Part of what makes gaming fun is the wealth of choices it presents.

When you launch a casino, you have a variety of slots, table games and live casino titles to pick from! Some of them are releases that have been popular for years. Others are brand new additions, which have become incredibly popular due to the gameplay they offer.

No matter which title you pick, there will always be an element of luck. If that was not the case, then you could never make back the money you play! That said, not all games are entirely reliant on luck. Plenty of releases come with a level of skill that you need in order to perform well. Which one you play will usually come down to personal preference.

Because of this, we decided to take a deeper look at skill vs luck at live dealer tables. What does each type of game offer you? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Where can I find steady wins and what titles offer big fantastic wins? All these questions lay answered down below.

Skill Intensive Games

Titles that require skill to be enjoyed can often be contentious for many players. After all, how can it feel fun to challenge yourself when a round of bad luck can ruin everything? However, that is just a part of what makes skill-intensive releases like Blackjack and Poker charming. Your skill gives you better chances of winning, allowing you to overcome adversity.

These types of games are immensely popular. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is if live blackjack or live poker is better. Both titles require you to master several skills in order to take full advantage of them. While this does introduce a learning curve, it also grants you fantastic rewards.

Mastering these skills results in multiple benefits. The greatest of which is the amazing RTP! Both blackjack and poker can have a house edge that is lower than 1% if played correctly. This alone is enough for plenty of punters to give them a go.

On top of that, skill-intensive titles are more engaging and provide you with additional gameplay depth. We cannot tell you how many times we sat down to play for ten minutes and ended up playing for an hour.

All Luck

Have you ever wanted to let your brain relax while you enjoy a few carefree rounds? Do you not want to memorize card combinations or keep track of a betting system? Software providers are well aware there is a market for more casual games, too. The continued success of Evolution’s game show titles and the recent launch of Mega Ball shows luck-focused titles work wonders.

Part of what makes them great is that you do not have to spend any time learning strategies or tactics. The games are immediately intuitive and are easy to pick up. This can be as simple as picking numbers on a bingo card, or by randomly choosing options in a game show release. There is no right answer. How much you win or lose all boils down to the whims of Lady Luck.

As a result, titles that are solely determined by luck will often have a higher variance and bigger payouts. Using Mega Ball as an example, imagine the main round as a warm-up. The real meat of the game comes later when it applies a multiplier to boost the final win! It can grant an amazing payout, but it offers a bit more risk.

In the Middle

That said, you will find that not all games can be so easily split into either side. Let us take roulette as an example. At first glance, it may seem like a luck-focused game. You place your wagers, spin the wheel, and hope you get lucky! However, a closer inspection of the game shows that there are elements of skill included.

Unlike game shows or bingo, what and how much you bet matters in roulette. Some wagers have a higher winning chance than others do, and payouts are structured accordingly. These minor adjustments add a layer of skill to the game. You can further increase how much effort is needed by implementing a roulette betting systems.

It should come as no surprise to players that most casino games we have fallen into this category. Exactly where the border for each type of release is can be difficult to define. Baccarat is a simple game but can be made complicated by tracking previous wins and trying to build a strategy around them. Poker is complicated, but Evolution’s Three Card Poker is one of the simplest casino games we have ever played.

Which One Should I Pick?

The two extremes appeal to different types of players. Skill intensive titles require plenty of concentration. When played correctly, they can provide frequent wins and are quite enjoyable. Gameplay depth, a low house edge and many small wins are the advantages offered by releases like poker and blackjack. Choose these titles if you want to make your budget last while having fun the entire time.

On the other hand, gamblers who prefer big wins enjoy games focused on luck. At the end of the day, these titles cannot offer you particularly engaging gameplay. Their rules are minimal to make them easy to pick up and play. As such, if you enjoy the spectacle more so than gameplay, you should seek out titles like Bingo and Evolution’s game shows.

Finally, you can turn to other casino games for a little bit of both. Live casino games usually have different rules alongside their many variants. Some complicated releases have simple versions. At other times, introducing extra options can often make relaxing games more difficult and rewarding.

Really, the best way to find what you enjoy is to try a little bit of everything. As you experience different games and titles, you will quickly learn which ones suit you best. From there, you can apply that knowledge in choosing the right balance of skill vs luck at the live dealer tables.