Get acquainted with Live Baccarat characteristics.

It is about time to pull the curtains down off of the game of baccarat or as some prefer to call it – punto banco. Yes, we know it sounds intimidating because James Bonds plays it and overall it has a reputation of a game solely accessible and understandable to high rollers – but the reality is far from that. You can play baccarat, and your neighbor can play it, and anyone who enjoys card games for that matter. And they should, because it’s a terrific game with transparent, direct set of rules and great winning possibilities. Thanks to modern day technology of internet websites and live video streaming casino players can relive the live gambling experience from the intimacy of their own homes. Live Dealer Baccarat has also been added to the terrific assortment of live games like blackjack and roulette, now available for everyone with an internet connection.

How Live Baccarat Works

Baccarat may be the easiest game to learn, according to casino beginners. It’s a comparative card game where hands of a player and a banker are compared for higher hand total. You bet on whose hand will win and that is the basic principle of it. With only three bets available – the banker bet, the player bet, and the tie bet – decisions aren’t that tough to make. Based on popular experience, if you are ever in doubt you should bet on the player, and no matter how tempted you are you should never bet on the hand to result in a tie. Baccarat is a game of chance, as pure as it gets, but as is usually the case people won’t rest until they figure out a way to go around cruel reality and try to improve their odds at winning at games. There are numerous strategy suggestions and tips about playing baccarat, but the one most frequently mentioned is the pattern tracking strategy. It is also referred to as the ‘roadmaps strategy’ and often taken very seriously in the casino world.

Intro to Roadmaps

What are these roadmaps we’re talking about? Well, they are basically a tool that is based on tracking previous baccarat patterns in order to provide the player with better assets to analyze past situations and improve on future betting decisions. Casinos are quite welcoming on the idea of it and often, as you play your live dealer baccarat game you can access posted graphical representations of the results of the previous rounds. These roadmaps, or scorecards, can be presented in different styles by using icons arranged in a rectangular grid of empty square fields, showing the recorded history for the current shoe.

There are five roadmap representations in total and they go by the names of Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road. The Bead Road chart can be considered the simplest one as it merely shows the results of previous hands marking every time the player or the banker won, and also all hands that resulted in a tie. One icon corresponds to one round, and all icons are neatly arranged inside a rectangular grid – 1st round at the top left corner. Analyzing game history in this way can be helpful in the process of looking for familiar trends.

The Big Road Chart shows the results arranged in columns using the colors red and blue for blanker and player wins, respectively. Ties are shown in form of a green stripe, so it turns out quite convenient to make not of all the consecutive wins and ties. The three remaining roadmaps are all derived from the Big Road chart. Some say scorecards have no effect to future outcome of a baccarat session, but you have to admit the whole concept is highly elaborated and if nothing – fun. If you feel intrigued, go and explore some more on the subject before hitting live casinos online to ensure best results at playing live baccarat!