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The appeal of 7 Up Baccarat is in its so called vulnerability to the card counting technique, commonly used by Blackjack players. Even if you are not the type of gambler who would employ an advanced strategy, you are likely to enjoy a diversity that this variant has to offer by changing the routine of a regular Baccarat game.

The main difference between 7 Up and the traditional Baccarat is in the table layout, which presets the Player hand to a combination of a 7 and an extra card dealt by the dealer. Banker and Tie are not changed in any way, nor is the additional betting option, Super 7s.

How to Play Opus Gaming Live 7 Up Baccarat Online

The way the bets are placed is the same as with any other variant – dealer will deal cards for both the Player and the Banker, only this time only one card will be drawn from the shoe for the Player field, due to the fact that the first card will always be 7.

The third card will be optional and will be drawn from the shoe in accordance to the traditional Baccarat rules – when the Player hand comes up to the total of 5 or less, with 0 – 2 total for the Banker etc. The results of each hand will be displayed on the screen and the dealer starts a new session after the bets are settled.

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Key Benefits to Players

  • 5 Road maps, each with an option to replay the video and see the selected hand
  • Advanced game settings bar to the left with game history and rules tabs
  • Live Help available during the session and accessible via the main game screen
  • Advanced video-audio options, allowing the players to turn off the sound/picture
  • Re-bet option and Cancel button enabling the players to make quick decisions

Our Verdict

7 Up Baccarat is definitely one of those games that deserve their own Opus Gaming platform and, once again, the developer did not fail in providing an authentic variant that's easy and pleasant to play. As always, Opus enriches the game with multiple road maps as well as the replay video option in case you need to revisit one of the previous deals

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up to
$100 Bonus
18+ T&C Apply

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