the apparatus to capture the final dice roll and show the outcome of the shake. For this reason, the shaker is transparent, allowing the participants to follow the action directly as it unfolds. The results of the roll will be displayed across the screen, often digitally rendered for confirmation and all the betting fields that qualify for the win will be highlighted.

Live Sic Bo is a game of many betting options, and that is a good thing for every gambler’s type. Whether you are a low-risk player, a balanced risk player or a high roller, Sic Bo can offer you a suitable bet. Now, different software providers have the liberty to introduce their versions of popular Sic Bo bets, so make sure you review the live Sic Bo rules and gameplay layout before you start investing real money.

The most basic bet, the one that carries 50/50 chance, is the Big/Small – a bet on Big or Small numbers. If the result of a roll is in the 11-17 range, then Big bets win. On the other hand, if the roll results in 4 to 10, Small bets take the cake. Betting on single numbers is also possible, in which case different odds are applied if you preferred number is shown on one, two or all three dice.

More bets include Double, Triple, Any Triple, One Dice, Two Dice, Odd, Even, Three Dice Total etc. Since there are so many bets to consider, live dealer Sic Bo games usually have a bit longer betting times. Certain bets come with huge returns, although most players keep it simple and just bet on Big or Small.

Which Live Casino Software Providers Offer Sic Bo

One of several Asian games in the online gaming market, Sic Bo is covered by all the most popular Asian-oriented live casino providers. They are mainly based in Manila and stream authentic Sic Bo with native dealers and plenty of options to win. Nevertheless, industry giants like Evolution Gaming have also worked their magic and created spectacular Sic Bo live dealer games in a way no one could ever imagine.

Software brands that stand out are SA Gaming, Ho Gaming, <ahref="">Asia Gaming, Vivo Gaming, XPro, and Playtech. You can also find dice games in the portfolios of Gold Deluxe, EntwineTech, BBin and Gameplay Interactive. These mainly provide medium video quality, but quite good camerawork, which often compensates for any imperfections in the feed itself. SA Gaming Live Sic Bo is one of the more high-quality variants available in the oriental part of the world. You can find this game in the Shanghai lobby at Live Casino House, for example.

For a game that is not as globally recognized as baccarat, Sic Bo has extended its reach across the gaming platform well beyond Asian markets alone. It’s becoming more and more known and loved among western players, thanks to Evolution, Playtech and Vivo. However, it seems as if Philippine providers are leading in terms of quantity. As always, it’s up to the player to pick and choose and stick with the best option available.

Best Live Sic Bo Games

1. Evolution Gaming Live Super Sic Bo is a traditional game of Sic Bo with a modern, unique twist to it. It is hosted by English speaking dealers and takes place in Evolution’s central studio in Riga, Latvia. The predominant color in the studio is red and the outfit or the hostess is usually in the same color, very elegant and ready to deliver hot-blooded gameplay. HD visuals and crystal-clear sounds are also advantages of this particular variant, along with random multipliers that are added to certain bets. These random multipliers can reach ridiculously high amounts, as a Total 4 or 17 can pay up to 499:1 and Specific Triple can pay at 999:1 odds.

2. SA Gaming Live Sic Bo Shanghai gives players 40 seconds to place their wagers. The betting area is a digitally rendered table and users have a choice of two different layouts. In this game, Specific Triple pays 180:1. Other possible betting options include Small (under 11), Big (over 10), Odd, Even, Numbers (bet on any specific number from 1 to 6), Any Triple, Specific Total, Specific Double, Pair, All Odd, All Even, 2 Odd 1 Even, 3 Single, 4 Number and Specific Double and Single. For those who are fond of keeping up with the statistics, SA Gaming Live Sic Bo has road maps and displays Hot Points and Cold Points on screen.

3. Playtech Live Sic Bo supports a wide range of betting options and features high wagering limits. If you want, you can activate functions such as Clear Bets, Rebet and Confirm by using shortcuts on your keyboard. Instead of using a standard green casino table, Playtech’s Live Sic Bo has a purple table. Also, players benefit from extensive outcome history which may help them predict future results. Gameplay is streamed from the company’s large-scale studio in Manila and expert Asian presenters sit at the table.

4. Asia Gaming Live Sic Bo AGQ Vegas offers a straightforward betting layout and a big transparent dice shaker. The hostess sits at the table, but does not take center stage. She usually contributes by maintaining great atmosphere in the studio. This variant is played with standard bets like Big, Small, Specific Triple and Any Triple. The rest of the available bets are sorted into categories One of a Kind and Sum of Point, for better organization. Specific Triple pays at 180:1 odds.

5. Ho Gaming Live Sic Bo comes with a more detailed software design, but provides explanations and instructions for each combination and each available bet. The table in front of the presenter is bare and the bets are digitally presented. The camera zooms in on the shaker when it’s on and the interface is quite generous when it comes to statistical data – it displays Hot/Cold number stats with the exact percentage of hit frequency for each number. Really easy-to-use, true-to-tradition game of Sic Bo.

Where to Play Sic Bo in Live Casinos

So, where can one find these dice games? Knowing their providers, it’s not that difficult to assume which venues might have them. The obvious choice for Live Super Sic Bo by Evolution is 888 Casino, an experienced operator with an endless choice of bonuses, some of which directly target live casino players. We’d like to point out Live Casino House, where you can play various versions of Sic Bo, as this website houses software by Gold Deluxe, Ho Gaming, Asia Gaming and SA Gaming. Having all of them in one place is a great convenience, as this means you can access their Sic Bo live dealer games with only one account. Betwinner is also a casino worth mentioning with an impressive live lobby and a mobile-compatible site available in over 50 world languages.

  • Bonuses - Always look for live dealer bonuses because they can increase your bankroll greatly, but beware of the terms and conditions, since that’s the most important part of any bonus.
  • Security - Majority of online casinos use security measures for anything from transactions to game fairness, but always choose an online casino with a well-founded reputation in the gaming community.
  • Banking - You cannot start your live Sic-Bo adventure without being able to deposit money into your casino account, so don’t forget to check the banking methods offered before joining.
  • Sic-Bo Games - The most widely played Sic-Bo variant is the standard, but there are other too, such as Chuck-a-Luck or Grand Hazard, which can spice up your playing time.
  • Software - The same principle can be applied here as for security. The bigger the reputation of an online casino, the more likely that it uses fair, secure and state-of-the-art software.
  • Mobile - If you want to play a Live Sic-Bo game on your mobile, then always check if the live dealer games are offered for playing on your Smartphone or tablet.

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    Frequently asked questions

    We are aware that live Sic-Bo can be a new experience for the majority of online casino players, because they are used to standard live dealer casino games, therefore we’re happy to answer the most frequently asked questions and to resolve any uncertainties that they might have about live Sic-Bo.

    Is the live Sic-Bo house edge different from the standard non-live game?

    The house edge in Sic-Bo is 2.78% for small and big bets. Even though hosting a live dealer game can be more expensive for online casinos, the house edge remains the same.

    Is live Sic-Bo included in the loyalty programs of online casinos?

    Certainly, some loyalty schemes may even include double or triple rates of earning loyalty points which can be exchanged for cash, and various other perks that other players don’t get.

    What are the minimum and maximum limits allowed for live Sic-Bo?

    In most cases you will encounter standard live dealer Sic-Bo table limits. The most frequent minimum is $1-$5, while in some cases the maximum can go over $10,000 depending on your VIP status.

    How are the dice rolled in a live Sic-Bo game?

    In a computer simulated Sic-Bo game the computer simulates a dice roll, while in a live dealer game the dealer rolls the dice using real dice and a shaker.

    What are the payouts for live Sic-Bo?

    They’re pretty much the standard as in non-live Sic-Bo games. The biggest payout is for a Triple bet (180 to 1), while the lowest is for Big and Small bets (1 to 1).

    Am I required to download any software to play live Sic-Bo?

    This decision is entirely up to you. Online casinos offer their games embedded in your browser, but if you want to you can download the casino client and play without using your browser.

    featured game

    Playtech Live Sic Bo

    The Chinese dice game also known as tai sai has long ago made its appearance at the live dealer tables and the Playtech title can only be played in gaming establishments that stream the action live from the Asian studio in Manila, Philippines. Supporting wide range of betting options and featuring high wagering limits, Live Sic Bo will appeal to thrill-seeking gamers around the globe.

    Certain players might be put off by the big house edge on certain bet types, but with so many exciting wagers on offer and some pretty impressive payouts, Sic Bo is rightly considered one of the most popular titles in Asian casinos and is slowly making its way to the European market.

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