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Looking over today’s online casino scene, some may think that there’s nothing new under the sun. Most new casino games we see are at least derived from earlier titles – that is, unless you decide to dig a little deeper. Our Specialty Games section is proof that creative game designers still have the power to surprise us.

Rock Paper Scissors by BetGames is the first-ever attempt to bring the age-old social game to a live casino setting. Betgames as a company is somewhat known for its outside-the-box ideas when it comes to game design. In fact, they don’t even offer classics like Blackjack and Baccarat. Almost all Betgames casino games can be described as Specialty products.

Well, in January 2021 they came out with Rock Paper Scissors. You’re probably familiar with the rules of this one – at least the basic concept. Translated into a live casino game, some features have been added to increase longevity – but we’ll get to those in a sec.

All BetGames titles are presented in a sort of unified interface. This means that you can switch between any of their streams with a simple click. They currently have close to a dozen games out, and you can select any of them near the top of the screen. It’s an interesting idea, especially because most of their products are rather simple, unique as they may be.

How to Play BetGames Rock Paper Scissors Online

We all know how to play Rock Paper Scissors, right? That means you’ll know how to play Rock Paper Scissors by BetGames as well. Or at least that you’ll catch on quickly.

Essentially, the outcome is determined by a simple card draw. The dealer will take a card from a special deck that contains 24 cards in total – 8 for each option. Your goal is to place a bet beforehand on the outcome that beats the dealer’s card. So, for instance, if you were to bet on Rock and the dealer draws Scissors, you would win! We probably don’t need to spell out which option beats which, but we’ll do it anyway:

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beat Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

Now, you may notice that the dealer actually draws two cards and places them in separate sections. These are the Gold and Silver sections, each representing a different type of Rock Paper Scissors bet you can place.

The Silver section is basically for less risky bets. A bet in the silver section wins less, but it also returns your bet on a draw.

The golden side, on the other hand, has better odds but only partially returns your stake if you get a draw.

There’s no real difference in RTP here. All bets essentially have a 5% commission. Wins on the silver side pay out at 1.85x your bet, while draws return the full stake. A win on the golden side pays out 2.5x your bet, but only gives 0.35x your stake if you get a draw.

The dealer draws a separate card for each of the two sides. This also means you can place two bets per round – a silver bet and a gold bet. Crafty players can use this to come up with an actual Betgames Rock Paper Scissors strategy by combining and hedging the bets.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Unique attempt at casino Rock Paper Scissors.
  • Unified BetGames interface allows you to easily switch between games.
  • Two sections for different levels of risk.
  • Bet limits ranging from $1 to $100.

Our Verdict

The Rock Paper Scissors game by Betgames really took us by surprise – and not just because of the lack of precedent. It’s a surprisingly engaging game for how simple it is. This may come down to the interesting way in which the bets are constructed. You immediately start thinking of ways to do better – which is not something most people do for Rock Paper Scissors. That said, this is a luck-based game at its heart.

That said, the actual profitability of this game is questionable at best. Although it’s a given that you don’t play novelty titles for the money, the returns are quite bad. Think about it – a silver bet should essentially be even money minus the house edge, but it pays at 1.85:1.

Also, some little tweaks may have improved the overall experience. For instance, a live chat feature could actually add a lot to a game like this. Still, Rock Paper Scissors by BetGames is worth checking out, but it ultimately won’t be for everyone.

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