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Latvia, Romania, Philippines

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Casino Stud, also known as the Caribbean Stud, is a 5-card poker variation played against the dealer with a single deck of cards. The added value of the Playtech’s Live Casino Stud JP Emulator is that it introduces a progressive jackpot which will be shared between the winners who place the qualifying bets.

The overall return to the player percentage rate is 96.29%, but the house edge increases on the side bets. Apart from the progressive jackpot fixed bet (£1) with 81.84% RTP, the players can also wager on 5+1 Bonus (which comes at 91.44% RTP) and multiple their stakes by up to x1,000.

How to Play Playtech Live Casino Stud JP Emulator Online

Live Casino Stud JP Emulator is played according to the standard 5-card poker rules – as soon as you confirm the Ante, the dealer will draw 5 cards for the player and 5 for the house. All dealer’s cards will be facing down, except for the initial one. The next step is to Call and raise the Ante or fold the cards and forfeit the bet. To qualify, the dealer must hold at least an Ace and a King, otherwise, Ante is settled according to the 1:1 payout rate and the Call bet is returned.

The side bets will not be affected by the player’s decision to fold, and they will remain on the table until the dealer reveals his hand. The 5+1 Bonus bet wins if the player’s hand and the dealer’s up card form at least a Three of a Kind (or a stronger hand). The same principle is applied to the Jackpot but without taking the dealer’s up card into consideration. Side bets are settled according to the following rates:


Three of a Kind – x3
Straight – x10
Flush – x25
Full House – x50
Four of a Kind – x250
Straight Flush – x2,500
Royal Flush - Jackpot

5+1 Bonus:

Three of a Kind – x7
Straight – x10
Flush – x15
Full House – x20
Four of a Kind – x100
Straight Flush – x200
Royal Flush – x1,000

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Key Benefits to Players

  • Automatic shufflers – freshly shuffled deck is used before every round
  • The option to automatize the Call Bet (under Game settings)
  • Two optional side bets – progressive jackpot and 5+1 Bonus
  • Advanced video quality and game sound optimization settings
  • Tip the Dealer and Live Chat feature for increased authenticity

Our Verdict

Due to the automatic shufflers and extremely short betting time, Playtech’s Live Casino Stud JP Emulators may be more suited for the experienced players, who only need a single glimpse to evaluate the situation and process the results. If the fast pace is not enough to keep you engaged, the side bets will be, especially the progressive jackpot (which, considering the high house edge, should be practiced in moderation).

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